Heavens Or Hell GalaxyPosted on 03.12.2014

After centuries of preparation, the forces of Hell have broken free and begun a rampage across the galaxies of mortals. Heaven has long ago sunk into complacency and is unable to counter the attack. Both sides are recruiting mortal allies with promises of paradise or eternal gratification. Neutrality for mortals is not possible, you must choose a faction. Will you support the darkness or the light?

As the very special time of Christmas and New Year is approaching, and the God's sun is about to be resurrected in the skies, Cosmic Supremacy is offering you to participate in a truly astrologically-themed galaxy - Heavens or Hell.

The main idea is for players to choose coat-of-arms for themselves, based on heavenly or hellish creatures that fight for honor to reside in either the top or bottom of the galaxy. Take part in shaping the galaxy's destiny and help to determine who will win the Universe - God or Devil, Good or Evil.

While this is not a team galaxy, perhaps you will find good allies that are the same kind (Heavenly or Hellish) as you. Treasons and weird alliances shall not be excluded, but nevertheless, it is your matter of honor to make sure the ultimate victory is yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the request of the player who suggested the galaxy, this galaxy has been postponed a week so more players can sign up. The galaxy starts ticks on Friday, December 19th.

Juicy RL GalaxyPosted on 24.11.2014

For people having to juggle their Cosmic Supremacy (CS) cravings and real-life (RL) commitments, we bring you again a galaxy with 4-hour turns, starting this Saturday, November 29th. The long-hour turns allow you plenty of time to settle things in real life before having to check how your empire is doing.

To speed things up however, you will be given 14 colony ships to start, and juicy HQ planets with whopping 90 stats across the board. Technology modifiers are also insanely low, so expect battleships to be possibly zooming around the galaxy before the first week of real-time is even up.

The galaxy has also been fixed to have a set end turn at turn 300 (i.e. approx. mid Jan), and turns are processed at the same time as the Deterministic Galaxy. Enter now!

To join ranked galaxies, you need to gain at least a total of 15 fame points (i.e. at least rank 1). Unranked galaxies open every Friday.

Role-play Galaxy : Master of Orion's Psilon fighting for supremacyPosted on 09.11.2014

A free-for-all galaxy has been created to start on Friday, November 14th.

But there's a twist this time! There is backstory to this galaxy, where different factions of Psilons (of Master of Orion fame) have arrived at this galaxy, and are trying to gain supremacy in this sector.

To fully appreciate and participate in this galaxy, you are strongly encouraged to role-play as a leader from the Psilon race, name suggestions here, or as a scientist out to conquer the galaxy.

Keeping to tradition, with the Psilons being exceptionally well-versed in research, the galaxy will have a super cheap tech multiplier, and a high science HQ to start. But planet stats are average at best, so you'll also need to manage your economy well if you want to build those battleships or cloaked frigate fleets.

So if you feel you're up to the task, Enter now!

Speed Galaxy 8 Nov 2014Posted on 06.11.2014

A Speed galaxy is opening this weekend on Saturday, November 8th 2014. The galaxy is scheduled to start at 7pm Central EU time, equivalent to 1pm Eastern US time, lasting approximately 4 hours and completed in one sitting.

It will feature 135 turns in total, with the first 30 turns ticking at 1-minute each, while the remaining 105 turns at 2-minute intervals. There will be a scheduled 10-minute break at turn 75 at 9pm CET.

The galaxy is set up to be a fast-paced affair, with 25 population and 10 military to start, and a low technology multiplier. Planets are more juicy than usual as well.

It is open to ALL ranks, so feel free to join if you feel up to trying your hand at a speed galaxy this weekend.

Reminder: The galaxy starts ticks on Saturday, November 8th at 19:00 CET. Enter now!

Deterministric GalaxyPosted on 30.10.2014

Having had a few rounds of galaxies that were largely themed around being lucky, the galaxy creators decided to launch the next round of galaxy largely themed around your skill.

Yes, the Deterministic Galaxy will see identical planets across the whole galaxy, so it'll be up to you to decide if you should use your planets for building ships, for research, for breeding new troopers, for mining, for banking, or for other roles that you choose to delegate.

With 4-hour turns, it's meant to allow you to play the galaxy at a pace that does not severely disadvantage you in terms of activity, while you manage a hectic schedule in real life. So while your starting position, and mineral stats of planets, will still have an element of luck, this galaxy will put your decision making skills at the forefront of your quest for supremacy.

The galaxy starts ticks on Wednesday, November 5th at 20:00 CET. Enter now!

