Moving To New ServerPosted on 03.09.2014

The Cosmic Supremacy Server will move to a new physical location, or rather to a new server at a new location all together (with new IP-address and all). This move will probably take place tonight (CET). During that time the site will be down. The galaxies will be stopped until all is back up again.

Sorry for the short notice... Read more here

Update: Welcome at the new server!

Update 2: Galaxies back online. Ticks halted, until Thursday 4th of September at 22:00 CET (16:00 ET)

Update 3: All galaxies ticking again!

Hazelnut [Batched Ticks] GalaxyPosted on 01.09.2014

A new batch of Nuts is arriving to CS, and this time it's Hazelnuts!

Our second Batched Ticks Galaxy is set to start on September 19, and you will need to signup in the forums to participate.

For those who are new to this format, here is a brief overview:

Everyday, 10 fast turns are processed, and players cannot login while they are getting done;
Then, the galaxy opens for login until the next batch the following day;
This means that we can play this galaxy with one login per day, and also that the good use of Governors and Admirals is highly advised.

Galaxy settings are available here

Economic Crisis GalaxyPosted on 28.08.2014

On the 6th anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the largest bankruptcy yet in world history, Cosmic Supremacy offers players the opportunity to experience a galaxy after a major economic collapse - the Economic Crisis Galaxy!

The main theme of this galaxy is life after economic implosion and how governments survive it. Your homesystem will play the role of your races' government, being notably the best and strongest planet, with all other planets playing a supporting role. Citizens will steal from your ruthless government as much as they can, so corruption will be as high as 1.7! In these tough times, virtues like good ethics and morals do not mean anything (reputation multiplayer just 0.2), so expect a dog-eats-dog world as the strong are open to attack the poor, weaker players.

Plus, sector sizes are small, so everybody will be sitting on each other's nerves - just like back in the bad old days when everybody was whining about something all the time. Lastly, poor planets will not allow your government to develop monster armies fast, so be prepared to fight with your shuttles and corvettes!

Poor government coat of arms highly encouraged!

Big'N'Juicy Team GalaxyPosted on 05.08.2014

Do you like your Planets like your... Hamburgers? Big'N'Juicy?! Ever wanted to play in a Ranked Team Galaxy filled with 50-100 sized juicy planets? Think you can Max pop a massive 100-130 Pop planet before someone else takes it from you? Then come to the forum and sign up for the Big'N'Juicy Team Galaxy

This Galaxy is Ranked only and will use the Active/Inactive point system. You must sign up in the forum thread to be added to a team as the Big'N'Juicy Ranked Team Galaxy will be password protected. So what are you waiting for? It don't get no Bigger n' Juicier than this!

The galaxy is scheduled to begin ticks on Aug 22, with players set in their teams on Aug 19.
Players interested to join the galaxy need to sign up in the forums by Aug 16.

Fortune Cookie '88' GalaxyPosted on 03.08.2014

Did you know that the number 8 is widely viewed as a lucky number by the Chinese? Or that it's a magic number in physics? No? Well, do you like to skate in figure 8's then? Or fly an aeroplane in a figure 8? Can't skate or fly an aeroplane?

Or you just didn't care? Well, it doesn't matter really. Because you can understand the number 8 better by simply signing up for the Fortune Cookie galaxy, scheduled to start on the 8th day of the 8th month this year. Made up of 8 layers of 3 x 3 systems, the galaxy is tall in shape, with packed planets and systems forming a kaleidoscope of stars.

What's more, each system will have 8 planets, with corruption and reputation multipliers of only 0.8, and a couple of super juicy planets 688 in size in each HQ system. Expect fast expansion and managing huge empires.

So if you're curious about the number 8, check the galaxy out. It might just bring you good luck!

Claustrophobia 4 GalaxyPosted on 19.07.2014

Are you always worried about small and tight spaces? Not comfortable being squeezed in with little room to manoeuvre? Well, they say the best way to conquer your fears is to face it.

And here's where we come to the series of Claustrophia galaxies. With 1 hour ticks, 100-sized sectors and rather juicy planets, expect to see ships and planets at every corner you turn in a fast-paced, action-packed galaxy.

The galaxy started on July 19, and is open for ranks 1 and up. Click here to view its settings.

If you are new to the game and need to gain a rank before you can join these galaxies, there's also the new player galaxies which provides you a safe platform to hone your skills first here.

