Cosmic Supremacy on the goPosted on 25.04.2014

    Tired of missing ticks while you're away from your computer? Can't check that newly scouted system because you're out soclalizing? Or having trouble giving orders to your fleets when you're stuck in traffic with no PC in sight?

    Fear no more, as one of our trusty members has found a solution that can revolutionize the way you play the game - right on your mobile phone. Using remote control apps such as TeamViewer, players can now check their galaxy right on their smartphone screens, so long as you leave your PC or laptop on.

    So if you've been wondering how to balance real-life commitments and ambitions for CS fame, this could just be what you've been looking for to satisfy your CS needs.

Little Fish Galaxy (Rank 1-2)Posted on 11.04.2014

    Little Fish Galaxy
    If you want a bigger challenge than the unranked galaxies, but do not wish to swim the big ocean just yet, here is the Little Fish Galaxy. Reserved for players of rank 1 and 2, it runs with 1h turns and has average settings that highlight CS's Advanced features. How will you configure your HQ and Civilization? Will you try out the wormholes and explore the Doctrine Tree all the way down to sea bottom? And who will reach Cosmic Supremacy on a ranked galaxy, scoring for the big league? Sign up and find your own answers!

    Starting on the 24th of April of 2014, in a nearby sea.

Quirk in the universePosted on 09.04.2014

    Settings for light and heavy turrets are affected by a CS-universe wide cosmic event.

    An announcement will be posted in due time when this situation is addressed. The subsequent implications on planetary space will also be advised in the future.

    Visit the forum for more details.


The pranks beginPosted on 09.04.2014

    And as the flat earth society starts its convention and the great grand daughter of Samuel Rowbotham is about to begin her opening speach, a band of 12 pranksters opens the doors to the room and let's in a numerous sheep herd!

"Baaaaa! Baaa! Baa! Baaaa!"

    "I say, what is this?!", asks Angus Pettigrew, the elder host, totally flabbergasted. Shocked
    "Haven't you heard?", asks one of the pranksters.
    "Heard what?"
    "Herd of sheep! Haha!" Big Grin
    "This is preposterous!" Mad
    "No... this is the April Fool's Galaxy, and the Colony Sheeps are already flying everywhere, to colonize 500+ planets!" Tongue


April Fool's GalaxyPosted on 28.03.2014

450 turns of pranks and nowhere to run... cause you can only slide! Haha!

And is your population growing? Not anymore, cause there is no space! Haha!

Do you see that thing disappearing in the distance? It's your usual strategy, cause it won't work here! Haha!


It's the April Fool's Galaxy, and any ranked Fool can sign up!

Fooling around starts on the 7th of April of 2014, at 12h00 CET, with a new hoax every 2 hours!

Equinox Cube GalaxyPosted on 18.03.2014

When night and day are equals

    The sign up period for the next CS FFA 1h Galaxy is happening during the Spring Equinox of Gaia, our beautiful Mother, and the Sun, our generous Father. To celebrate this alignment of perfect symmetry, the galaxy itself features a cubic shape of 4x4x4 that sets a closer proximity between all Civilizations.

    Blessed by the balanced kiss of day and night, the Equinox Cube Galaxy shows an abundance of good planets, and invites the intelligence of ancient astronomers as the base for unveiling its secrets (fixed HQ with research=50, tech mod=1200). Settlers are ready to answer the call (12 initial colony ships), and the galactic dawn brings a wave of creativity to every race (10 custom civ-trait changes). And what will the sunset bring? Who will master the sacred alchemy of Day and Night?

    Starting on the 27th of March of 2014, at 20h00 CET.

    Somewhere in the Universe.

