Galaxy Beta 55 - Final Scores

1barconis Player-Rank: 33172156-0.93193
2Xiiro Player-Rank: 32393771+0.31146
3The Phantom Player-Rank: 41025127+9.5762
4orcaz Player-Rank: 2632855+4.7539
5Halburn Player-Rank: 4617219-33.4638
6Kasim Player-Rank: 3445846+5.2827
7halkon Player-Rank: 2402530+15.8825
8zoot Player-Rank: 3176382-51.7311
9TurnipFish Player-Rank: 1158200+0.0010
10Trantor Player-Rank: 3149817-307.139
11bob_ninja Player-Rank: 3100041+48.386
12tomnaidu1 Player-Rank: 256279+7.433
13bodul Player-Rank: 152414+20.643
14The Asgard Player-Rank: 231257-6.272
15Tempest Player-Rank: 220428+23.911
16Master Cheif Player-Rank: 14226+6.820
17Cryonic Player-Rank: 12792+6.350
18Cnff Player-Rank: 1322+0.000
19MistaPink Player-Rank: 1144+0.000
20ttttllll1 Player-Rank: 1100+0.000
21jayjay1970 Player-Rank: 1100+0.000
22salvor hardin Player-Rank: 1100+0.000
23Army Duck Player-Rank: 10+0.000

Game Preview

You need to download and install the client-software, in order to enter any of the galaxies listed below


Demo Galaxy
Demonstrates the game at an advanced stage

Newbie Sandbox Galaxy 1
Make your first steps and try your skills against real players

Currently there are no Regular Galaxies available for sign-up. Please check back again soon.

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