Galaxy Beta 2 starting January 16thPosted on 10.01.2006

Galaxy Beta 2 will start the ticker on Monday, January 16th at 18:00 CET . The balancing has been greatly improved after the experiences with the first galaxy, and a few completely new features will be added shortly after the galaxy starts.

If you want to take part, please do sign up! Also if you have signed up already, please do log into the galaxy at least once after Friday, January 13th 18:00 CET, so that we can determine the exact number of active players, and adjust the galaxy size accordingly.

Players that have not logged into the galaxy after January 13th are considered inactive and will be removed from the Galaxy. However, if that should have happened to you, you can simply re-signup to that galaxy at any time. This measurement simply allows us to determine how many people actively want to take part in the next test-round, and adjust the galaxy-size accordingly.

Re-opened Galaxy Beta 1Posted on 04.01.2006

Galaxy Beta 1 has been re-opened to fill the vacant spots in the galaxy. Please note, that this galaxy is already running for one week now, and therefore the players around you might be quite advanced. Enter at your own risk! However, you could also end up being lucky and be located next to some less active people.

More information about this can be found in the forums...

The ticker has startedPosted on 28.12.2005

The very first turn was successfully calculated just a few moments ago, the game is running now. Good luck in the game, and I hope you will all enjoy it!

Please bear in mind, that the game is still beta, and that this is actually the first "large scale" test. Lots of things can still go wrong, and need balancing. There are things that we know need improvement, but we would also like to hear from you of issues that we did not think of yet. Thank you for helping us test this game, your feedback is very welcome!

Announcing the start of the gamePosted on 27.12.2005

As we have now reached the minimum number of people required to play the first Galaxy, we can now confirm the starting time of 28th of December, at 12:00 CET .

However, there is still space for 50 more players. So if you have more friends that you think would like this type of game, go get them in! And if this galaxy is full, we can still open another one Wink

Welcome to the public beta of Space CivilizationsPosted on 22.12.2005

This is the first public appearance of Space Civilizations - a free massively multiplayer space strategy game. The game is still in the making, but it is fully playable and the main features are in place and working. However, it still needs fine-honing and balancing. This can only be done with your help. So we are asking for your support and your patience, as we are approaching completion of Version One of Space Civilizations. Find more details in the Forum Section.

But this will not be the end of the work - once we have reached this goal we will go on and grow the game based on your feedback! Space Civilizations is planned to be a game that is tightly connected to its community, that listens to the wishes and ideas of its players. To grow and mature the game over time together with you, is our ultimate goal!

Welcome to the world of Space Civilizations!

Another test game this Sunday afternoonPosted on 19.11.2005

Half a year has passed since we played Space Civilizations for the very first time. In the meantime many little and big things have changed, new features were implemenrted, and the balancing has been adapted. All this based on your feedback.

Not everything has made it into the current version, but nevertheless it is time to test what we have so far. I hope you do notice the improvements, and overall it should be a much more pleasant experience to play the game. And this is exactly what we want to find out this Sunday afternoon.

Your feedback is once again very welcome. Let me know what you think about the state of the game now. Thank you all for your help!!

More details in the forum...

First version of the portal up and runningPosted on 02.10.2005

The last weeks we concentrated on programming the web-portal, of which you see the first working version. Things like registering to the game, forgot-password procedures, signing up to a galaxy and also entering and playing a galaxy are all handled through this portal. Hence, starting the SpaceCivilizations.exe directly to play is no longer supported.

The first thing you need to do is login with your username and password that you used in the forum. Btw, when you sign up to the portal you are also automatically signed up to the forums. If you forgot your username/password you can request a new one by clicking on [forgot password].

Everything should be set up correctly to play your *main* empire in the game. If you do need access to your "backup empire", you will have to let me know.

I would like to ask you to test this portal for bugs and things that are unclear. Feel free to register test users, change passwords, sign up to galaxies and stuff, to make sure everything works properly once we go public.

Domains transfered to new registrarPosted on 12.06.2005

This weekend the two domains and were moved to a new registrar. As a result the domains might be temporarily unavailable.

Server back to 1 hour ticksPosted on 04.03.2005

As the weekend starts we pump up tick times to 1 hour again. The server is now running for an entire week and we didn't have one crash! On the client side things are looking pretty good too in terms of crashes, only very few have been reported so far. Needless to say that I am delighted about the situation Smile

Still we are just at the very beginning, and lots of things need to be polished and tweaked to improve the game experience. Your input is crucial and highly valued! I want to thank you guys so far for helping me with this, and I hope you will keep up your enthusiasm until we release, and beyond! Thanks for your support Smile

Server keeps on running during this weekPosted on 27.02.2005

We decided to keep the server running during this week, with slow tick times of 3 hours per tick. This way we shouldn't get distracted and at the same time have a little soak test for the server. Probably Friday evening we speed up the server to the usual tick times.

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