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Galaxy Beta 59

Well it was all quiet in this galaxy. I peacefully colonised my planets and sent out brave explorers and colonisers to the dark space. Soon we made contact with many new civilizations and had lasting peace treaties with them. Due to our trusting nature we even shared our maps with them. That unfortunately was not a good idea....the knife came long and deep and thousands of our brave colonisers were enslaved. We were a peace loving group of people and did not know what to do when the slavers came.

The Raymond Geist Menace

Building colony ships, getting the men to leave their home town is a costly process, the slaver ships (or troops ships) are cheaper and give you free slaves!!!


After the loss of 4 colonies, the parliament passed a resolution to outlaw these slavers. All our fighters were told to engage any slaver ships with permision to use lethal force.


It saw instant response, we were able to defend our planets but then we were peaceloving and do not like violence - at least not near our home world hence we sent an envoy with peace proposal


The response felt like cold oil on hot fire while we were defending our right to live. Then it became crazy. Everyone from scientist to farmers came forward to volunteer to fight and soon a small fighting force was build

Our assults did not go as planned but still we made good progess. We reclaimed some of our lost colonies. Then came the Age of Exploration when we could finally send ships out of outer system to explore - to contact other civilizations - to seek new friends.

As we found many new and some old friends in the universe, we realized how vast the universe was and how small the galaxy was for which we have been fighting for almost a century.

As we liberated the planets and horror stories of slavery and torture poured in, the resolve of our people to fight till the end increased. Bolstered by the rather large and peaceful universe, where after 160 years we could still find unsettled planets to colonise, the war thrust upon our people envoked anger and empathy from our allies.


Our people slowly returned to the normal life of science and peace as the enemy seemed to be neutralised. The troops still scanned the universe for signs of hostile fleets and slavers.

Attack of the Admirals


The last of the slavers is destroyed, and their slaves freed. The freeworlds rejoice their liberations while we begin the task of reconstructing the burnt planets. We have not forgotten our first lesson, this time we have armed ships patrolling our trade routes and have cloacked task forces, hiding in the ambush points. While we longed to embrace peace, peace did not seem to like to embrace us.

Just when we thought it was all over, a new kind of electronic warfare was unleashed on was a kind unseen in the known world (except quickstrikes comics) and shook the very foundation of our existance. I found that i could not communicate with my Governors and Admirals

pic12.jpg pic19.jpg

My people did not know who or why this was being done to us. Seizing the oppurtunity of not having my direct commands, one of my admirals took a breakaway fleet to carve a empire for himself. I could just helplessly watch as he plundered planets under my banner. Perhaps the war with slavers had turned some of my admirals into the same mentality. This required a great purge of men / ships and admirals. There was no other way.

Through the narrow stream of communication which I could get, I came to know that the Admiral’s flag ship was slightly slower than the rest of the fleet and the cowardly Admiral used that as an excuse for reaching the battle ‘Late’ always and watching it from behind the safety of his ship.

It was a brutal order, but it had to be given... as it was not possible to identify the Admiral’s ship or his allies and cronies, my shipyards were instructed to destroy all slow ships.

I waited with bated breath... Will my order go through all the electronic countermeasures? Will it work or will it result in a full scale rebellion? And of course the nagging question it really a rogue admiral or is there someone else behind it


With the rebellion firmly crushed, we went out to check what is happening in the universe and if there are signs of electrnoic warfare on other civilizations. No one really beleived that the minor war and rebelous admiral were the cause of it....everyone felt that it was just using it as an excuse for their respective activities

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The era of exploration saw new friends ... My fleet roamed about, visiting star to star, meeting new people. Our scientists discovered exciting new technologies which allowed us to build heavier ships... bigger ships

Revenge of the FrE3QnC

However it all changed in 2/0/3


We did not know what to do. There was a device scanning our fleets, and we believed it to be threat. So we captured and razed the aggressor’s capital, but did not find evidence of the offending device. Our men were going crazy.. Some with anger, but most with fear. Who is this person watching us? Scanning us? The admiral revolt was fresh in their minds. Was it caused by some foreign power? Admiral Fre took over charge of my fleet.... He immediately dispatched ground troops to inspect the nearby planet. The whole galaxy was scanned without any use. We went to the next system but then I realized my fleet was moving in circles....Admiral Fre had gone crazy too..


A New Crisis

Amongst the chaos, there was a new problem. My preference was to retreat in peace, but my allies were crying for war. It was difficult to remain neutral when your allies were tearing each other apart


My fleet was 10% damaged and hence loses were high... but what has to be done has to be done


The world looks so beautiful with my fleets and his PD.

Visitng the beautiful galaxy to see what else is going on



Finally some rest. Time to call everyone for the party...from the hard working breeder admirals who forced the farmers to battle to the brave scouts... everyone from the tiny shuttle to huge Cruisers


In the middle of the party, I noticed streams of blood stained uniforms and damaged ships coming in!!

While we were away, our home worlds were under attack by Phantom

Phantom was #1 and literally owned the galaxy. We were so busy fighting Diglis that we never noticed Phantom’s fleet :-(

It was a disaster a twinkle of eye the party room turned into war room

There was little to do....most of our allies were busy fighting Diglis and were tired, battle weary. There is an old saying...”A cornered beast is the most dangerous”. We did what no admiral had dared in this galaxy....we attacked EARTH

EARTH...the homeworld.....the queen of SOL

Earth the command center

Our allies, medicine, gold and we rushed into the unknown.

Meanwhile, evacuation activities were on full swing in our sectors. Thousands of soldiers were being evacuated as the Mighty Ghostly fleet of Phantom blasted planet after planet into bits

Our men were fighting for freedom while they were blalantly pillaging our planets. Assisted by succesful native resistance movement and revolts by our loyal peolple, we held on for the day



The Phantom Strikes Back

As expected the Phantom’s empire struck back with all it’s might...... Soon we found ourself a bunch of nomads on ship... No base, no home, no where to go and hunted by empire ships everywhere


Freedom? Democracy? All my men could think of was a bit of food and a place to hide for the night. The empire was everywhere.

Our allies chipped in, shot down as many empire ships they could see...soon it turned into a galactic freedom struggle with all the partisans rallying round for freedom..... I had to find a way to hide my piteable plight from them and keep the morale up

It is dfficult when you are base....just a bunch of ships...a very big bunch of ships


Our attempts at a counter attack were even a larger disaster. We could not fathom the might of the empire and its great production power, gold and technological might. Our completely bombed out planets had sprung fantastic defenses in a very few years


There was little we could do after that. A few dozen brave partisans risked their lives to raid the enemy supply lines hoping to reduce the enemy might. It was at this dark hour that our allies came to help us in their might. Along with materials, weapons, gold came the full might of their military


We used this short respite to rest and repair our ships. Then with renewed vigour started attacking the empire


Return of the Trantorians

And Then occured an EPIC Battle

The Mother of all battles in this galaxy

A Clash of a large group of motely ships fighting for the empire gold VS a small group of well trained fighters in the latest ships

The result was exactly as the battle pundits had predicted. Superior training and superior firepower can withstand many times the numbers of their lesser brethen than linear arithmetic can indicate - Spartan battle manual

After that, it was just mopping up the local resistance.




Finally, happiness returned to the Trantorian people. And they had a home to return to at long, long last...

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