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Galaxy Beta 89

In the beginning, the galaxy was largely peaceful. Empires went about their own businesses in expanding their reach, and invasions that broke out were localized and small in scale. jackjack absorbed mitya, DarkLStrike took on Kamos, and Incognito sought to make Xommep’s territory his own.

Then, towards the end of the 2nd century, the first skirmishes between two heavyweights in the galaxy started. azazel had declared war on jackjack, and would later have Incognito joining his side. With other players quietly choosing sides, galactic-wide war threatened to break out. The war was ultimately short-lived, but resulted in losses on both sides, and ended when the parties signed an alliance treaty around turn 265.

From the ashes of the skirmish... Incognito, Azazel Vs DarkLStrike, fridge and jackjack reconciled their differences in the face of a common enemy; The Phantom, who was threatening to overrun the northern half of the galaxy.

On Turn 324, the once ramshackle fleet, overtly stretching across the entire galaxy, struck a combined blow. The Phantom forewarned, withdrew to bide his time. After repairs, given speed was imperative, the fleet split up to cover more ground. Unbeknowns to The Alliance; the formidable Rismagi and Xiiro were watching, massing to The Phantom’s aide.

By turn 400, The Alliance in no short order had sliced through The Phantom, DarkLStrike was mobilizing to execute stealth frigate hit-and-runs and no less a second fleet had formed. However great minds think alike. Other heavyweights in the galaxy started joining the conflict, as the war started to spread across the galaxy. Rismagi had already begun to disrupt Azarel’s shipyards with a stealth fleet, all the while suppressing fridge with his main heavy fleet, then combining that with The Phantom in ready to eliminate The Alliance for good. Xiiro likewise was mobilizing to strike at Incognito’s main shipyards.

Within 24hrs Xiiro and Rismagi had launched an onslaught deep behind Alliance lines, Xiiro in particular was running a muck with lightening speed. The Second Alliance fleet meanwhile advanced to relive fridge, yet quickly being bogged down against Rismagi’s adaptability, commanders had little choice but to cut their loses and punch their way to join up with the First Fleet.

The following turns spelt the turning of the conflict. Rismagi and Xiiro’s infiltration fleets eventually scattered, but not without leaving a devastating toll on both Incognito and Azarel’s key shipyards. The opposite story could be told of DarkLStrike‘s stealth fleet, which was launching similar raids on The Phantom with little opposition. During this chaos the Main apposing fleets passed each other in the night.

On seeing this, Rismagi ordered a full assault, whilst simultaneously retaking any gains the Second Alliance Fleet had made. But it was all too late, The Phantom had become financially broke supporting his long-idle fleet, and Xiiro’s last main assault was subdued.

The galaxy was littered with countless systems burnt to the ground, millions dead. To stop the bloodshed a seize fire was called. The Phantom and Rismagi were still in a position to put up an impressive fight yet this would have thrown both sides back into the dark ages.

The spoils went to DarkLStrike, Incognito and with Rismagi a close third. The subsequent unstoppable force of “unpaid tax” ripped through The Phantom’s fleet, leaving him consolidated in 6th.

An echoing call from this Galaxy was the repeat of such epic conflict which was answered in Galaxy Beta 100.

Final Ranking Score Chart

Thanks to Rismagi’s personal account of Beta 89.

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