Economic Crisis Galaxy - Final Scores

1tingling Player-Rank: 43610787-0.34115
2pommiebastard Player-Rank: 32497578+0.9480
3Alarik Player-Rank: 31986804+0.8263
4Nomad Player-Rank: 31075056+1.9834
5Triple Crown Player-Rank: 21013552+1.8032
6Raz Player-Rank: 3759382-0.6924
7War_Cross Player-Rank: 3651606+4.3121
8Domino Player-Rank: 2402343+2.7313
9bartosz1983 Player-Rank: 3365491+0.0012
10Multiglow Player-Rank: 4351175+1.4911
11Huriance Player-Rank: 1318230+0.0010
12geralth Player-Rank: 3160861+1.965
13Ren Player-Rank: 163886+2.492
14BHe3aTTHblu_JloCb Player-Rank: 123545+0.001
15Krunk Player-Rank: 222553+0.981
16ulizez89 Player-Rank: 118424+6.621
17andrew17 Player-Rank: 27580+0.000

Game Preview

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Demo Galaxy
Demonstrates the game at an advanced stage

Newbie Sandbox Galaxy 1
Make your first steps and try your skills against real players

Beginner galaxy (Nov. 22th)
Regular Galaxy Ready For Signup

New Player galaxy 364
Regular Galaxy Ready For Signup

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