Plant a Tree GalaxyPosted on 11.11.2012

"To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, and to live as people, we must have trees"
- Former U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt

Those wise words may not have referred to the context of a technology tree in the far future, but the true value of trees is set to come to life in the 'Plant a Tree' galaxy, slated to start at 20:00 CET on Thursday, 15 November.

With large areas of space between systems and a high planet count, compounded with a HQ more suited for late game supremacy than very early game rushes, this should be a galaxy for players to indulge in the latest doctrine tree at a reasonable pace. Ticks are designed to be less hectic than the just-concluded XP galaxy, and the end of galaxy is set at turn 575, allowing for emperors to plan well ahead for their civilizations.

So if you'd like to be part of the effort to help plant a tree, where future generations of players can find shelter under, come and join this galaxy, ready to be played as a standard, fame-awarding galaxy.

Galaxy Features: Fixed HQ settings, Fixed Turn for End of Galaxy, 2-hour turns with 75 x 1-hour starting ticks, 325 sector size, 11 starting colony ships, 686 planets, New Doc Tree.

Slow Research Galaxy IIPosted on 01.11.2012

In what was a prosperous galaxy, there was peace throughout the lands, flourishing trade, highly advanced technologies, and arguably decent people rights.

That all changed when full out galactic war broke out. It devastated the furthest reaches of the galaxy, leaving only sparse populations around the galaxy to struggle for survival. Right before what seemed like the end of a doomed galaxy, something miraculously happened. The very laws of physics seemed to be completely discarded and replaced with completely new ones, perhaps a last ditch effort by Mother Nature to survive? Surreal occurrences have appeared with oversized planets being confirmed and an odd distortion of time, something that used to take 1 hour to do now takes 3 hours to do!

With the unfamiliar laws of physics, even the most primitive technologies seemed abstract now. All that scientist can do now is research and hope to restore previous technologies or maybe discover entirely new ones? Perhaps the giant overshadowing turtle which now slowly drifts in the sky is symbolic for what will be in store.

Galaxy Features: High Research mod, 3 hours turns, 550 max planet size, New Doc Tree.

Really Weird Galaxy FoundPosted on 22.09.2012

Utterly alien to view, the Doctrine Upgrade XP galaxy is open to discovery.
With a different Doctrine Tree and new descriptions with everything from voodoo priests to supernova explosions, this is a galaxy to explore and comment on.

Planets are generally small and systems vary tremendously. XP galaxies give no fame. Your reward for playing in this one is to be one of the first to try out new Doctrines, give feedback on them -- and have an edge when the first "normal" one (are there any normal advanced galaxies?) opens.

The first XP galaxy in years opens for exploration on Friday 28th this month.

NB: The first 100 turns are very fast (30 minutes), so you will need to make detailed instructions for your governors.

New Galaxy Type: King of the HillPosted on 28.08.2012

"The King sat brooding on his throne, "Overconfident. That's what they call me. Overconfident!?! Such an insult cannot go unanswered. Not now, not ever".
And so it came to be, on that late day in August, that the King of the Hill stood against 4 strong alliances, hell-bent on invading his age-old home. It came as no surprise, he had invited them to try, after all.
After long deliberations, the aliiances had agreed upon rules and regulations for the war, and he himself was ready. Let them come, let them do their worst. Overconfident my bare!"

A new type of Multy-team galaxy (MTG) will see the light come late August: King of the Hill. We will have 4 teams and one King, and introducing a new type of victory: Capturing and holding the King's home planet.

The MTG format puts special demands on your participation on the forums, as there are a number of special house rules in effect. The galaxy is open to all players of rank 2 and up, as well as rank 1 players who demonstrate an understanding of the importance of being active on the forum.

UPDATE: We're set to start Friday 7th September. We have our neutral party and teams will be formed soon.
Final confirmations are under way, but there are still a few open places - First come, First served!

Flat Galaxy [1h]Posted on 23.08.2012

Flat galaxy is one of those galaxies, where name really doesn't mean much. One would think that it's a galaxy trampled and flattened by a giant intergalactic elephant, but that is not the case. The said elephant only crushed the ability to change civilization traits and home planets - many think the reason is it's black hole like mass. However the destruction of hyperspace energy potential can only be attributed to elephant self help book (a massive intergalactic bestseller) titled: Why are you so defensive - 50 shades of becoming more aggressive.

The galaxy is a completely standard galaxy, no doctrines, no hyperspace energy, no civilization traits and home planet customization and it starts on Thursday at noon CET. Join now, if your rank is at least 1.

Galaxy in Real Time This WeekendPosted on 11.08.2012

Set in August, Galaxy C10H15N is set to provide a quick fix for those CS cravings of yours. The galaxy is designed to be a hectic affair with only 1- to 1.5-minute ticks, and will be played over two sessions during the weekend, each 2 hours long.

