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The King of the Universe galaxies are now open for sign-up. They are war-only galaxies. The best total finishing position from both galaxies will be crowned King of the Universe and will hold that title for one year, at that time they will have to defend their title. MikeModular is presently the crown holder and must defend the crown. If you should win the crown, Mike will pass it off to you.

In case of a tie, as in 1st + 4th / 2nd + 3rd. the player placing 1st in one galaxy is the winner. If both place the same as in 1st + 2nd /1st + 2nd, then the player with the highest total score is crowned King of the Universe.

War-only galaxies start with everyone at war with each other and it stays in a war stance for the duration of the game. Also the auto attack feature is added and H.S.E. strength is set at 20% strength.

Although verbal peace treaties are allowed, no other type of diplomacy or teaming is allowed. You must win by your self for your self. Planet gifting of any type is absolutely not allowed as it may skew the outcome. Good luck & have fun.

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