Astrologists Predicts 228th Big Bang within a week!Posted on 11.06.2013

Galaxy 228 is available for signups and in need of fresh faces! This is an unranked galaxy which means that the entire playerbase will consist of Unranked and Rank 1 players. In fact, many of the players already signed up have never played a galaxy before!
This makes Galaxy 228 the perfect environment to experience a level of competition and strategy that you just cannot in the Newbie Sandbox while at the same time feeling safe from the overbearing wrath of higher ranked players. Take advantage of this great opportunity and signup for Galaxy 228 today!

Post Apocalypse World GalaxyPosted on 27.05.2013

A calamity never suffered before, left no other option but to flee into underground shelters entire civilizations for generations. When entering shelters, most already knew they will not be able to get outside for the rest of their lives, despite what government propaganda said. Some refused the future underground and awaited their doom.

It was all over quickly. The advanced dark-matter warheads wiped out entire planets and almost everything around them. A beauty noted by few back then, suns and star systems were swallowed by cruel gods in a matter of weeks.

Now it has been 200 years since The Great War. Those who undertook the task to continue their race, have never seen the sunrise before. When planetary conditions were right, it was possible to leave underground shelters and make an effort to build a different future. A future in which there is hope, and for some, perhaps, even prosperity.

But the path of the four riders of apocalypse have left obvious evidence even today. Some systems have only a couple of planets left and those that remain are often devastated mercilessly. Despite many difficulties, races chose to settle under the sun, not under ground.

It is upon you, the player, if there will be one more civilization that will fulfill their dream of prosperity. Many will not make it until the end. Sign up now, and change the destiny of your civilization in a post-apocalypse world!

Because of a planet count of 2-8 per system, the galaxy begins by gentlemen rules, whereby a player that gets fewer than 5 planets in his home system, MAY retire the galaxy and re-enter again. In this case, he must send a PM to tingling by 4 June 2013.

Desert Warriors Galaxy [2h]Posted on 11.05.2013

"So much space to walk! Oh Prophets of the Sands, may the Suns be merciful to our People." - Ancient prayer of the First Tribe

For eons, warriors of the desert have battled its burning heat and wild sandstorms. But the vastness of the cosmos offers a different challenge. Oasis planets, although rare, are precious in a desert of arid planets. Being the key to ultimate supremacy in the galaxy - they may well be worth the travel, or even the fight. How many of the new tribes will survive the dangers of such great distances? How many will endure the slow pace of time? And how many will find their rewards, hidden beneath the cosmic sand?

"But it will be the end of time, before we reach the other side of the galaxy. Are there even any other civilisations out there?", complains the young ones to their tribal chiefs, challenging the wisdom of ancient stones that tells of many intelligible life forms dwelling in systems spread out over an essentially flat galaxy, far away from their own sun. "And technology is so costly that we may as well have our ships be pulled by camels across the desert instead."

"Patience young ones - only those who can walk slowly can see beauty in a grain of sand", says the wise medicine man, smiling. He points at the sky. "They are out there, and we will meet them. And our Warrior's cry will once again be heard across the Great Desert!"

Galaxy Features: Wide sector sizes, Randomly formed superplanets amidst poor commodity planets, Moderately high tech multiplier, Fixed HQ and No civ traits, 9x2x9 flat-shaped galaxy

Sign up your Tribe, and prove yourself as the ultimate Desert Warrior! The Sandstorms start on the 24th of May.

Treasure Hunters Galaxy [2h]Posted on 01.05.2013

Team galaxies set offPosted on 14.04.2013

The time that many are waiting for is finally upon us. Before ticks officially start, the Low v High galaxy, a lopsided team galaxy where the veteran players will be outnumbered by newer players 3 to 1, will place players in their respective teams. Private forums for this galaxy will be open, and teams can start their preparations and discussions for initial starting positions.

Once your team has finalised the starting positions, your team representative will send the information to the game creator, who will then reshuffle the galaxy. Once that is done, you can sign in again, set your HQ stats, civilisation traits, send your colony ships out, and most importantly, name your empire to fit the theme of your team. To find out more, check the private forums in your team once it opens up.

48 hours later, the KGB v CIA team galaxy will also go through the same cycle. With back-to-back team galaxies running, there should be quite some CS action to be seen in the coming weeks. So strap in and sit tight as teams battle it out for supremacy.

Cosmic Supremacy Wants You!Posted on 07.04.2013

Open recruitment for Beginners Team Training Camp! A galaxy is in need of low-rank players to help defend its core systems from a few crazied veteran players. You ain't going to get a better opportunity to learn about WormHoles and Doctrines in low-rank galaxies.

Would you be brave enough to join a team of other new players to go up against experienced players? If so, Join NOW!

Or maybe you're one of the veterans crazy enough to try yourself in a team galaxy where you'll be outnumbered by the other team?

Read more and sign up at:
Lopsided Training TG

This galaxy is now closed for forum signup. Thanks to all who responded!

Research Wars GalaxyPosted on 04.04.2013

We used to have 100 fully developed planets.
We used to have massive fleets of ships
We used to have dozens of science labs.

Then the galaxy wide war to end all wars started and destroyed almost everything.

Now, all we have left is one planet and 20 really slow colony ships.

Can we rebuild is not the important question.

That question is "can we rebuild faster than all of the other formerly great civilizations".

The galaxy starts it's ticks on Saturday, 6th of April at 8:00 pm CET. Join now!

The galaxy has been resized to 6x3x6 to allow more players to sign up.

Speed GalaxyPosted on 30.03.2013

Last min check:

20:45 CET : You have to be IN the galaxy (with the galaxy loaded in your client) - It's not enough just to be online

20:55 CET : The galaxy will reshuffle - you'll be disconnected from the server, and you'll need to restart your client, and re-do ship orders, civ traits, name etc. Governors should already be loaded though.

Easter Speed Galaxy Coming UpPosted on 26.03.2013

There are lots of different kinds of Easter Bunnies. Did you know?

It's true. Some are white and fluffy. Others hide colorful eggs in your backyard. And then there's the teethy gnarly, evilly twisted Easter Bunnies. Those are the ones you'll meet in the upcoming Easter Bunny Galaxy. They will tear your leg off and use it for decoration in their musty dens before you can go "Where's Timmy?", and when they hide things in your backyard, it ain't eggs.

This break-neck Speed Galaxy is not for the faint of heart, with perhaps the fastest tick times ever recorded! Get your governors in place in good time, or the Easter Bunny will eat you!

Dinner is served this Saturday at 21:00 CET, and again Sunday at the same time. Each munching will last 3 hours, for a total of 310 turns of fast-paced Easter Egg hunting.

Taste you then!

NOTE: To play, you MUST be logged into the galaxy 15 minutes before it starts. That's 20:45 CET.

The Truth Is Out There GalaxyPosted on 02.03.2013

The galaxy's creator is wasting his time watching X-Files and while getting nervous about Mulder going into a dark corridor once more - only to get hit on the head again, the creator's brain was wired by a secret government project and is only able to think of a name for a galaxy in the X-Files namespace (though it is possible that actual watching of the series is responsible, says agent Scully, there were studies made, showing that there is a relation between what people watch and the narrowing down of their imagination). Anyway, there is truth to be found in the galaxy, if nothing else, who will win it.

The galaxy starts soon, Sunday, 3rd of March at 14:00 CET and there is still a lot of space to hide the documents revealing the presence of extraterrestrials among us. Join Now!

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