Are You Feeling Lucky GalaxyPosted on 19.10.2014

- Luck favours the bold. -

And you'll need all the luck you can get if you boldly go where no player has gone before - into a galaxy where planet commodities can go as low as 10; or as high as 80. With HQ system planets that are virtually uninhabitable, you'll need to venture out into neighbouring stars as soon as you can, in search of planets able to sustain life. Fear not though, as there are many planets around - with a high planet to player ratio expected in the galaxy.

Bear in mind that some planets could turn out to be as unappealing as your homeworld juicies however. With a heavy corruption multiplier of 1.3 imposed, a high colony count could be a liability to your empire. So as you may find yourself needing to skip planets, and try your luck in adjacent systems, remember to try and stay in lady luck's good books these few days.

The galaxy starts ticks on Wednesday, October 22nd at 20:00 CET. Enter now!

2014 Q3 WrapupPosted on 12.10.2014

After a busy third quarter of the year, below are the summary of results for galaxies completed in the 4 months to Sep 30 2014:

Winners of Galaxies 250-268: .
War_Cross (3), Troi (2), vvv, swinejelly, Irken, Espoir, Sambuca, Dyce, Essedes, TrueFrE3QnC, BHe3aTTHblu_JloCb, Eason, Ren, ulizez89, Therion, Crystal Guardian.
Note: Unranked galaxies start every Friday

Winners of Ranked Galaxies:
Walnut Galaxy ....................... [ Results ] 1. Sygor 2. bytehunter
Into the Sea Galaxy ............... . .[ Results ]. . . 1. bartosz1983 . . .2. Raz . . . . . . . .<<Story>>
Arigato Galaxy ....................... . .[ Results ]. . . 1. raf7 . . .2. mephures . . . . . . .<<Story>>
Desert Warriors Galaxy ......... . .[ Results ]. . . 1. Alarik . . .2. raf7
Claustrophobia Galaxy 4 ....... . .[ Results ]. . . 1. Dyce . . .2. geralth
Fortune '88' Cookie Galaxy ... . .[ Results ]. . . 1. Espoir . . .2. Raz

Winners of Team Galaxies:
Ais Kacang TG ... Master of Orion Team featuring
. . . . . . . .DarkLStrike, Nekoj, Dyce, tingling, Randall747, Raz, ginge, geralth
Big 'N' Juicy TG ... Care Bears Team featuring
. . . . . . . .Sygor, Dyce, Randall747, tingling, Tharj17, Bard_Beoulve, Skinnyloser, Confused, Dixie

Winners of Speed Galaxies (in Sep-Oct): Multiglow (2), mizzihood . . . . . . . . <<Videos>> . . . . . . . .<<Story>>

Winners of 1v1 Duel Galaxies: chrisadamley (3)

For more details, visit here

Speed Galaxy 11 Oct 2014Posted on 06.10.2014

Desperate to start anew after centuries of warfare, deforestation and core mining on their home planet, your civilization makes a last ditch effort and launches colony ships in the hopes that there will be other, more habitable planets in nearby systems.

Some colony ships land and become more prosperous than the home world. Some, after years of space travel are disappointed by planets that are already colonized by strange alien civilizations.

Will you fight them for the sake of your civilization's existence? Will you leave them be and hope there are enough resources for you to survive elsewhere?

Time is of the essence as the galaxy is snatched up and your civilization either fades into history or controls the future.

This Speed Galaxy starts ticks at 19:00 CET on 11 October 2014.

Moving To New ServerPosted on 03.09.2014

The Cosmic Supremacy Server will move to a new physical location, or rather to a new server at a new location all together (with new IP-address and all). This move will probably take place tonight (CET). During that time the site will be down. The galaxies will be stopped until all is back up again.

Sorry for the short notice... Read more here

Update: Welcome at the new server!

Update 2: Galaxies back online. Ticks halted, until Thursday 4th of September at 22:00 CET (16:00 ET)

Update 3: All galaxies ticking again!

Hazelnut [Batched Ticks] GalaxyPosted on 01.09.2014

A new batch of Nuts is arriving to CS, and this time it's Hazelnuts!

Our second Batched Ticks Galaxy is set to start on September 19, and you will need to signup in the forums to participate.

For those who are new to this format, here is a brief overview:

Everyday, 10 fast turns are processed, and players cannot login while they are getting done;
Then, the galaxy opens for login until the next batch the following day;
This means that we can play this galaxy with one login per day, and also that the good use of Governors and Admirals is highly advised.

Galaxy settings are available here

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