Third Month-End Basic Galaxy of 2015 Open for SignupPosted on 25.03.2015

As we come to the end of the first quarter of 2015, the third month end galaxy is now open for signup. Click here to join now!

With an average 4 systems to each player, this galaxy will provide a lot of space for players to colonise and expand. Planets with commodities as high as 65 are also possible, but may be rare, so fight for those planets if you see them!

To help you to pump up adrenaline in preparation for the storm after the calm, the first 24 hours will see fast ticks of 15 mins each. So plan your first 96 ticks well and make use of admirals and governors to manage your time while you're away. For a discussion of governors, visit player guides here.

The galaxy starts ticks on Friday, March 27th

Note that this is a basic galaxy, and certain technologies such as doctrines and wormholes are disabled.

Galaxies to resume ticks at 20:00 hoursPosted on 24.03.2015

After a rare cosmic event, galaxies are now back online.

All galaxies that were temporarily paused to allow players the time to check the status of their empires, have now resumed ticks.

Galaxy status:
- Infinite Space Galaxy ... Ticks are now running!
- Magnus Caelestia Galaxy ... Ticks are now running!
- Galaxy of RL People 6 ... Ticks are now running!
- Galaxy 289 ... Ticks are now running!
- Galaxy 291 ... Ticks are now running!
- Galaxy 292 ... Ticks are now running!

Open Sesame Team Galaxy (Sign up by March 3rd)Posted on 01.03.2015

A new open team galaxy beginning this Saturday, March 7th is now ready for signup. Dubbed the Open Sesame Team Galaxy, this galaxy opens its doors to players of all ranks, even if you are entirely new to the game.

In team galaxies, you will be placed in one of two teams fighting for supremacy, and you immediately share line of sight with your teammates at the start of the galaxy. This makes teamwork and coordination all the more important, with players often taking specialist roles in the team - resulting in a vastly unique experience to Cosmic Supremacy.

So if you have yet to experience a team galaxy, and would like to join this one, add your name to the player list