Galaxy 42 - Final Scores

1Corinthian Player-Rank: 22854839+0.15183
2Holiste Player-Rank: 22019833+0.35129
3kiban Player-Rank: 21337800+6.4286
4Nekoj Player-Rank: 3543051+2.4535
5greyhart Player-Rank: 1378779+1.0724
6dobbo Player-Rank: 1340459+16.1522
7Zazarion Player-Rank: 1306966+0.0020
8DDark Player-Rank: 1255293+0.0016
9Phyrrus Player-Rank: 2151113+3.7110
10chrisadamley Player-Rank: 3143431+0.009
11Brets Player-Rank: 176319+0.005
12Trepach Player-Rank: 342680+4.083
13NoDMoD Player-Rank: 230075+0.002
14Easy Player-Rank: 226010+0.002
15Reco Player-Rank: 124400+0.002
16mattneed Player-Rank: 18300+0.001
17The Wraith Player-Rank: 18250+0.001
18fakedoctor Player-Rank: 17739+16.600
19milrevko Player-Rank: 17310+0.000
20Karakzon Player-Rank: 17220+0.000
21the_IQ Player-Rank: 16040+0.000
22Donaar Player-Rank: 15370+0.000

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Demo Galaxy
Demonstrates the game at an advanced stage

Newbie Sandbox Galaxy 1
Make your first steps and try your skills against real players

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