2014 Q1 Hall of FamePosted on 13.03.2014

Results for galaxies run in the first quarter of 2014:

Galaxy 243 Winner: Julia2684
Galaxy 244 Winner: Norfik
Galaxy 245 Winner: Medokh
Galaxy 246 Winner: pommiebastard

The-What-Is-Out-There-Galaxy ...[ Results ] 1. Ruger 2.Multiglow
General Purpose FFA Galaxy ...... . .[ Story ]. . . 1. raf7 . . .2.Raz
Mix-It-Up XP Galaxy ...................... . .[ Story ]. . . 1. tingling 2.bartosz1983
The Breed Fast or Die Galaxy. . ...... [ Story ]. . . 1. raf7 2.mizzihood
The Galaxy of RL People 5 ...................... <Ongoing>
Equinox Cube Galaxy. . ...... [ Story ]. . . 1. raf7 2. Ruger
CS Cup 2014 Winners
Team "Them As Gonna Win", featuring Radiance, mizzihood and Ruger

For more galaxies and hall of famers, visit here

XP Team GalaxyPosted on 11.03.2014

Yes, you read that right, an XP Team Galaxy. It's never been tried before in CS history, but in the XP spirit of testing everything, we're pretty much obliged to give it a go.

With the current winner and runner-ups of the Mix-it-Up galaxy politely passing on the rights to design the next set of XP settings to the community to create an XP team galaxy with customised game settings, and with the conclusion of the CS Cup ties - won by Them As Gonna Win - the stage is set for the first-ever XP team galaxy to be launched in the coming weeks.

Opened to players rank 1 and up, the following items will be in scope : 1) shield rebalance Mk2 ; 2) smaller components test ; and 3) pilot cabin re-development tests, among others.

So, start signing up peeps, or join the forums to have your input on the next set of XP settings. A start date has yet to be confirmed, but you may find more information about the galaxy here.

Galaxy of RL People 5Posted on 24.02.2014

For those of us who have a hectic schedule in real-life (RL), it's sometimes good to know that you can fall back on a turn-based game like Cosmic Supremacy for that dose of escapism we all need. But what if Cosmic Supremacy itself causes our hectic schedule to be even more hectic, with sleep and eat getting in the way of our quest for supremacy in the cosmos?

Well, that's what the RL series is all about. Now in it's fifth edition (or thereabouts), the latest instalment starts this weekend, kicking off with 3-hour ticks to begin with, and slowing to just 6 ticks/day after turn 240 - so you can still have a social life. The galaxy is scheduled to run until mid-May, where a scheduled galactic supernova will freeze all activity in the galaxy and distribute fame to its participants.

Galaxy settings are fairly standard, though the range of planet stats are expected to be wide and varied. There will be approximately 588 planets up for grabs, cramped into 7x3x7 sectors of 160 units size each, so expect less travelling time between systems, which would otherwise feel like eternity on RL settings. Also, score break-even is set at 40, so you'll need to sharpen your diplomacy skills and forge alliances, or risk being attacked by larger foes.

So are you up to the task? The Galaxy of RL People 5 awaits you, coming this 28 February.

The Breed Fast or Die GalaxyPosted on 19.02.2014

The gods of this peaceful galaxy were totally disgusted with the boring existence of all of the mortal races, so they decided to make a few little changes and generate some excitement.

Being gods, however, their idea of a "few little changes", however, had a major impact on the inhabitants of the galaxy..............A Major NEGATIVE Impact.
The night it all happened, each existing race went to bed knowing that life was good. All of their wealthy, fully populated, comfortable planets were great places to live. All of their scientific researchers had assured themselves that there was nothing left to discover. The last of their wars had ended eons ago.

The next morning, however, all of that complacency abruptly ended as the remaining survivors of each race woke up and discovered that virtually every aspect of their civilization that they had accepted as fact was now different.............REALLY different.
Most of their population had disappeared.

All of the existing planets in their home system, except just one, was barren.
All of their scientific research was gone. All that remained was a single chart showing them what was possible to discover, once they trained some scientists and funded their extremely expensive research efforts. They were also shocked to discover that all of their former civilization trait modification technology was not even on the chart.
All of their space ships were gone and the other stars they could see were a long, long way away.

All of their wealth was gone........except for a single 20 credit gold piece that fell from the sky at the leaders feet.
And if all of this were not enough of a shock, they could all hear a message from the galactic gods that informed them of three unpleasant facts:

1) Every race in the galaxy was now in the same position.
2) Every race had exactly 700 cycles to explore, then expand, then exploit and then attempt to exterminate all other races.
3) At the end of 700 cycles the winning race would be given all of the galaxy as all other races would be totally destroyed by the gods.

So, the only question that remains, is....."Can you breed fast enough to prevail, or are you going to be slaughtered by those who can"?

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