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I know that this is an MMO and the direction you guys are working in. Subsequently, I also know that when I suggest the following I am coming from a completely different direction that you guys are heading in.

Furthermore, before continuing I think I should also add: I have tremendous respect for and filled with awe at what you have achieved with Cosmic Supremacy as a MMO. It blew me completely away. I do not want you to stop working on it.

Now, I am "down with" the whole online gaming scene. I get it, I really do. Still, I am 25 and as such somewhat "old school" in many regards. One specific regard is that I like to have a box I can put on my shelf. I like the idea of having something I can install to play even 10 years from now.

As such, have you thought, or may I suggest a retail or steam version of Cosmic Supremacy? With this I mean:

#Cosmic Supremacy as it is now (premium features included)
#with the feature to setup and host your own games via the internet or on a Lan.
#once again, Cosmic Supremacy as is it now. you guys don't become supporters of your product in any way. you are simply selling an "offline" version of Cosmic supremacy as it is now. you will not be updating the game through patches, implementing new features later, updating the GUI...NOTHING. any newer features will continued to be implemented and tested online.

if you understand?

why do i suggest this? well, apart from being "old school"...
1.I would pay 20 euros for this version of Cosmic Supremacy, as it is. i think it is a brilliant game and would probably install it in 5 years and still want to play it.
2.I think it would be great if, for example, when we hold our big, weekend or week-long Lan sessions to have a local version of Cosmic Supremacy running in the background on a 30min ticker whilst we play other games. This would give as something to pop into and play when we take a brake or when we are between games. gives me atleast more flexibility amongst my friends/lan group. i could run a server off of my pc and during the day, when we are all working, adjust the ticker to 3 hours (for example), and then at night when we are all home again speed up the ticker to 10min to get some playing in. or simply make it slower in the week and quicker over the weekends.
4.1.I also think that money wise, it could work for you. sell this version of Cosmic Supremacy (with multiplayer and local server support ofcourse) on steam as a "multiplayer indie game" or "budget game". i think you could make money selling it for 10 euros for example. even if just a 1000 people buy it, it would give you a quick, large-sum boost of money to keep you through the year.
4.2.I think it would also advertise and sell the game. for the people who like this version will join online to see and play the latest version of the game.
4.3.end of next year or 2 years from now you could release another once-of (with no support) version that encompases all the developments made within that year.

once again, i know that this is essentially a completely different direction you are heading in.

however, i think that the basic programming is probably allready there for a multiplayer, LAN, "offline" version so programming wise it won't be that difficult? secondly, it might prove a good source of income. thirdly, it might also advertise the game more.

and then i can have a box i can put on my shelf to gather dust Wink

anywhoo. just a thought.
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i don't think this game would work off-line, its designed to be played online. You would have to put considerable effort to make an off-line version as the game play would be very different.

Lan parties are difficult to organise and are quite rare. How would you play with the game in between using the offline version. Playing an AI would really suck.

The cost would out weigh any benefit

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Steam is an interesting thought Big Grin
Many gems have flourished there. No idea what they charge though.

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And Thus, the game will end up like the game "Star!" and will die a slow death.

It was the best strategy game that I have ever played, and I have played many.

Nick Vanran

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