Speed GalaxyPosted on 30.03.2013

Last min check:

20:45 CET : You have to be IN the galaxy (with the galaxy loaded in your client) - It's not enough just to be online

20:55 CET : The galaxy will reshuffle - you'll be disconnected from the server, and you'll need to restart your client, and re-do ship orders, civ traits, name etc. Governors should already be loaded though.

Easter Speed Galaxy Coming UpPosted on 26.03.2013

There are lots of different kinds of Easter Bunnies. Did you know?

It's true. Some are white and fluffy. Others hide colorful eggs in your backyard. And then there's the teethy gnarly, evilly twisted Easter Bunnies. Those are the ones you'll meet in the upcoming Easter Bunny Galaxy. They will tear your leg off and use it for decoration in their musty dens before you can go "Where's Timmy?", and when they hide things in your backyard, it ain't eggs.

This break-neck Speed Galaxy is not for the faint of heart, with perhaps the fastest tick times ever recorded! Get your governors in place in good time, or the Easter Bunny will eat you!

Dinner is served this Saturday at 21:00 CET, and again Sunday at the same time. Each munching will last 3 hours, for a total of 310 turns of fast-paced Easter Egg hunting.

Taste you then!

NOTE: To play, you MUST be logged into the galaxy 15 minutes before it starts. That's 20:45 CET.

The Truth Is Out There GalaxyPosted on 02.03.2013

The galaxy's creator is wasting his time watching X-Files and while getting nervous about Mulder going into a dark corridor once more - only to get hit on the head again, the creator's brain was wired by a secret government project and is only able to think of a name for a galaxy in the X-Files namespace (though it is possible that actual watching of the series is responsible, says agent Scully, there were studies made, showing that there is a relation between what people watch and the narrowing down of their imagination). Anyway, there is truth to be found in the galaxy, if nothing else, who will win it.

The galaxy starts soon, Sunday, 3rd of March at 14:00 CET and there is still a lot of space to hide the documents revealing the presence of extraterrestrials among us. Join Now!

Galaxy 217 - The EndPosted on 26.02.2013

The galaxy is about to end. After a long fought battle, Castle seems to have emerged as the victor for this round, fending off most of the galaxy. Rakk'sha and Republic put up a strong performance to challenge too, and made the galaxy a very interesting one. But as in the words of Castle himself who quoted another player, "The arrogant evil.. [player who] doesn't have a strategy" has survived.

Also, an honorable mention is to go out to Dwarfers whose sacrifice set the ground for a strong challenge to be mounted by Rakk'sha and Republic. Elsewhere, other players are learning to take in the experience, as they seek to explore the game deeper in other galaxies.

A final challenge awaits however. Icelandia has openly challenged players to take on his pd8 planet at 202-1 before turn 770 when the galaxy ends. So far Predictorians has been game and attempted it. Will there be others? Or will the whole galaxy form an alliance and take it down together before time runs out?

Server rent for year 2013Posted on 07.02.2013

Cosmic Supremacy is a free game, however there is no such thing as a free lunch. In order to keep the game running, we are each year collecting contributions to rent a server that runs the game. No contribution is too small and all are very welcome. You can make them using the donation button on the right and if you want, you can list your name in this forum thread.

Empress Team Galaxy SchedulePosted on 04.02.2013

Below is the schedule for the Empress Team Galaxy

Thursday 7 Feb 17.00 CET : Forum signup closed.
** Teams are set and posted on the forums by nominated team representatives. **

Saturday 9 Feb 17.00 CET : Private team forums are open for teams to discuss strategy, roles, and initial starting position.

Monday 11 Feb 08.00 CET : Team representatives send the initial starting position data to Erwin. Players can set their orders again once the galaxy is reshuffled.

Tuesday 12 Feb 17.00 CET : Ticks start

Team galaxy coming upPosted on 30.01.2013

Following the resolution of the battle between the zombie forces and the dwarfs under their Snow White queen, an ominous silence began it's rule. But not for long - the fairy princes might have lead her happy bunch to victory, but Snow white got a snow bite and the undead are rising again, signing up on the Cosmic Supremacy forums and denying defeat by overloading the replay servers.

A new team galaxy is being organized to start soon and a forum signup in THIS thread is required. The projected tick length will be 3 hours.

Sign up now!

Milky Wrong Way GalaxyPosted on 11.01.2013

"Wow, what is that?" asked the interstellar farmer.
"It might be the Milky Way Galaxy," said his companion. "Look at the white stuff everywhere."
The farmer stood in awe. Could it be the dairy product monopolist of the universe? Thoughts drifted towards his grandfathers farm, the tiny space cow hangar, his mother looking for worm-holes in the wholegrain quasars. But then the supermarket came and Milky Way Products (c) ruined everything. Slowly but surely people forgot the Deutcheese and the exquisite exomilk. Two and a half crystals for a cup simply wasn't realistic, but grandfather fought till the very end. His mother couldn't take it. She took all the exotics they still had and sent him to the skycity. There he studied and became a subspace specialist but his heart was empty - it was a farmers heart.
But then his clueless companion interrupted: "Ah, nevermind, look at the sign - it's Andromeda, we went the wrong way".

The galaxy starts on Sunday 13th of January at 20:00 CET and ticks away at 2h pace. Join Now.

Tree Team GalaxyPosted on 03.01.2013

The first team galaxy of 2013 has confirmed its participant list in the forum. Cheekily named the T(re)am Galaxy, short for the Tree Team Galaxy, this galaxy will let the newest doctrine tree breathe in a team galaxy for the very first time. To know more about the galaxy, please visit here.

It is set to have 3 hour ticks with faster starting ticks of 2 hours' length. Private team forums will also be set up for teams to debate on strategy once everyone is entered to the galaxy.

To players who have signed up in the forums, the galaxy is now available for you to enter. You may check the password with your team representative. Please note that you might be assigned a temporary home system while you discuss your HQ starting position and roles with your teammates over the next few days.

Galaxy features: New doctrine tree, choice of initial starting position (by forum discussion), river neutral zone, 75 x 2h ticks followed by 3h ticks. Ticks start 9 January 20:00 CET

Pretty normal Galaxy [1h]Posted on 20.12.2012

The bureaucracy galaxy has over expanded due to the demands of the expanding bureaucracy and now we're back to pretty normal levels of bureaucracy and corruption. Well, that depends on the sector of the known universe, but a factor of 1.5 isn't that bad and given the massive amount space available, you'll still be able to slip a few bucks to a police officer if he happens to catch you speeding in some far away corner of you empire - not that you were endangering anyone.

The galaxy starts on Saturday, 22nd of December at 12:00 CET. Join NOW (or a bit later).

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