Download Cosmic Supremacy Game Client

In order to play Cosmic Supremacy you need to download the game client. We use Windows Installer as the Setup program, which should be part of your standard Windows installation.

File Name:CosmicSupremacy.msi
Download Size:4,49 MB
Date Published:26.02.2019

Download the file and double-click to install. Please follow the installation instructions. Also read the chapter on how to install Cosmic Supremacy without administration rights.

Please Note: Even though we constantly publish new versions here, you only need to download this file the very first time you register to Cosmic Supremacy. After that the game patches itself automatically every time you log into the server.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Minimum Required Hardware: 1.5 GHz CPU, 512 MB memory, 200 MB free hard-disk space, DirectX 9 compliant graphics-card with at least 128 MB of graphics-memory.

Required Libraries: DirectX 9.0, GdiPlus Library. Only download and install these libraries if you get an error message when you start the program. These libraries should be part of your standard Windows installation.

Installing and Playing without Administration Rights

During installation you will be given a warning if you do not have sufficient user rights. In this case make sure you do install into a directory that you are allowed to access. Attempting to install into the default folder 'C:\Program Files' will fail without sufficient user rights. Please install into a different folder instead, like e.g. 'C:\Cosmic Supremacy'.

Cosmic Supremacy will attempt to register a file association and mime-type, that allows you to enter a galaxy with a single click. However, this is not required to play the game. You can play Cosmic Supremacy even without that.

If the installation process went fine, you will see the following requester when you try to enter a galaxy:

We recommend to tick 'Do this automatically for files like this from now on' so that this requester will not pop up the next time you try to enter a galaxy. Now click 'Open'. This should start the game-client.

If the installation partly failed, and the file association and mime-type were not registered, you will see the following requester:

In this case follow these steps to enter a galaxy:

  • Click 'Save' and preferably save it to the same location where Cosmic Supremacy is installed to.
  • Open a Windows Explorer and browse to the location where Cosmic Supremacy is installed to.
  • Drag the file 'GalaxyPass.csgalaxy' onto the 'Cosmic Supremacy.exe' and drop it.

Please note that the Galaxy-Pass is only valid for 3 minutes!

Playing Cosmic Supremacy without the Installer

We also offer a version of the client that does not require a installer. Since the client only consist of one single .EXE file, all you need to do is unzip this file to a save location, and run the application once. This will set up the required file-association and mime-type needed to open a Galaxy-Pass from within your browser.

Download Size:4,99 MB
Date Published:26.02.2019

Please note that this version comes without a convenient uninstaller. However, all you need to uninstall the client is to delete the .EXE file and manually delete the file-association and mime-type (should that bother you).

By the way, a convenient method to recover from a failed patch/update attempt is to unzip this file right over the installed .EXE file, which is usually located at 'C:\Program Files\Cosmic Supremacy'.

Game Preview

You need to download and install the client-software, in order to enter any of the galaxies listed below


Demo Galaxy
Demonstrates the game at an advanced stage

Newbie Sandbox Galaxy 1
Make your first steps and try your skills against real players

Currently there are no Regular Galaxies available for sign-up. Please check back again soon.

19633 registered Players
4 Players in 2 active Galaxies