Milky Wrong Way GalaxyPosted on 11.01.2013

"Wow, what is that?" asked the interstellar farmer.
"It might be the Milky Way Galaxy," said his companion. "Look at the white stuff everywhere."
The farmer stood in awe. Could it be the dairy product monopolist of the universe? Thoughts drifted towards his grandfathers farm, the tiny space cow hangar, his mother looking for worm-holes in the wholegrain quasars. But then the supermarket came and Milky Way Products (c) ruined everything. Slowly but surely people forgot the Deutcheese and the exquisite exomilk. Two and a half crystals for a cup simply wasn't realistic, but grandfather fought till the very end. His mother couldn't take it. She took all the exotics they still had and sent him to the skycity. There he studied and became a subspace specialist but his heart was empty - it was a farmers heart.
But then his clueless companion interrupted: "Ah, nevermind, look at the sign - it's Andromeda, we went the wrong way".

The galaxy starts on Sunday 13th of January at 20:00 CET and ticks away at 2h pace. Join Now.

Tree Team GalaxyPosted on 03.01.2013

The first team galaxy of 2013 has confirmed its participant list in the forum. Cheekily named the T(re)am Galaxy, short for the Tree Team Galaxy, this galaxy will let the newest doctrine tree breathe in a team galaxy for the very first time. To know more about the galaxy, please visit here.

It is set to have 3 hour ticks with faster starting ticks of 2 hours' length. Private team forums will also be set up for teams to debate on strategy once everyone is entered to the galaxy.

To players who have signed up in the forums, the galaxy is now available for you to enter. You may check the password with your team representative. Please note that you might be assigned a temporary home system while you discuss your HQ starting position and roles with your teammates over the next few days.

Galaxy features: New doctrine tree, choice of initial starting position (by forum discussion), river neutral zone, 75 x 2h ticks followed by 3h ticks. Ticks start 9 January 20:00 CET

Pretty normal Galaxy [1h]Posted on 20.12.2012

The bureaucracy galaxy has over expanded due to the demands of the expanding bureaucracy and now we're back to pretty normal levels of bureaucracy and corruption. Well, that depends on the sector of the known universe, but a factor of 1.5 isn't that bad and given the massive amount space available, you'll still be able to slip a few bucks to a police officer if he happens to catch you speeding in some far away corner of you empire - not that you were endangering anyone.

The galaxy starts on Saturday, 22nd of December at 12:00 CET. Join NOW (or a bit later).

Advisor in Galaxy 213 & 214Posted on 14.12.2012

Galaxies 213 and 214 have started their ticks. Both are open to ranks 0 and 1 players, and will be a good testing ground for new players to prove themselves against their peers of similar rank.

However, there's a slight twist this time round. One of the ranked 3 players will set up a small stall in one of the systems in each galaxy, checking in once in a while to keep players in good company. While he won't be colonising outside of his home system nor would he be actively involved in the galaxy, he will be tending to questions that players have regarding game mechanics, diplomacy, general strategy, or anything under the sun that players wish to chat about.

So watch out for [CS] Advisor Tingling's pacifist scout ships. They might just drop by your neighbourhood one of these days.

T(re)eam GalaxyPosted on 20.11.2012

As FFA players trim each other's trees in the 'Plant a Tree' galaxy, some players have started talk about giving the new doctrine tree its own spin in a team galaxy setting.

With more goodies for vanguard players beyond the early mid game and an improved trade doctrine to allow support players to be more participative, among other upgrades packed in the new tree, this could be a team game quite unlike any other.

We haven't quite figured out the start date and other details of the galaxy yet, and we'd like to hear from you. So why not drop by the forum to voice your preferences and be part of a collective tree planting initiative. Right now, we are considering starting after the year end festive holidays as most players have expressed their intentions to enjoy the break. So the game might start in January.

Galaxy features: New doctrine tree, possibly 3 hour ticks and starting in January. Sign up here

Plant a Tree GalaxyPosted on 11.11.2012

"To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, and to live as people, we must have trees"
- Former U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt

Those wise words may not have referred to the context of a technology tree in the far future, but the true value of trees is set to come to life in the 'Plant a Tree' galaxy, slated to start at 20:00 CET on Thursday, 15 November.

