Zebra GalaxyPosted on 04.10.2015

A full match of Cosmic Supremacy, to be completed in 21 days!

The Zebra Galaxy is now open for sign up, to start on the 12th of October.

The galaxy has a fast pace, and a fixed duration of 275 turns, with the first 50 ticking at 60 minutes, and then every 2 hours - which means the galaxy lasts 3 weeks.

Featuring medium size planets with very rich commodities, an HQ starting with already 25 citizens, 15 initial colony ships, and cheap research, this match will quickly pick up speed. And with such unusual settings in terms of duration, it is very possible that you may need a brand new strategy in order to reach Supremacy.

Join and have fun!

Planet Shortage GalaxyPosted on 25.09.2015

Featuring only 2 planets per system, but very large, rich planets in 216 systems, the Planet Shortage Galaxy is opened for signup, with ticks starting Monday, September 28th. That's 512 planets all with 80 population and 50 food, production and science packed in small sector sizes of only 200 units.

Players also start with a fully populated HQ and 20 colony ships from turn 0, making colonisation really quick at the beginning. The Technology Cost Multiplier of only 200 means technology is easy to get and a Reputation Multiplier of 2 should make for some interesting "Who do i go kill next" decisions.

Would you choose to colonize lots of planets and fully develop your planets before going on the offensive? Or would you find the players who are growing early in the game and attack them before they have a chance to fully grow their planets? Sign-up and come join the fun.

To join ranked galaxies, you need to gain at least a total of 15 fame points (i.e. at least rank 1). Fame points can be earned by finishing unranked galaxies, which open about every 9-12 days.

Humongous & RL 7 GalaxiesPosted on 15.08.2015

The Humongous Galaxy, a galaxy mirroring the Macademia Nut Galaxy, opens this Sunday, August 16th. That's less than 24 hours away! Like the Macadamia Galaxy, it has large swathes of space for empires to cover, but is very different in the way tick times are scheduled. The story behind how these 2 galaxies could be so similar, yet have such fundamentally different concepts of time, has yet been explained by Cosmic Supremists. Would you join these galaxies and have your take on the cause of the phenomenon?

Meanwhile, for those folks with real-life commitments, the 7th edition of the Galaxy of RL people is starting ticks on Friday, August 28th. The galaxy features juicy stats, but low planetary space. Technology costs are also super cheap, but colony ships will more than usual to build. With 6-hour turns, and 3-hour faster start ticks, would this help you juggle RL and your CS interests?

To join ranked galaxies, you need to gain at least a total of 15 fame points (i.e. at least rank 1). Fame points can be earned by finishing unranked galaxies, which open every Wednesday (unless otherwise stated).

Nuts again!Posted on 10.08.2015

The Macadamia Galaxy is now open for sign up! All ranks allowed!

It is our fourth galaxy in the nuts series, featuring Batched Ticks, which are packed to run during a few minutes every day (12 turns in 24 minutes). Players cannot log in while the batches are being processed, which means that activity is evened up and that you only need to log once per day to take care of your stuff.

Although you can still manage your Empire by hand, the good use of governors and admirals can make a good difference. By mastering them into performing automated actions, you will eventually be able to control most of what happens during the batches - or else go nuts while trying to do so! Big Grin

The Macadamia features big spaces between systems, a massive number of big and rich planets, and a fixed duration of 700 turns. It is set to start on the 16th of August.

Pistachio [Batched Ticks] GalaxyPosted on 23.06.2015

Once again, a new batch of Nuts is arriving to CS, and this time it's Pistachios!

Our third Batched Ticks Galaxy is set to start on 24 June, and you will need to key in a password that can be found here

For those who are new to this format, here is a brief overview:

Everyday, 10 fast turns are processed, and players cannot login while they are getting done;
Then, the galaxy opens for login until the next batch the following day;
This means that we can play this galaxy with one login per day, and also that the good use of Governors and Admirals is highly advised.

Join the galaxy here

To join ranked galaxies, you need to gain at least a total of 15 fame points (i.e. at least rank 1). Fame points can be earned by finishing unranked galaxies, which open every Friday (unless otherwise stated).

EU Prime Time Galaxy & Air Team GalaxyPosted on 09.06.2015

The EU PrimeTime Galaxy opens this Friday, June 12th a, with 15-min turns ticking only between 7-10pm CET, which is equivalent to afternoon time in the US.

