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Guest[1] 02:28 Thread: 5 Years of Cosmic Supremacy!
Guest[2] 02:28 Who is where online?
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Guest[5] 02:27 Thread: Admiral is asigned to any ships arriving to a planet (not just produced there)
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Guest[7] 02:27 Main Page
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Guest[9] 02:26 Unknown
Guest[10] 02:26 Thread: If you are new to the game..
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Guest[13] 02:25 Unknown
Guest[14] 02:25 Unknown
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Guest[16] 02:23 Unknown
Guest[17] 02:23 Unknown
Guest[18] 02:22 Thread: Israli leaders are cruel, short-sighted and narrow minded
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Guest[21] 02:18 Unknown
Guest[22] 02:17 Unknown
Guest[23] 02:17 Thread: One Galaxy or two?
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Guest[26] 02:14 Thread: fastest way to max pop on new planet
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