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Gotten stuck with the tutorial? Below is a walkthrough on how to finish it. Good luck!

Credits to Scurvyllama for sharing this link

*If you have questions about this walkthrough, kindly post below or send a PM to me*

  • Red squares denote left click
  • Red diamonds denote right click

This is what you first see. Click 'Next'

You will then need to go to the galaxy map (F12 can help you move between the windows) and click the radar button

Press Esc, then double click your planet in the galaxy map (or go to the planet view screen)

Right click any farmer, convert to a banker

Switch to overview screen, then click next in the tutorial (Reminder: F12 switches between windows)

Activate planet view screen

Change production to farms

Slide the military draft rate to any number above 20%

The following message might not pop up immediately. Just continue the tutorial first. This message will eventually come.

Change to research screen and click Next in the tutorial

Click any tech to research. If you've already selected one previously, just click any new technology to continue the tutorial.

Go to Ships screen

Double click any of the ships to select all (at the same location in the galaxy)

Create a fleet (right click to get the context menu)

Click the littie '+' sign

Remove one ship from the fleet

Put it back in the fleet

Disband the fleet

Start issuing a colonisation order

You will be brought to the galaxy map - click on any planet
IMPORTANT: DO NOT use your second ship to colonise any planets. Just colonise one planet.

After a minute or two (countdown timer is at the bottom of the screen), your ship should have colonised the planet. You can then continue the tutorial.

Select your second ship in the Galaxy Map window

Click the radar button at the bottom left of the Galaxy Map window

Select 'Ships' from the drop down menu

Then 'Unexplored Systems'

Right click your ship, and select move to.
Reminder: You can rotate the galaxy map holding Alt key, and using your mouse to click and drag the screen around.

Select the nearest sun (or directly click on any sun)

Close the radar.

Go to the Ship Design screen (Reminder: F12 to switch back to the main console)

Then right click in a blank space and select 'New Ship-Design'

Change the name of the ship, add a few drives (until the speed is more than 20.0), and press OK

Go back to the Planet View screen.

Put the ship in the Planet's Production. Your planet needs to have a shipyard.
Tip: You can also use the double up arrows on the right to create a building queue.

You will need to wait a while for the ship to build.
If it is more than 50% completed, you can choose to use your gold to hurry the production (4 gold for 1 production point)

Assign a crew to your ship.
(If you have no crew, you can choose to draft any citizen)

And that's it! Well done!

Reminder to self: Patience is a virtue

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