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I'm hoping Sygor will jump in here and correct my mistakes.

Durring the 100-mini tics that occur in ship to ship combat, the fire power strength is divided by 100, making each tics damage to the enemy ship units 1/100 X the ship firepower. Here's the questions ...

If the defending fleet has 1 cruiser and 1 destroyer, and the cruiser weights twice as much as the destroyer. Then it should be hit twice as much.

I think these are true statements. However where does the randomness come in ? This can't be all true because when a ship is hit and looses some of it's hit points. The chances of it getting hit again do not change. So it's not how many units it has left, but how many did it have to begin with.

I found it in the wiki/manual/Battle Mechanics
It's a little different then I thought. I like the way it gives the smaller ships the ability to target a smaller number of ships in the fleet.

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