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Got some complaints so I asked Erwin to re post the galaxy with 4 planets in all systems to give everyone an equal start. Make sure you re enter the galaxy before the starting time and make adjustments again. Lucky dog is a war-only galaxy. It looks like this .....
Diplomacy is turned off and everyone starts with a war stance against everyone else. It has an auto-attack feature added so any ships at the same point will automatically attack each other. This is to prevent joint attacks. The hyper-space energy strength is set to 50% of it's normal value to make it more difficult to turtle-up. I don't think there is a reputation loss for attacking smaller empires but check before you attack. You will lose reputation for bio-bombing and you can gain reputation for attacking larger empires. The idea is to try and win on your own. Because of that plotting with another player to gang-bang is frowned upon. It is however ok to make verbal peace treaties. Good Luck

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