Desert Warriors Galaxy IIIPosted on 03.07.2014

"So much space to walk! Oh Prophets of the Sands, may the Suns be merciful to our People."
- Ancient prayer of the First Tribe

For eons, warriors of the desert have battled its burning heat and wild sandstorms. But the vastness of the cosmos offers a different challenge. Oasis planets, although rare, are precious in a desert of arid planets. Being the key to ultimate supremacy in the galaxy - they may well be worth the travel, or even the fight. How many of the new tribes will survive the dangers of such great distances? How many will endure the slow pace of time? And how many will find their rewards, hidden beneath the cosmic sand?

Take the challenge in this third round of truly desert-long path to Cosmic Supremacy. Desert warriors 1 and 2 took more than 1000 ticks of intense and challenging action to decide who deserves the title, with the game's end reaching truly apocalyptic proportions. Desert warriors 3 promises the same, except this time, the sand serpents are willing to bite even more. Some will seek revenge.

Galaxy Features: Wide sector sizes, Randomly formed superplanets amidst poor commodity planets, Moderately high tech multiplier, 0 point civ traits, 9x2x9 flat-shaped galaxy, and regular planet space maximum of 400, allowing long term development.

Sign up your Tribe, and prove yourself as the ultimate Desert Warrior! The Sandstorms start on the 9th of July.

Because of a planet count of 2-8 per system, the galaxy begins by gentlemen rules, whereby a player that gets fewer than 5 planets in his home system, MAY retire from the galaxy and re-enter again. In this case, he must send a PM to tingling by 12.01am CET, 4 July 2014. However there will only be one chance for players to do this, and players can only sign back in after being flagged to do so after July 4th

2014 Q2 WrapupPosted on 01.07.2014

After a busy second quarter of the year, below are the results for galaxies completed in the 3 months to June 30 2014:
Galaxy 247 Winner: SkallGrimm
Galaxy 248 Winner: SkallGrimm
Galaxy 249 Winner: tmog66
Galaxy 250 Winner: vvv
Galaxy 251 Winner: swinejelly

Galaxy of RL People 5 ...........[ Results ] 1. raf7 2. Elder Race
Equinox Cube Galaxy ............ . .[ Story ]. . . 1. raf7 . . .2. Ruger
April Fool's Galaxy .............. [ Results ]. . . 1. mephures 2. pommiebastard
Little Fish Galaxy .................. . . [ Story ]. . . 1. aldin 2. Raz
CS 5th Anniversary Galaxy .... . . [ Story ]. . . 1. mephures 2. Gedrin

Walnut Batched Ticks Galaxy ....... <Ongoing>
Into the Sea Galaxy ...................... <Ongoing>
Arigato Party Galaxy ...................... <Ongoing>

XP Team Galaxy Winners
Blue Team featuring Sygor, Alarik, Nekoj, tingling

Plain Vanilla Team Galaxy Winners
The Pink Elephants, featuring raf7, DarkLStrike, Nekoj, zoot, Radiance, Sonkido, Irandael

Congratulations to the winners!
For galaxy histories and replays, visit here.

Plain Vanilla Team GalaxyPosted on 20.05.2014

    Plain Vanilla
    The upcoming Plain Vanilla Team Galaxy is at the same time a return to the ancient ways, and a step into a new direction. We are simplifying Team formation and initial player positioning to the way it used to be, and launching a brand new system for distributing team related Fame points (check here for all the information). These points will allow us to distinguish players that excel in teamwork during the year, and also decide who can participate in Ranked TG's by identifying all those who have an active participation both in the galaxy and in the Team Forums.

    Sign Up
    The sign up is free and direct to the galaxy, though it might be cool to say hi here, and motivate good mood, visibility to this initiative, and participation of a good number of players. For those who are unfamiliar with Team Galaxies, the first position we get on the map is temporary (no point on setting any orders by then), and 72h before the game begins we are assigned to a Team, given a final random position on our half of the galaxy, and included in a Team Forum. During those 72h, all participants are to actively engage Team conversation, making collective decisions about individual roles (hold your civ traits until discussed with your team mates) and combined strategy.

    The galaxy begins on Saturday, May 24.

Walnut galaxyPosted on 18.05.2014

Nuts about programming codes? Then put your governors and admirals to the test in the latest innovation in galaxy settings. Introducing the Walnut Galaxy, where ticks are processed only once a day every 5pm CET, but in batches of 10 turns a time.

Designed to level the playing field for players who can't be online all the time, participants of the galaxy will agree not to issue new orders during the time that the turns are processed (or watch ticks unfold for that matter). That means the galaxy only allows you to make changes to strategy and the set up of your empire every 10 turns, and you'll need to depend on the scripts written for your admirals and governors to run your empire for you - making reliable governors and admirals all the more important to give you an edge for cosmic supremacy.

So if you think you and your admirals are up for the challenge, sign up in the forums here.

The galaxy begins on Monday, May 19.

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