So whether you're in Europe or the US, and only want to play at certain times of the day, this could be a galaxy to check out. Galaxy settings are similar to the US PrimeTime galaxy earlier in the month, with fairly standard parameters.

Also, if you'd like to try out a team galaxy, the Air Team Galaxy is open, with the settings available in the signup forum here. Team galaxies places players in two teams on either side of the galaxy in a battle for supremacy. The starting date for the team galaxy is tentatively set on Wednesday, June 17th.

To join ranked galaxies, you need to gain at least a total of 15 fame points (i.e. at least rank 1). Fame points can be earned by finishing unranked galaxies, which open every Friday (unless otherwise stated).

Upcoming GalaxiesPosted on 23.05.2015

Looking for a galaxy to join? Not to worry! Over the coming weeks, you'll be spoilt for choice as 3 galaxies are open to satisfy your CS needs.

First up, the The US PrimeTime Galaxy, which runs only at 7.00 to 10.00pm US Eastern Standard Time in 15 minute ticks, allowing you to mind the non-important parts of your life for the rest of the day while the game is paused. The galaxy is fairly small, so seats are limited! The galaxy starts on Thursday, May 28th at 7.00pm EST (Friday, May 29th 1.00am CET).

Or if you fancy a presumably less competitive galaxy, the 300th Beginner's Galaxy is open for signup, but being a month-end galaxy, it will be open for ranks 0 to rank 2 players. The galaxy starts on Friday, May 29th at 8.10pm CET.

Finally, if you fancy a team galaxy instead, the Air Team Galaxy is now open for signup in the forum. Details have yet to be set, but feel free to signup in the forums and join in the fun of setting up the galaxy.

Resource Colonization Galaxy starting mid-MayPosted on 06.05.2015

Suggested by Mosshadow, the Resource Colonization Galaxy is a first of its kind.

Armed with a fully-populated 80 population HQ with 80 stats across all other categories, your HQ will be a versatile shipyard, breeder, and science superplanet, all packed in one. What it can't do, however, is mine any other resources except metal. In fact, none of your HQ system planets will be able to sustain a colony to fulfil your mineral needs.

So that leaves you the little task of venturing out to other systems in search of vital resources to fuel the production of fleets back home. To make things even more challenging, you start with no colony ships, and with a colony ship multiplier that is twice as normal, you'll need to be at the top of your game during the colonization phase.

The galaxy has no end-turn set, and runs on 2-hour ticks. Ticks start on Friday, May 15th.

To join ranked galaxies, you need to gain at least a total of 15 fame points (i.e. at least rank 1). Fame points can be earned by finishing unranked galaxies, which open every Friday (unless otherwise stated).

Uninhabitable Galaxy open for habitation this FridayPosted on 27.04.2015

With advocates for work-life balance becoming more vocal lately, citizens in Cosmic Supremacy empires are demanding better standards of living for themselves, and are increasingly picky about where they consider as habitable zones for setting up colonies.

In the Uninhabitable Galaxy, civil rights groups have demanded stricter rules on the definition of climates deemed fit for inhabitation, leading to dramatically lower total planetary space, and a reduced number of planets per system. However, all is not gloom. High planet commodities and cheap tech mods should ensure the galaxy will move at a rather quick pace as empires fight for precious living space for their skyscrapers.

How will you fit planetary defenses in the confined spaces of your planets? Will you employ offense as your best form of defense, and grab territory for your empire? Join the inhabitable galaxy starting this Friday, May 1st if you think you can lead your people while satisfying their high expectations for work life balance.

Hot [Wars Only] GalaxyPosted on 13.04.2015

Ever dreamt of a world with no peace? Where war is forever raging?

We hope not! Not in real life anyway. But in the realms of Cosmic Supremacy, such a situation may be possible. Featuring a first of its kind, the 'Hot' Galaxy requires that all participants declare war on all other civilizations, and remain at war throughout the galaxy.

That means no peace treaties or alliances. You can have non-aggression pacts with neighbours, but know that you'll have to constantly watch for stabs behind your back. Of course, you'll have a similar arsenal in your toolbox.

It's not encouraged in other galaxies, but backstabbing will be an acceptable tactic in this particular 'no honor code' galaxy. So if you feel like signing up, post here, and a player-admin will send you the password to join the galaxy.

Ticks start on Friday, April 17th

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