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Posted by cybtow on 20.06.2021 at13:39:

  25 Jun Claustrophobia Galaxy 5

Nice configuration for this new gal.

We'll fell like The Marx Brothers in "A night at the opera"

Please guys try to invite/send DM to everybody you can to feel more claustrophobia !!

Posted by Sygor on 20.06.2021 at18:25:

  RE: 25 Jun Claustrophobia Galaxy 5

Originally posted by George Santayana
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Claustrophobia 4
Claustrophobia 3
Claustrophobia 2
Claustrophobia 1

Posted by cybtow on 20.06.2021 at22:11:

  RE: 25 Jun Claustrophobia Galaxy 5

To be honest, the name refers to reality Red Face

Posted by Sygor on 22.06.2021 at00:52:

  RE: 25 Jun Claustrophobia Galaxy 5

Had a Thought while I was cutting wood..So what is the opposite of Claustrophobia. The closest definition is "Agoraphobia"

Anxiety disorder characterized by a specific fear of particular places and situations that the person feels anxious or panics, such as open spaces, crowded places and places from which escape seems difficult.

This made me wonder if we should have another galaxy with the same settings, except make the Sector size 500 (the max) run at the same time as the Claustrophobia 5 galaxy.

Any Thoughts?

About the Wood: I had a big blackjack oak tree that was over hanging my house. The ice storm we had last October damaged it to the point of being unsafe. I really hated cutting it down...Ok not really. At least not after hearing what xXxSPARTACUSxXx had to endure.

I have a Mulberry tree (Mulberry jam) and apple tree taking it's place.

Posted by cybtow on 22.06.2021 at07:27:

  RE: 25 Jun Claustrophobia Galaxy 5

It's nice for me.

Double fun.

Posted by cybtow on 23.06.2021 at07:35:

  RE: 25 Jun Claustrophobia Galaxy 5

About "Agoraphobia", how can be possible dont produce enough food having all citizens as farmers?

Posted by Sygor on 23.06.2021 at18:41:

  RE: 25 Jun Claustrophobia Galaxy 5

Each Farmer produces 10 food and Each Citizen eats 10 food, plus a little corruption.

This is your Home world, so you have 90 home world changes you haven't applied yet. Guess I'm not seeing a problem.

Posted by MorningLightMountain on 24.06.2021 at13:06:


Mulberry's are amazing. I got foraging for them, but they don't half turn your hands red!

Posted by Sygor on 24.06.2021 at14:38:


They will stain your hands, that's for sure. I pick mine with an old bed sheet. Spread the sheet out on the ground below the branch you want to pick and give it a good shake. All the ripe ones fall off.

To get back on topic. Good luck to everyone and still plenty of time for more players to join.

Posted by cybtow on 25.06.2021 at17:15:


Sygor, I didn't do a good election of my civ-traits, so that I retired from "25 Jun Agoraphobia Galaxy 1", to try to start from scratch, but I couldn't, could you do anything?


Posted by Sygor on 25.06.2021 at19:07:


You need to PM Erwin and tell him what happened. He can reset you to allow you to join the galaxy again.

Posted by cybtow on 25.06.2021 at20:09:


Np, I don't want to bother him with this.
I created another user just for that game.

Posted by StarkRavingSage on 25.06.2021 at22:20:


I'm back. At least for the two galaxies that started today.

Thanks for the email invite/reminder cybtow.

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