With large areas of space between systems and a high planet count, compounded with a HQ more suited for late game supremacy than very early game rushes, this should be a galaxy for players to indulge in the latest doctrine tree at a reasonable pace. Ticks are designed to be less hectic than the just-concluded XP galaxy, and the end of galaxy is set at turn 575, allowing for emperors to plan well ahead for their civilizations.

So if you'd like to be part of the effort to help plant a tree, where future generations of players can find shelter under, come and join this galaxy, ready to be played as a standard, fame-awarding galaxy.

Galaxy Features: Fixed HQ settings, Fixed Turn for End of Galaxy, 2-hour turns with 75 x 1-hour starting ticks, 325 sector size, 11 starting colony ships, 686 planets, New Doc Tree.

Slow Research Galaxy IIPosted on 01.11.2012

In what was a prosperous galaxy, there was peace throughout the lands, flourishing trade, highly advanced technologies, and arguably decent people rights.

That all changed when full out galactic war broke out. It devastated the furthest reaches of the galaxy, leaving only sparse populations around the galaxy to struggle for survival. Right before what seemed like the end of a doomed galaxy, something miraculously happened. The very laws of physics seemed to be completely discarded and replaced with completely new ones, perhaps a last ditch effort by Mother Nature to survive? Surreal occurrences have appeared with oversized planets being confirmed and an odd distortion of time, something that used to take 1 hour to do now takes 3 hours to do!

With the unfamiliar laws of physics, even the most primitive technologies seemed abstract now. All that scientist can do now is research and hope to restore previous technologies or maybe discover entirely new ones? Perhaps the giant overshadowing turtle which now slowly drifts in the sky is symbolic for what will be in store.

Galaxy Features: High Research mod, 3 hours turns, 550 max planet size, New Doc Tree.

Really Weird Galaxy FoundPosted on 22.09.2012

Utterly alien to view, the Doctrine Upgrade XP galaxy is open to discovery.
With a different Doctrine Tree and new descriptions with everything from voodoo priests to supernova explosions, this is a galaxy to explore and comment on.

Planets are generally small and systems vary tremendously. XP galaxies give no fame. Your reward for playing in this one is to be one of the first to try out new Doctrines, give feedback on them -- and have an edge when the first "normal" one (are there any normal advanced galaxies?) opens.

The first XP galaxy in years opens for exploration on Friday 28th this month.

NB: The first 100 turns are very fast (30 minutes), so you will need to make detailed instructions for your governors.

New Galaxy Type: King of the HillPosted on 28.08.2012

"The King sat brooding on his throne, "Overconfident. That's what they call me. Overconfident!?! Such an insult cannot go unanswered. Not now, not ever".
And so it came to be, on that late day in August, that the King of the Hill stood against 4 strong alliances, hell-bent on invading his age-old home. It came as no surprise, he had invited them to try, after all.
After long deliberations, the aliiances had agreed upon rules and regulations for the war, and he himself was ready. Let them come, let them do their worst. Overconfident my bare!"

A new type of Multy-team galaxy (MTG) will see the light come late August: King of the Hill. We will have 4 teams and one King, and introducing a new type of victory: Capturing and holding the King's home planet.

The MTG format puts special demands on your participation on the forums, as there are a number of special house rules in effect. The galaxy is open to all players of rank 2 and up, as well as rank 1 players who demonstrate an understanding of the importance of being active on the forum.

UPDATE: We're set to start Friday 7th September. We have our neutral party and teams will be formed soon.
Final confirmations are under way, but there are still a few open places - First come, First served!

Flat Galaxy [1h]Posted on 23.08.2012

Flat galaxy is one of those galaxies, where name really doesn't mean much. One would think that it's a galaxy trampled and flattened by a giant intergalactic elephant, but that is not the case. The said elephant only crushed the ability to change civilization traits and home planets - many think the reason is it's black hole like mass. However the destruction of hyperspace energy potential can only be attributed to elephant self help book (a massive intergalactic bestseller) titled: Why are you so defensive - 50 shades of becoming more aggressive.

The galaxy is a completely standard galaxy, no doctrines, no hyperspace energy, no civilization traits and home planet customization and it starts on Thursday at noon CET. Join now, if your rank is at least 1.

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