Extremely Long Turns Galaxy [12h]Posted on 15.09.2011

Since before the test bed galaxy was brought forth from its beginnings was this time ever conceived. Where the powers that be orchestrate the very makings of galaxies as we know it. As discussions wage into the formation of universes to house varying alliances to battle for dominance and the quick-time skirmishes over very short time spans, comes a crazy notion to see just how vigilant some beings can be. When specimens are placed in a universe that will stretch the days into months and the months into years, how will they survive? Will their frail minds be able to hold together and sustain consciousness through the seemingly unending hours...or will the mind shut down into inactivity???

The creators have seen the effects of hyper-time on the universe and always enjoyed the normal time galaxy, but never before would they have even considered the torturous test of this time dilation galaxy. Without a suitable test to compare this with, the findings are all theoretical for now. These strange and bold thoughts have been ignored for long enough...let the dilation begin...

The galaxy starts its tick on September 16th. Join now!

Lion's All vs. One GalaxyPosted on 09.09.2011

The community of CS players have come together to form a new format of galaxy, termed an All vs One galaxy, where one single player would be given a rep bonus and starting boost, and become the target for all other players to bring down.

Our newest (and only second) rank 4 player has volunteered himself for the task of being the lone player, or what we call the "Borg". So the question now stands: Can players band together and come out of this bragging they managed to bring down a rank 4 player, or is there still a long way to go for some of us to match the best CS players?

The galaxy is opened for any rank, and the Borg has also agreed to use his AI progress meter to balance out the gaming experience of each player with the amount of challenge being dished out in the galaxy.

For more Information please visit the forum section.

Flash Speed GalaxyPosted on 08.09.2011

We have another speed galaxy coming this weekend. Fasten your seat belts, load your governors and FLASH into the outer space with double the speed ships, double production and more than double the excitement.

Speed galaxy will be played on Saturday, the 10th and Sunday, the 11th of September, starting both days at 18:00 CET and ending at 23:00 CET. All players must be present in the galaxy at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the galaxy, or will be removed from the galaxy, so join only if you have time both on saturday and sunday. For more information please visit the forum thread.

Pancake Galaxy reshuffledPosted on 28.08.2011

Pancake galaxy was reshuffled and 799 credits were given in the beginning. Reshuffle requires you to:
- give new orders to the ships,
- reassign governors and production queues
- and pick your civilization traits.

Pancake GalaxyPosted on 21.08.2011

It is a well known and accepted fact that the creator of the universe placed it on the back of the a turtle. As the turtle could not stand on thin air/vacuum the great creator placed the turtle on the back of another turtle and that one on the back of another and so on. He however forgot that even though turtles are slow the infinite number of moves on back resulted in an infinite speed and therefore the mass has risen beyond imaginable. The hard turtle shells could not withstand the normal 6x2x6 universe and the whole construction collapsed thus creating the Pancake galaxy.

The galaxy is a standard 3D galaxy, though all suns are placed in just one plain. Planets are relatively rich and the smallest planets have been removed. The difference this time is the homeworld with a decent science setting and disabled homeworld changes. A large number of initial colony ships will make a fast start but the corruption multiplier of two should level the playing field.

The galaxy starts its tick on September 2nd. Join now!

Slow Galaxy for Fast PeoplePosted on 15.08.2011

Cosmic Supremacy has a lot of players with obligations outside the game. Be it jobs, children, education or collecting empty cans, we all have these daily responsibilities.

This galaxy will not force you to chose between feeding the baby or playing Cosmic Supremacy (we don't want a repetition of the 'incident' last fall, after all). With initial turns at 3 hours - and later 6 hours - you won't stress to get back in time for the next tick.

Well, you probably will - but only 4 times a day!

So, whether you're looking for that 2nd galaxy or are simply one of the RL People: Sign Up Now!

If you have the time for it, you can also Read More.

Summertime Team GalaxyPosted on 24.07.2011

A peaceful civilization prospered in the eight corners of the known universe. Empathy and understanding was the leading principle - until the great ideological divide shattered the society. Parties formed, violence ruled once Eden like planets. The great clash could not be resolved and society literally fell apart into two factions.

Blue and red teams, as they began to call themselves, each claimed it possessed the knowledge of a perfect home planet configuration for a team galaxy of the legendary Earth game, Cosmic Supremacy. With their battle cry By Erwin, we want super production HQ and Under General Moo for a normal production HQ they left the power of arguments for the argument of power.

The team galaxy is somewhat special as team players pick different roles in one of the two competing teams which is why it is advisable to wait with the HQ and Civilization trait picks. 24 hours before the start the galaxy will be reshuffled and players will be divided in teams.

The team galaxy starts on Friday, July 29th at 20:00 CET. Join now!

Ex Astris Scientia GalaxyPosted on 09.07.2011

For a long time, the civilizations of Ex Astris Scientia have been dazzled by the stars. But with the advent of ftl drives, these civilizations have found themselves with the opportunity to expand their horizons and satisfy their curious minds for the first time. Fueled by a passionate search for knowledge, 8 colony ships have already been built, and all they lack now is a leader to show them the way.

A relatively high technology cost multiplier makes the correct choice of technology ever more important in this galaxy. Who will get the upper hand in science the quickest? Or who will be the early aggressor to take control of the scientific capabilities of other civilizations?

The HQ is also set to start with a higher population count, and has a high production base to hasten early ship production. This might even allow some emperors to try out a novel strategy to switch to a high science planet later on should custom homeworld changes be intentionally delayed.

The galaxy is planned to start its ticks on Friday, July 15th at 20:00 CET. Join now!

Speed Galaxy open for sign upPosted on 01.07.2011

We are having another Speed Galaxy coming up for this weekend - 2nd and 3rd of July! This galaxy has all advanced features enabled, and all ranks are allowed in. Tick times are as always between 1 and 2.5 minutes.

Here's a quick reminder how speed galaxies work: A speed Galaxy is split into 2 sessions, we play for 5 hours on Saturday, and another 5 hours on Sunday, so please do only sign up if you got time to play on Saturday AND Sunday!

There are 3 breaks during these 5 hours, in total you are only actually playing 4 hours out of these 5 - the rest are breaks. Everything in the game runs twice as fast: ships fly twice their regular speed, buildings and research take half the time. This way the action heats up a lot quicker!


Wild Bill Hickok GalaxyPosted on 06.06.2011

"The frontier has gone, and with its going has closed the first period of American history," said a young historian in the 19th century Earth/Sol, short sighted and narrow-minded as the vast frontier was right above his head.
This moment, a few centuries later, all across the universe the question stands - who will be the fastest shooter of the universe and who will stop him, honorably - or with a shot in the back.

The galaxy has fairly standard settings with 4-5 planets per system, somewhat better planets and a good set of civilization and home-planet changes. Six initial colony ships should give a fast start to the action and aggression can come from many sides as a 50% score difference is allowed for attacks without reputation penalty.

The galaxy is planned to start its ticks on Friday June 10th at 18:00 CET. Join now!

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