Mix-It-Up galaxyPosted on 04.02.2014

Have you ever wondered what you would be able to do if you could fit that last 10 space in your ship's design with a heavy firepower weapon? Or a magneto shield? Or perhaps a Large Pilot Cabin that could actually prove to be useful?

The Mix-It-Up galaxy tries to do just that - and much more. The lower tech shields have been given a huge boost, but empires who want to use these new tools will need to consider the demanding resource costs of using such ship modules in this particular galaxy. As such, players will need to build a solid economy and establish wise trade relations if they are to sustain a fleet of heavily shielded ships.

Not only that, with the scaling down of the size of quantum drives and plasma bombs, a greater variety of designs for early-midgame ships are further available, allowing empires greater flexibility in customizing their fleet to meet situational needs.

Even more interestingly, players who would like to build sizeable light hull fleets, particularly cloaked ships, will need to first establish a stable supply of radioactives, or risk having a heavy reliance on radioactives serve as the Achilles heel of their empire. Similarly, empires who are unable to secure deuterium will find themselves at a disadvantage when warding off hostile light ship fleets.

Along with other changes, including the tweaking of planetary defense strength and converting beam and proton lasers solely into light firepower weapons, the Mix-It-Up galaxy attempts to showcase the new possibilities offered by the XP galaxies. The galaxy is scheduled to run from Feb 6 to the second week of March on 1 hour turns, and is hopefully a prelude to many other new interesting settings in the future.

Note: The changes to the game parameters will only be applicable in the XP galaxy, and will not affect other ongoing regular galaxies. XP galaxies provide no fame, but by winning or putting in a decent performance, you stand the chance to be the coordinator for deciding the next round of settings.

End of CS Cup Round 2Posted on 27.01.2014

Both teams came into the game by winning handsomely in the first round. But one of the perfect records had to give, and Them as Gonna Win ultimately proved to be too experienced in team combat to sniff out the Secret Revolution Agency's challenge, with Cdr. Death McKillhurt's earlier valiant effort unable to contain the might of Minnesotans4GlobalWarming's aggressive expansion behind Slayer's defensive cover. So after dealing heavy losses to SRA fleets at the death, TGW come away with the three points to top the tournament league.

Elsewhere, The Usual Suspects currently hold a commanding lead in their restarted match over the Mathematically Talented Sergeants after landing a crushing blow of their own on MTS fleets at turn 153 (Full story here). The result places them a point behind Them as Gonna Win, setting up a juicy top-of-the-table clash between the Suspects and Gonna Win going into Round 3 of the CS Cup.

Meanwhile, the People's Resistance Party picks up their first points of the tournament as an attack-minded approach and the use of high tech heavy fleets put the Teenage Mutant Goliaths on the backfoot for most of the match. Despite taking several systems in a retaliative attack on PRP shipyards, TMG could not make up for lost ground, and ended up empty handed as they lost all 3 of their main fleets in the last 10 turns.

TMG play SRA next in what could be a fight for 3rd spot, while PRP take on MTS, with PRP still in with a chance to sneak into 3rd spot if other results go their way. The third round is set to begin on Feb 6th, with team forums up on Feb 3rd.

If you are currently not participating in the cup but would like to be involved, there are a few openings for you to fill in for some players who need to drop out due to RL constraints. Kindly express interest to participate here

The-What-Is-Out-There-GalaxyPosted on 03.01.2014

The universe gods were really bored so they decided to have a little fun and create a brand new galaxy.

A empty galaxy that, due to the constraints that have been imposed on it, promised all sorts of excitement for their jaded minds.

Each god picked one aggressive race from an existing galaxy and transported just three of the citizens of that race to an undeveloped planet in the new galaxy.

While those three citizens were permitted to remember that all of the technology they formally enjoyed existed, they lost all knowledge of how to implement it.

They were also given the knowledge that there were other very unfriendly races from other galaxies randomly scattered throughout their new galactic home....races that wanted to enslave them.

The gods final instruction to the three members of each race was a simple one.

Breed, Learn, Explore, and then Exploit and Conquer the other races.......or DIE.

We have no money, no ships, no science and only three members of each race......but the good news is that we have endless supplies of Viagra, so let the breeding begin.


End of CS Cup Round 1Posted on 26.12.2013

Twas a turn before the end of the first round of the 2013 CS Cup, and the Teenage Mutant Goliaths had to try something drastic to narrow the lead long held by their opponents - The Usual Suspects. So TMG Grinder rammed his fleet into the opponent's on Christmas Day, and with scores of ships lost on both sides, the first round of the 2013 CS Cup came to a dramatic end. But it wasn't enough as TMG ran out of time to take the lead, with the loss of their first fleet taking its toll on the scores. So, the round ended with 2 league points to TUS and 1 to TMG - as is fair for both sides' showing.

