Game Features

  • True 4X game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate).
  • Procedural planet surfaces, hundreds and thousands of planets in the galaxy, and none looks like another.
  • The Radar tool helps you to orientate in the 3d world, and visualizes distances in 3d space.
  • Completely free customizable ship-designs, thanks to a modular ship-component system.
  • Fog of war. You only see as far as your scanners reach.
  • Discover and colonize new worlds. Conquer the planets of your enemies. Defeat Planetary Defenses, as well as having your troops battle it out against military stationed on the planet.
  • Planet population can be specialized, and even trained as military, including military ranks.
  • Customizable production queues, that allow you to manage your planets even better.
  • Governors and Admirals help you to run your galaxy while you are not online! They help you to greatly reduce the time it takes to manage your empire.
  • Various types of scans to spy on your enemies' planets and ships.
  • Easy to grasp and diversified combat system.
  • Diplomacy system and treaties, that allow the formation of alliances and share information among players.
  • In game battle-calculator, to test your ship designs. Drag and drop objects directly into the Calculator!
  • An extensive research and technology tree.
  • In game messaging system.

Special Features

  • No advertisement or banners that slow down traffic.
  • Powerful and flexible user-interface.
  • Automatic utilization of 3D graphics-accelerator.
  • Seamless and hassle-free automatic updating of the client.
  • Very low resource foot-print, that allows you to run the game even on a low-end laptop.
  • Very low bandwidth demands. In fact you can play the game using a GPRS mobile-phone connection!
  • Support for routing traffic via port 80 and over web-proxy servers, in order to play the game even from behind very restrictive company firewalls. Don't tell your boss about it

Game Preview

You need to download and install the client-software, in order to enter any of the galaxies listed below


Demo Galaxy
Demonstrates the game at an advanced stage

Newbie Sandbox Galaxy 1
Make your first steps and try your skills against real players

Currently there are no Regular Galaxies available for sign-up. Please check back again soon.

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