Playing from Behind a Firewall

Necessary Ports
In order to play Cosmic Supremacy your computer needs to have permission to open ports 4710-4799 (depending on the galaxy you play in) and port 6789 to the outside. This will allow the game to run in Direct-Connection mode, which is the preferred connection method.

Using Http-Tunneling
If that is not possible because you are sitting behind a firewall or a router, Cosmic Supremacy offers you to route its packets through http-port 80, using a technique named Http-Tunneling. This port is usually used to surf the web. You can activate this mode by clicking on 'Change Connection Settings' in the Progress-Dialog at game-startup, and ticking 'I Am Behind a Firewall'.

Playing via a Web-Proxy-Server
In rare occasions it is possible that even http-port 80 is closed. This is a likely scenario when you are working at a company that closed all incoming and outgoing connections. Usually the only door to the outside for employees is a so-called web-proxy. That means if you try to surf the web, you don't send requests to the web-site directly, but you send them to a web-proxy server instead, which will check if the request is valid, and then forward it to the desired web-site.

Cosmic Supremacy manages to by-pass this hurdle too, by routing its traffic via that web-proxy. However you need to find out the address and port of your local web-proxy server. Cosmic Supremacy will try to automatically detect those settings, but if it fails you need to enter them manually.

An example of a web-proxy server address could be at port 8080

If you are located in a company or school and need to use a proxy server, it is very likely that they will need you to use a login and password to authorize yourself to use that proxy-server. The connection settings dialog offers input-fields for that, too. The best place to find out about all that information is the web-browser that you use every day. Check for 'proxy settings' and basically copy these settings into the Cosmic Supremacy connection settings.

Game Preview

You need to download and install the client-software, in order to enter any of the galaxies listed below


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