Each of them will come up next against MTS and PRP respectively - two teams who will have a desire to bounce back from heavy first round defeats. While PRP struggled with problems of inactivity on the part of some of their players, with Earth 747 putting up a decent fight mostly on his own, MTS were overwhelmed by a TGW team looking to send a signal to the rest of the tournament and establishing themselves as early favorites to win bragging rights in the cup. There won't be a better prize than that.

As the luck of the draw would have it, TGW and SRA, both comfortable first round winners, come up head-to-head against one another in round 2, meaning at least one perfect record in the league will be broken at the end of the round. With things starting to heat up in the CS Cup, stay tuned as round 2 begins on 6 January 2014 20:00 CET.

For players involved in the cup galaxies, please note that the start date has been pushed back to 6 January for all to have the chance to - as one of our community members put it - "digest your New Year's dinner". Team forums will be up on 3 January. Passwords have been sent to your PM box.

Happy holidays to all, and to all a happy new year.

CS Cup teamsPosted on 24.11.2013

Just like the man in the picture, some players, well at least the author of this text, are impatiently waiting for the teams to be formed. Please, check the suggestions in the CS Cup thread and contact those or other teamed people. Then let us know in the same thread.

Milky Shake Galaxy [2h]Posted on 14.11.2013

My dairy-based frozen confection
creates a focal point,
to which young males
of the species are drawn.

You are correct. It's
far superior to yours!

I could attempt to educate you
on the finer points of this subject,
but it would require
monetary recompense on your part.

Galaxy starts on Saturday, 16th of November at 20:00 CET. Join now!

The CS Cup (2013-2014)Posted on 05.11.2013

The second edition of the CS Cup will be launched soon. Small teams of 3-4 players will battle it out in small team galaxies, to find this season's top team of CS players. Currently exact team size and exact format are not known yet, until we have an idea of how many people will be participating. The more people join, the more interesting we can make teams and format, so sign up here.

New Team GalaxyPosted on 30.09.2013

Once again the enemy has anticipated our choice of galactic exploration. They followed us to this latest battleground with the same resources that accompanied our colonists. Their researchers must have been just as eager as ours to analyze the unique nebulae in the area, which have already proven to boost our research by several orders of magnitude. However, the more esoteric uses of this unprecedented boost will have to wait - the first order of business is war!

To achieve dominance, we must take advantage of the immense and rich planets here. Our colonies are established and more ships are ready to fly. It's a long way to the enemy lines, so coordination of our forward colonization will be essential to success.
This will be one for the books, and remember: History is written by the victor!

Starting on Tuesday 8th October, with sign-up closing Sunday 6th.

Desert Warriors Galaxy IIPosted on 01.09.2013

"So much space to walk! Oh Prophets of the Sands, may the Suns be merciful to our People."
- Ancient prayer of the First Tribe

For eons, warriors of the desert have battled its burning heat and wild sandstorms. But the vastness of the cosmos offers a different challenge. Oasis planets, although rare, are precious in a desert of arid planets. Being the key to ultimate supremacy in the galaxy - they may well be worth the travel, or even the fight. How many of the new tribes will survive the dangers of such great distances? How many will endure the slow pace of time? And how many will find their rewards, hidden beneath the cosmic sand?

Take challenge in this second round of truly desert-long path to Cosmic Supremacy. Desert warriors 1 took more than 1000 ticks of intense and challenging action to decide who deserves the title, the game end reaching truly apocalyptic scopes. Desert warriors 2 promises the same, except for this time the sand serpents are willing to bite even more. Some will seek revenge.

Galaxy Features: Wide sector sizes, Randomly formed superplanets amidst poor commodity planets, Moderately high tech multiplier, 0 point civ traits, 9x2x9 flat-shaped galaxy

Sign up your Tribe, and prove yourself as the ultimate Desert Warrior! The Sandstorms start on the 14th of September.

Because of a planet count of 2-8 per system, the galaxy begins by gentlemen rules, whereby a player that gets fewer than 5 planets in his home system, MAY retire the galaxy and re-enter again. In this case, he must send a PM to tingling by 11 Sept 2013.

Training Galaxy for BeginnersPosted on 26.08.2013

A team galaxy for beginners is being opened for signup. Available to ranks 0-1, this galaxy is designed to resemble most unranked galaxies, except that advanced features are made available.

In a team galaxy, players are placed into two teams, each occupying one side of the galaxy. Furthermore, you can see all your teammates at the beginning of the galaxy, making teamwork an essential component of these galaxies.

The galaxy will have a couple of experienced players, who will only be mining ore and providing credits as well as advice for beginner players. So feel free to rely on them for your mineral and cash needs, while you build that massive fleet to reign supreme with your teammates in the galaxy.

The galaxy is scheduled to begin ticks on September 7, 20:00 CET, roughly a week after Galaxy 233 sets off.

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