The 2012 Team ChampionshipPosted on 25.11.2011

The CS Cup for teams will kick off early next year (6th January).

Not all players have confirmed their arrival yet, however, and some have even shocked the coordinators by withdrawing altogether! Currently, the cup is one team short for an ideal tournament structure.
You are therefore invited to take part in this very first CS Cup as a member of one of 8 teams to compete for the ultimate prize: A full year of bragging rights!
Of course, the winners can adorn themselves with proper insignia and emblems, letting everyone know their greatness.

Come one, come all! Prove yourself as one of the truly Cosmic Supreme!

Please note:
The cup will last well into 2012
You have to sign up at the forum
You can read more here

Gigantiahuge Galaxy - The Largest Ever!Posted on 23.11.2011

Size doesn't matter - or so they used to say. After suffering a heavy defeat in their dark crusade against the technocrats, a group of magicians got together to perform one final desperate ritual to try to reign supreme in the galaxy. All they achieved however, was a complete wipeout of most empires, and a new big bang that brought about new planets and suns, and hastened the expansion of the galaxy.

Ultimately, this resulted in a galaxy that brings forth the notion that deep space is indeed vast, by having an extremely large sector size of 700 units, over 3000 planets, and each planet being hugely different from the other. To add more spice, planet space is set to 1000, so you'd probably never reach max pop on most planets, which brings in a different element of strategy altogether.

So come join this galaxy that is set to start ticks this weekend 26 November.

The galaxy Abell 2029 (image) is one of the largest known galaxies at 6 million light-years across. The Black dot near the center is roughly the size of The Milky Way.

This Weekend: Speed Galaxies Galore!Posted on 17.11.2011

For ranks 1 and below: Speed Monkey Galaxy

If all us new guys show enough interest in this galaxy maybe speed monkey galaxy will become a house hold name, and it will turn in to a powerful world wide corporation called SMG Corp that will advance all of human kind to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Possibly to the ends of the universe and once mankind makes it to the end of the universe we will all transcend in to beings of pure energy as the last stars in our universe burns out, as the last star cools to a cold ember we will travel to the next dimension where we will enlighten it's inhabitants!!!!!!

I know there is Speed Monkeys out there!!!

For ranks 2 and above: Mead Funky Galaxy

Come play with the big boys! Bigger. Faster. Turnier.
Mead optional. Funk is not.

Experimental Team Galaxy Starting This WeekendPosted on 23.10.2011

As far as they knew, it had been there since the beginning of time. Commonly known as 'The Edge', the Dominion Horizon cut through the galaxy, splitting it exactly in half.
On one side science and rational deduction held sway, and the beings in that part of the galaxy made great discoveries, revealing the true nature of the universe. The civilizations on the other side were governed by the esoteric and mysterious, and they peered deep into the soul of all things living.
They knew of each other, of course, even if the Dominion Horizon kept them from meeting or even talking. Neither side had any doubt, however, that the other was Evil incarnate, and a threat to their way of living and very existence.
Now that this barrier showed signs of weakening, with ruptures appearing more and more frequently, it was painfully obvious that status quo was about to end. In just 100 short years the barrier would dissipate and allow travel between the Dominions for the first time in time.

Now only one question remained: Who will be better prepared when the Dominions clash?

Note: This is a Team Galaxy. This means you're expected to cooperate closely with your team mates, and you have to sign up at the forum.

Big Bang Galaxy [1-2h]Posted on 17.10.2011

In the beginning the universe was without form and was void. But a player had rights to create galaxies and deep inside his brittle crust massive forces waited to be unleased. The galaxy creation form has loaded and suns were formed. The planet comodities shifted and rose as high as mountains. Typing spawned massive home worlds that will spew forth fiery scouts and charge the intergalactic space with strage reports. Into this swirling maelstorm of Firepower and Shields the first destroyers appeared. Tiny, without gaussian shields clinging to the PD sheltered habitats. But the seeds of autofactories grew and strengthened and spread and made new designs and orbits teemed with fleets. And with this fleets came the instinct to declare war, design cruisers and battleships. And finally there was researched a technology known as titan and there appeared the first faint signs of intelligence. The fruits of inteligence were many: fleet hulls in millions, command centers and hyperspace - the alliance and wormholes. Now it required but one more ingredient: a great Leader to unite the warring empires and build a legacy that will be remembered in the hall of fame.

The galaxy has 5 systems per player and 7-9 rich planets in systems spread out in a slightly bigger sector size than the usual. 30 homeplanet changes allow massive production, though only 5 civilization trait picks require careful balancing.

