Sandstorms [2h] Galaxy

Name: Sandstorms [2h] Galaxy
Galaxy Status: Game Over
Galaxy Type: Advanced Galaxy
Creator: .Sand Player-Rank: 2
Galaxy Sponsors: Erwin [CS] Player-Rank: 2 sponsored 25 CS-Credits
uncountednose Player-Rank: 3 sponsored 20 CS-Credits
.Sand Player-Rank: 2 sponsored 18 CS-Credits
Condutiarii Player-Rank: 1 sponsored 15 CS-Credits
Traveler Player-Rank: 2 sponsored 8 CS-Credits
Rismagi Player-Rank: 3 sponsored 6 CS-Credits
Permitted Player-Rank: All Ranks
Size: 5x5x5
Approx. Max Players: 31
Players: 42
Players Online: 0
Current Turn: 900
Next Turn In:
Game Ends: Turn 700
Turn Length: 2:00 Hours
Faster Start Ticks:For the first 57 Turns
turn-length is 1:00 Hour
Server Online: NO
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