Announcing the first Speed GalaxyPosted on 28.05.2006

We have finished implementing the initial version of the Governor and the Admiral, two rules wizards that allow you to manage a larger number of planets and ships. It is now time to test these new features and get your feedback how we can further improve the game.

To this end we will run the first public Speed Galaxy on Sunday, June 4th at 16:00 CEST (10:00 EDT). This galaxy will run roughly 8 hours and 30 minutes, with ticks every 1 to 5 minutes. For more details check out the Forum. The Galaxy will open for signup on Wednesday, May 31st at 18:00 CEST. We also plan to re-shuffle the galaxy just before the Galaxy starts on Sunday, and players not online by the official start time will be removed from the Galaxy. So please do only sign up if you truly intend to play on Sunday.

Progress UpdatePosted on 16.04.2006

There have been quite a few inquiries lately about when the next galaxy opens. Here's a quick progress update and an outlook on the next months. Space Civilizations is still under development, and it is still tagged as Beta. At the beginning of this year we ran a few test galaxies with a couple of hundred players taking part in the initial tests. While most of the players enjoyed the start of the game, it became apparent that it takes too much micromanagment to handle dozens or even hundreds of planets and ships at later stages of the game. At the moment we are focusing on solving these problems.

In the meantime it doesn't make sense to open any new galaxies, because the players will (rightly so) complain about the same shortcomings again. We plan to run a (limited) speed-galaxy at the end of May to test the new features. However, the game will remain in its beta state for the better part of this year. Only once we can ensure a pleasant gameplay experience for all players, will we open the game for an unlimited number of players.

Please also read the thread The Future of SpaceCiv for more details, and do watch the Forum for more progress updates and announcements on test galaxies. Thank you for your patience and support!

Currently no Galaxies availablePosted on 21.02.2006

At the moment all vacant beta-tester slots in the Galaxies are taken. Please do check back regularly for announcements on when the next Beta Galaxy will open.

Galaxy Beta 4 has been re-shuffledPosted on 19.02.2006

As voted by you, Galaxy Beta 4 has been slightly shrunk and re-shuffled. This ensures that we can start the galaxy in a few hours. Please note that due to re-shuffling your commands have been lost, and you need to give new orders that will be processed at the first tick.

The ticks will start tonight Sunday at 18:00 CET. Also make sure you do log in at least once within the first 24 hours, to show that you actively want to play in Galaxy Beta 4. Otherwise your empire will be removed from this Galaxy.

Galaxy Beta 4 now open for signupPosted on 15.02.2006

Galaxy Beta 4 is now ready for signup. If you actively want to participate in the next beta galaxy please sign up now. This galaxy provides space for around 100 players.

The galaxy will start its ticks as soon as it is completely full, but not earlier than Sunday, February 19th at 18:00 CET. Please note that this is a preliminary date, and it is possible that it is being pushed back.

Galaxy Beta 4 opening for sign-upPosted on 11.02.2006

Galaxy Beta 4 will open for sign-up on Wednesday, February 15th at 18:00 CET. It will provide space for around 100 players. Please see the forum-thread Galaxy Beta 4 Plans for more detailed information, and a chance to vote on features that we should focus on.

Please note that we plan to automatically remove players that are not active within the first 24 hours after the ticks started.

All vacant beta-tester slots are currently takenPosted on 25.01.2006

Currently all vacant spots in the two beta-test Galaxies are taken. There are no immediate plans to open further Galaxies, as we believe the number of beta-testers is sufficient for this phase of the game.

Please do check back regularly for if this situation should change. Thank you for visiting!

Starting date confirmed for Galaxy Beta 3Posted on 21.01.2006

Galaxy Beta 3 will start its ticks on Tuesday, January 24th at 18:00 CET . It features a slightly modified version of the Research Tree that should help players to go to war earlier in the game. Please join the Galaxy now.

Final countdown for Galaxy Beta 2Posted on 15.01.2006

Galaxy Beta 2 has just been re-shuffled. New systems were created according to the new rules, and players that did not log into the galaxy after Friday, January 13th have been removed. If you are among the removed players, but want to play regardless, then you can simply sign up to the galaxy again.

There is space for around 20 more players, so go get in before the ticks start on Monday at 18:00 CET.

Galaxy Beta 2 getting ready for startPosted on 13.01.2006

Galaxy Beta 2 has entered the final preparation phase. Both the server and the client have been patched with a host of improvements and bug-fixes. Please see the change-log for more details.

Please note that the Galaxy will be shuffled on Sunday, January 15th at 18:00 CET. All orders that you will give before that date will be erased.

Please do log into Galaxy Beta 2 at least once , so that we know you actively want to take part in the next round. Inactive empires will be removed during shuffling on Sunday. Should your empire be removed, you can of course sign-up to the Galaxy again.

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