WelcomePosted on 17.07.2021

    Cosmic Supremacy is a FREE tick/turn-based massively multiplayer space strategy game with a 3D 'Galaxy View' interface. You share a galaxy with several other players, each with their own alien civilization. Read more...

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Galaxy of the AncientsPosted on 05.07.2021

Galaxy of the Ancients VI

The Ancients were a species who lived and thrived millions of years ago, but they were alone. They explored the entire galaxy and found no other sentient species.

In there search for others, they made advances in Technology beyond anything imaginable by current standards. Historians say their greatest technology advancement was planet creation and to a lessor extent terraforming. They created planets by placing a gravametric globe the size of a soccer ball in orbit of a host star and turned it on. The Gravametric globes attracted asteroids, comets, and cosmic dust until a planet of the right density formed. Then they released a mixture of micro organisms on these newly formed worlds. Over time these micro organisms evolved into a diverse mix of plant and animal life. On a select few planets they included the S-10-th progenitor gene for sentient life to form.

Then one day they made their greatest discovery..."Ascension"...In less then a century all of the Ancients ascended to a higher plain of existence, leaving behind a galaxy full of rich terraformed worlds. Worlds where all future species could live in peace and harmony with each other.

Before they left for the "Higher Plain" they decided one last gift was needed for the species that would follow. A burst of Neutrino particles would reduce all Hyper Space Energy transfer by 90%...A Gift for the species who followed.

This is a rich Galaxy with all systems having 9 planets with 1000 space, commodities set to 90, Hyper Space Energy set to 10%, and Corruption Multiplier set to 0.

Join the One hour Tick version Here

Join the Six Hour Tick version Here

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Climate Change GalaxyPosted on 26.06.2021

Within the past 2000 years the Average Galactic temperature has risen by 2 degrees Kelvin. Some say it's just a natural cycle and will self correct in another 200,000 years. Others believe it is caused by uncontrolled Gamma Radiation bursts in the manufacturing of consumer products. No one is really sure of the cause, but everyone seems to agree this rise in temperature has upset the delicate balance of planetary habitable zones, with up to 90% of planet space becoming uninhabitable.

Instead of civilizations working together to solve the problem. Finger/Tentacle pointing and passing the blame became common. This caused a deep divide and mistrust among all Civilizations. End result, Perpetual War (This is a War Only Galaxy)

Not all is gloom and doom in the Climate Change Galaxy. Planet space is small but they also have high commodities and low research cost. But the bigger question is. How will you fit planetary defenses in the confined spaces of your planets? Will you employ offense as your best form of defense, and grab territory for your empire?

Join the Climate Change Galaxy here. It starts this Friday, 2 July

Others believe it was caused when Bob left his waffle iron on.

Claustrophobia 5Posted on 20.06.2021

Are you always worried about small and tight spaces? Not comfortable being squeezed in with little room to maneuver? Well, they say the best way to conquer your fears is to face it.

And here's where we come to the series of Claustrophobia galaxies. With 3 hour ticks, 100-sized sectors and rather juicy planets, expect to see ships and planets at every corner you turn in a fast-paced, action-packed galaxy.

The galaxy starts on June 25, and is open for ranks 0 and up. Click here to view its settings or here to ask questions.

Welcome to Cosmic Supremacy 2Posted on 15.05.2021

    Cosmic Supremacy is a FREE tick/turn-based massively multiplayer space strategy game with a 3D 'Galaxy View' interface. You share a galaxy with several other players, each with their own alien civilization. Read more...

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15 May, Bobs RevengePosted on 10.05.2021

This is Bob. Bob was a custodial engineer at an undisclosed location on a planet in the MidRich Galaxy. Bob was seriously injured while cleaning an industrial sized deep fryer. Some say Bob was really a deep cover operative working for an Evil Empire and deserved it. Others think it was a plot by the deep fryer industrial complex.

Bob is understandable upset and has developed Plan 14. A plan with an end goal of destroying whoever was responsible. Except Bob isn't sure who is responsible.

Game Play: Everyone will start the game with 30 Colony ships with the modifier set to 5000, this will make building more Colony Ships near impossible. On turn 100 a planet rush will happen, the modifier will be lowered to 10 for five turns.

Will your new Colony Ships be safe on the journey to the promise land or will someone like Bob try and stop you by destroying your Colony Ships in deep space.

Join 15 May, Bob's Revenge Galaxy II

Due to uncertainty of Erwin logging in to reshuffle the Galaxy. I have recreated the galaxy with the correct settings. Everyone who was in the galaxy needs to join again.

Ask questions here

2 Apr, MidRich GalaxyPosted on 30.03.2021

He has seen things most people wouldn't believe...
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
Particle Cannons glitter in the dark void of space
Planet Busters dropping without a care.

Join this rich galaxy and find out what happens to Him. Find out if you will be able to take advantage of all the galaxy offers before your rivals decide if your side of the fence is Greener? Find out if He will help you! or stop you! Join here

Welcome to Cosmic Supremacy - A Free Multiplayer Online Space Strategy GamePosted on 01.02.2021

    Cosmic Supremacy is a FREE tick/turn-based massively multiplayer space strategy game with a 3D 'Galaxy View' interface. You share a galaxy with several other players, each with their own alien civilization. Read more...

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Are You WorthyPosted on 24.01.2021

Are you Worthy? That question was brought up in the Forums. Now is the time to find out! This is a small galaxy 3x2x2, with 9 Rich planets per system. The start date is next Saturday morning with 5 minute turns.

Take a couple or hours and explore the game and find out if you have what it takes to standup to the Big Dogs. That is if any of them are still around. But most important. Have some fun.

Who do you trustPosted on 23.01.2021

Who do you Trust
Who is Cylon, who is Human
Only you can decide

33 Minutes
Is it Enough Time

This is Not a War Only Galaxy, But it shares some features
Planetary HE (Hyper Energy) is at 120% Auto Attack is activated

Join Here

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