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Yes, You are getting it.
IF to build everlasting galaxy, then replace the sandbox.

But they are not same. Neverending galaxy would be much different from current diplomacy and WO game.

If we are getting to page 2 in this topic, I take short conclusion, which changes are in my mind.

One thing we need to figure out, is to ban cheating in resource trading. Where quitters and "friends" trade all values to their master.

In game Utopia there is value "Trade Balance" for it. --- When someone gets too much aid, his/her TB goes negative and at one point the taxes will come (and these really hurt). To fix taxes, player has to send out aid, himself, too.

CS is bit different game - the trade is not only for aid, it may be to demand tribute, too.
So Trade Balance would be non-sense.


I am not brainstorming right now, but I will think about it, it is important to be prepared for cheaters, to pre-counter them.


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