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Every 2 months (62 1/2 days), you will have a chance to be Crowned King of the Universe and win the Crown with all the bragging rights that go with it. You will need to defend your crown every 2 months.

War_Only rules and settings.
Auto-attack is installed, making joint attacks impossible. (any ships or planet of a different empire at the same point in space will automatically attack each other.
Also Hyper-space energy is set at 20% strength)

Friendly sportsmanship is what war-only galaxies are about. The only diplomacy allowed would be a verbal cease fire for X number of turns. You cannot conspire with another player to take down a 3rd player. You must do everything you can to win on your own and with your own strategies, and with no help from other players.
Every time you discover a new empire or ship, your diplomacy will automatically switch to a war stance. Which means that you are at war with everyone.

Ladder rules
You are only allowed to attack planets of the empire directly above you on the score board. You can however attack ships from any empire. (be careful not to follow ships to a planet your not allowed to attack.)
IF YOU BREAK THE RULES ... You cannot win the Crown
Side Bar: If while attacking (an attack on that turn) a legal planet and the scores change, You may continue the conquest or attack of that planet.

You must use your normal username and identity.
The 1st King Ladder galaxy will start January 13th 2019.
Galaxy may be reshuffled if maximum recommended number of players is not reached.

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