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[CS] Art Dev

Welcome to the graphical development page for [CS]. Concepts and fan art, several years in the making.

Ship Design

DarkLStrike was the main catalyst behind the Ship Designs.

Type Final Icons By Light Hull - Concepts
Shuttle shfv2.jpg DarkLStrike
Corvette cvhx2.jpg jackjack
Frigate frig.jpg Manfred
Type Final Icons By Heavy Hull - Concepts
Destroyer DarkLStrike
Cruiser DarkLStrike
Battleship jackjack

DarkLStrike's Art

Fan Art Military Concept Weapon Icons Resource Art Wall Paper Awards
 DarkLStrike's Art  DarkLStrike's Military Concept DarkLStrike's Weapon Concept DarkLStrike's Resource Art DarkLStrike's Wallpaper DarkLStrike's Awards Concepts

Earendel's Art

Shuttle Destroyer Cruiser Banner Art
Earendel's Shuttle Earendel's Destroyer Earendel's Cruiser Earendel's Shuttle

KaRei's Art

Wallpaper Wallpaper Awards
KaRei's Wallpaper KaRei's Wallpaper KaRei's Medal Concepts



DarkLStrike, Earendel, Jogi [CS], jackjack, Manfred, KaRei

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