The HoverVan Galaxy - Final Scores

1MikeModular Player-Rank: 211108005+0.15116
2Triffid Player-Rank: 28517180-0.0489
3Nomad Player-Rank: 35051242+0.3853
4Raz Player-Rank: 32844802-1.3430
5Halburn Player-Rank: 42633055-0.5727
6Unglebug Player-Rank: 21360457+0.4514
7War_Cross Player-Rank: 31346319+0.7814
8War Lord Player-Rank: 3932062-0.9910
9Multiglow Player-Rank: 4857917-0.209
10Renowne Player-Rank: 1383140+0.994
11NickVanran Player-Rank: 3382794-1.434
12aNCieNTaSTRoNauT Player-Rank: 2303407+0.853
13pommiebastard Player-Rank: 3249152+0.323
14Borne2Run Player-Rank: 144187+0.960
15Pääsuke Player-Rank: 12850+0.000

Game Preview

You need to download and install the client-software, in order to enter any of the galaxies listed below


Demo Galaxy
Demonstrates the game at an advanced stage

Newbie Sandbox Galaxy 1
Make your first steps and try your skills against real players

Currently there are no Regular Galaxies available for sign-up. Please check back again soon.

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