First version of the portal up and runningPosted on 02.10.2005

The last weeks we concentrated on programming the web-portal, of which you see the first working version. Things like registering to the game, forgot-password procedures, signing up to a galaxy and also entering and playing a galaxy are all handled through this portal. Hence, starting the SpaceCivilizations.exe directly to play is no longer supported.

The first thing you need to do is login with your username and password that you used in the forum. Btw, when you sign up to the portal you are also automatically signed up to the forums. If you forgot your username/password you can request a new one by clicking on [forgot password].

Everything should be set up correctly to play your *main* empire in the game. If you do need access to your "backup empire", you will have to let me know.

I would like to ask you to test this portal for bugs and things that are unclear. Feel free to register test users, change passwords, sign up to galaxies and stuff, to make sure everything works properly once we go public.

Domains transfered to new registrarPosted on 12.06.2005

This weekend the two domains and were moved to a new registrar. As a result the domains might be temporarily unavailable.

Server back to 1 hour ticksPosted on 04.03.2005

As the weekend starts we pump up tick times to 1 hour again. The server is now running for an entire week and we didn't have one crash! On the client side things are looking pretty good too in terms of crashes, only very few have been reported so far. Needless to say that I am delighted about the situation Smile

Still we are just at the very beginning, and lots of things need to be polished and tweaked to improve the game experience. Your input is crucial and highly valued! I want to thank you guys so far for helping me with this, and I hope you will keep up your enthusiasm until we release, and beyond! Thanks for your support Smile

Server keeps on running during this weekPosted on 27.02.2005

We decided to keep the server running during this week, with slow tick times of 3 hours per tick. This way we shouldn't get distracted and at the same time have a little soak test for the server. Probably Friday evening we speed up the server to the usual tick times.

Server running the entire weekendPosted on 25.02.2005

Tonight at 20:00 the server will continue ticking, with one tick per hour. The plan is to have it running over the entire weekend, so you can login at any time you wish and manage your planets. That's how the game is supposed to be handled once it is finished. The player logs in to give his orders, and a few hours later he checks back on the results and gives new orders.

If you experience any problems during this test either let me know directly, or post it in the forum. Thanks again for your support, and good luck during the battles!

Test continues on Tuesday 22 February 2005Posted on 21.02.2005

The server will be started Tuesday night at 20:00 to continue where we left off. The server crash should be fixed now. Also that infamous dll is no longer necessary and can be deleted again. I hope we can reach a stage where we will get a couple of ship-battles, so to test that piece of code as well. Thanks for your support, I really appreciate that Smile

Test stopped after 2:20 hoursPosted on 20.02.2005

I stopped the server cause it crashes too much for my liking. Got to analyze what is going on. We can continue this session at another point. Thanks for helping all! If you experienced any unusual things apart from the disconnects or had any other problems, please feel free to post them in the forum.

Problem with missing d3dx9 dllPosted on 20.02.2005

I just had to find out that despite installing DirectX 9.0c on your computer, one library is still missing. Why that could have happened I will have to investigate. In the meantime download it here , and copy it into the directory where SpaceCivilizations.exe is located. Sorry about that.

Welcome to the first private web-test of Space CivilizationsPosted on 20.02.2005

This is the first test of Space Civilizations in its native environment, namely the internet. So far all tests took place in a confined LAN, so all sort of things can go wrong - and probably will Wink so please bare with us.

What we are especially looking for during this test is of course technical problems, should they occur, network-problems, crashes or asserts (please see the Downloads section for more details on this). The second most important thing is unbalanced game-play, for instance it takes too long to build up a planet to a usable size, or it's too easy to research technologies, things like that. Also of interest are inconsistencies in the user-interface, awkward or unlogical ways how to get things done, for instance the method how to assign ship-crew to a ship *cough*

In short our goal at this point is to stabilize, test, balance and fine-hone what we have right now, not to add new features, of which there are certainly many missing still.

Anyway, I hope we all still enjoy our "Jungfernflug", and I certainly thank you for helping me test this baby!

Finally I would like to ask you to post your problems and comments in the Forum section, which is also meant as a place where we can publicly discuss issues. Thank you all!

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