It is set to start on Saturday, 11 August at 16:00 CET; and will last 2 hours with a 10-min break at the 1 hour mark. That's about 10.00 AM to 12.10 PM ET. The second leg starts on Sunday, 12 August, again at 16:00 CET. All in all, approximately 200 turns will be played, making for a quick and frenzied galaxy.

You must be logged in to the galaxy 15 minutes before the game starts (i.e. at 15:45 CET on Saturday), to avoid being dropped from the game. Also, at around 5 minutes before the start, a reshuffle will happen, so make sure you relaunch the CS client and reissue your ship orders.

Training Team Galaxy IIPosted on 13.07.2012

Not getting enough CS action? Feeling the itch to try a different kind of galaxy? Desiring to play alongside other players in teams? Those symptoms can only point to one thing - you need to sign up for the upcoming Team Galaxy, slated to start ticks on Friday, 20 July at 20:00 CET.

This one-hour galaxy is open to all ranks, and is catered for newer players who would like to take a step into the realm of team galaxies. This galaxy will have experienced players on both teams offering advice, especially on picking your initial HQ settings. So, feel free to ask ! Additionally, the team galaxy this round will try out for the first time a neutral zone in between the teams, and give players the ability to choose their HQ starting positions.

So if you'd like to play a particular role in the team, or if you have a preference for teammates and neighbours, feel free to send a PM to one of the team leaders helping out with setting up teams. You can even grab a few friends and request to be placed closed to each other and start the galaxy as neighbours !

Twin Galaxies Discovered in Fringes of UniversePosted on 17.05.2012

Cosmic supremists recently gave a loud cheer to the discovery of two new galaxies opening up on 25 and 26 May at 19:00 CET respectively.

This pair of galaxies are very different in nature: one with Large Planet sizes (800-1000) and a very juicy HQ, while the other being very Claustrophobic in space, with 64 star systems packed closely and tightly together in 100-sized sector spaces, the third such galaxy to be discovered. The former galaxy, due to its gigantiahuge size, will spin at 1 hour ticks for the first 72 turns; while the latter galaxy would observe this phenomenon for 48 hours before settling into its 3 hour ticks.

The polarising difference of the two galaxies allows aspring empires to have a choice of either joining both galaxies, which would have synchronised ticks with the Avengers Team Galaxy; or any one galaxy, subject to their personal preference for galaxy settings. So if you feel that itch to give another galaxy (or two) a go, why not sign up to these galaxies.

EDIT: Gigantiahuge 2 has been reshuffled and its start date has been pushed back 24 hours. Claustrophobia will start as initially planned.

Speed Galaxy TodayPosted on 11.05.2012

At 17:00 CET on 11 May, we're launching a speed galaxy for enthusiasts of this format who enjoy the adrenaline rush of managing an empire almost virtually in real time. Ticks would be between 1 to 2 minutes, and the games will be played over two sessions, each 5 hours long over Friday and Saturday, with breaks in between. In total, there will be 278 turns to play, but the gameplay will be faster, with ships moving twice their speed in regular galaxies, and building costs being halved.

To get into the action faster, you also start with 12 colony ships and a starting HQ population of 25. There's space for 16 people, but only 5 have signed up so far, so there's more room for everyone. An important notice however: You must be logged in to the galaxy 15 minutes before the game starts (i.e. at 16:45 CET), or you will be dropped from the game. Also, at around 5 minutes before the start, please close the client and relogin to the galaxy - a reshuffle will require you to give new orders, load governors and pick civilization traits.

So if you're game, come join the swashbuckling action and claim your share of the loot in Pirates [Speed] Galaxy.

Cabbala / Avengers Set OffPosted on 26.04.2012

Both the Cabbala galaxy and the Avengers Team Galaxy have started and players have set off in their race for cosmic supremacy in the respective galaxies.

Cabbala galaxy is a regular ranked galaxy with 1 hour ticks, and has seen interest from newer players, It started ticks on Friday, 27 April at 20:30 CET, and has fairly standard settings.

Avengers Team Galaxy, on the other hand, will have rather unique galaxy settings, and is meant as a follow up to the concluding Team Galaxy for RL People. With team balance given even more emphasis than before, this could yet be an epic battle of the Red and Blue factions for cosmic supremacy. The galaxy started ticks on Saturday, 5 May at 19:00 CET.

If you missed these galaxies, upcoming galaxies are being planned over the coming weeks, so stay tuned. In particular, Galaxy 195 is open for newer players to get a galaxy under their belt, and a speed galaxy is being planned for the weekend of May 12. Other galaxy requests can be viewed in the forum here.

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