The galaxy starts it's ticks on Friday the 28th of October at 16:00 CET. Join now!

Bio-product GalaxyPosted on 27.09.2011

Unforeseen consequences of massive bio-bombing have caused a universal plague that killed almost all intelligent life in the galaxy. Tiny survivor societies were striving for their bare existence while knowledge of space technologies faded away. But as time passed factories got overgrown by plants and shipyards turned into forests, once tiny societies looked up into the skies again. Above them was a rich and empty universe, a product of bio-bombs.

The galaxy has a player to system ratio of 1:4, which means that for every player there is 4 systems with 6-7 relatively big and rich planets. A highly customizable home planet and 9 civ-trait picks can turn your home-world into a production mastodon, pumping out cruisers like they're shuttles, so prepare for massive fleets trying to take it.

The galaxy starts it's ticks on Friday, 30th of September at 16:00 CET. Join now!

Atlantis Team GalaxyPosted on 17.09.2011

For centuries the Cosmic society forgot about the deep stuff that is the true essence of things. Senseless wars and blind greed stormed the galaxies, filling them with hatred, fear and stress. Great Empires too often fell to the twisted might of ignorance, and a question begun to emerge: how can we fight good battles, and win the respect of the Great Warriors whether in victory or defeat? And when enough hearts longed for the answer, the voices of Ancient Atlanteans arrived as a whisper of hope, with revelations of the true faces of power: Courage, Honor, Respect and Love. Empires gathered around this Wisdom, and decided to fight a traditional Battle of two Teams as an affirmation of these values and as a token of gratitude to the spirit of Atlantis.

The Atlantis TG is set to start its 2 hour ticks on Friday, the 23rd of September 2011 at 18:00 CET. The participation on this galaxy is reserved for ranked players (rank 2 and up), and it requires a Forum sign up and the acknowledgement of special rules and conditions. For more information please visit the forum thread.

Atlantis TG: Can there be bliss in a good fight?

9.58 [Speed] GalaxyPosted on 15.09.2011

Position yourself in the starting blocks, wait for the starting tick and sprint into to the speed galaxy we are having over this weekend. Show the world you can be the fastest mouse operator among strategy gamers and prove you didn't start playing strategy games because you sucked in Mario Bros and wasn't too good in sports. Coming "first of the losers" in no excuse for those whose fleets want to dwarf the 100m world record.

Speed galaxy will be played on Saturday, the 17th and Sunday, the 18th of September, starting both days at 18:00 CET and ending at 23:00 CET. All players must be present in the galaxy at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the galaxy, or will be removed from the galaxy, so join only if you have time both on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, at around 5 minutes before the start, please close the client and relogin to the galaxy - a reshuffle will require you to give new orders, load governors and pick civilization traits. For more information on how speed galaxy works, the timetable and other important information, please visit the forum thread.

Extremely Long Turns Galaxy [12h]Posted on 15.09.2011

Since before the test bed galaxy was brought forth from its beginnings was this time ever conceived. Where the powers that be orchestrate the very makings of galaxies as we know it. As discussions wage into the formation of universes to house varying alliances to battle for dominance and the quick-time skirmishes over very short time spans, comes a crazy notion to see just how vigilant some beings can be. When specimens are placed in a universe that will stretch the days into months and the months into years, how will they survive? Will their frail minds be able to hold together and sustain consciousness through the seemingly unending hours...or will the mind shut down into inactivity???

The creators have seen the effects of hyper-time on the universe and always enjoyed the normal time galaxy, but never before would they have even considered the torturous test of this time dilation galaxy. Without a suitable test to compare this with, the findings are all theoretical for now. These strange and bold thoughts have been ignored for long enough...let the dilation begin...

The galaxy starts its tick on September 16th. Join now!

Lion's All vs. One GalaxyPosted on 09.09.2011

The community of CS players have come together to form a new format of galaxy, termed an All vs One galaxy, where one single player would be given a rep bonus and starting boost, and become the target for all other players to bring down.

Our newest (and only second) rank 4 player has volunteered himself for the task of being the lone player, or what we call the "Borg". So the question now stands: Can players band together and come out of this bragging they managed to bring down a rank 4 player, or is there still a long way to go for some of us to match the best CS players?

The galaxy is opened for any rank, and the Borg has also agreed to use his AI progress meter to balance out the gaming experience of each player with the amount of challenge being dished out in the galaxy.

For more Information please visit the forum section.

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