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Registration Date: 20.06.2009
Forum-Rank: Puts Shields on Colony Ships
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Last Active: 10.10.2018 17:23
Last Post: » Walnut [Batched Ticks] Galaxy Signup
Posted on: 09.05.2014 18:23
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Player-Rank: Rank 3 Player-Rank: 3
Galaxy Fame Earned: 2437
Galaxy Achievements: 75 Fame Earned in Walnut Galaxy [Batched Ticks] Galaxy-Rank: 1
37 Fame Earned in Galaxy of RL People 5 [3-4h] Galaxy-Rank: 1
131 Fame Earned in Galaxy of the RL People 4 [6h] Galaxy-Rank: 1
114 Fame Earned in Galaxy of the RL People 3 [6h] Galaxy-Rank: 1
50 Fame Earned in Cup Galaxy: Spices Vs. Elites Galaxy-Rank: 1
50 Fame Earned in Cup Galaxy: TUS Vs. TSI Galaxy-Rank: 1
106 Fame Earned in Gigantiahuge Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 1
39 Fame Earned in 9.58 [Speed] Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 1
25 Fame Earned in Flash [Speed ] Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 1
0 Fame Earned in Summertime Team Galaxy II Galaxy-Rank: 1
249 Fame Earned in Galaxy of the RL People
82 Fame Earned in Redshift Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 2
108 Fame Earned in Messier 83 Galaxy [2h] Galaxy-Rank: 1
16 Fame Earned in Last Chance [Speed] Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 1
79 Fame Earned in Lost Dimension 2D,FFA Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 1
109 Fame Earned in Mortal Suns Galaxy [2h] Galaxy-Rank: 1
188 Fame Earned in Low Research Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 1
134 Fame Earned in Hard Choices Galaxy 2 Galaxy-Rank: 1
50 Fame Earned in Branko vs Bytehunter Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 2
172 Fame Earned in Hard Choices Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 1
40 Fame Earned in Challenger Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 2
79 Fame Earned in Galaxy 35 Galaxy-Rank: 1
64 Fame Earned in The Phantom Menace Galaxy Galaxy-Rank: 1
187 Fame Earned in Galaxy 28
180 Fame Earned in Galaxy 26
73 Fame Earned in Galaxy 14

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Gender: Male
Birthday: 21.08.1973

Location: Sweden
Interests: Programming
Occupation: Software/Electronic Engineer

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