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Guest[8] 19:31 Thread: Wow, so many old players...
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Guest[12] 19:31 Thread: Vacations all around the world
Guest[13] 19:30 Thread: Galaxy Beta 16 - Final Scores
Guest[14] 19:30 Thread: Where is your avatar from?
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Guest[16] 19:30 Thread: My 400 Turn Adventure
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Guest[18] 19:30 Thread: First Cs Tournament Applications
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Guest[21] 19:29 Thread: Scrolling Planet View
Guest[22] 19:29 Thread: Better later planetary defense
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Guest[25] 19:28 Thread: Moore beta testers
Guest[26] 19:28 Thread: Cosmic Supremacy: The comic!
Guest[27] 19:28 Thread: Defining Super Planets
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Guest[30] 19:27 Thread: Frivolous
Guest[31] 19:27 Thread: The Last Word
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Guest[33] 19:25 Thread: XP: Resource Distribution
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Guest[35] 19:23 Thread: new admiral rule
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Guest[37] 19:23 Thread: Science wastage
Guest[38] 19:21 Thread: reputation
Guest[39] 19:21 Thread: Inactive Player Fleets
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Guest[41] 19:19 Thread: Newbie Community Manager
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