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Item Priority (0/5)
Fix colors for tables 5 (done)
Fix footer 3 (done)
Set background for page info 3 (done)
Add link to homepage 5 (done)

Cosmic Supremacy To-Do List

This is the developers (Erwin) todo list. He has posted it do give insight on possible future alterations/updates. This is not the proper place to post your ideas, that would be the Forums. Also check Guide to the ToDo List. Thank-you in advance for your discretion.


# Item Priority
1BUG: scout admiral with more than one rule: first completely execute the first rule, then disable that if another scout rule exists
2BUG: gal 10, sepp, turn 196: where are my ships being sent to by the admiral?DONE
3when conquering a planet with two or more parties involved, make sure the player with the stronger fleet receives the planetDONE
4admiral box slow when >50 admirals (astax)
5BUG: modifying arbitrary point in space not possible
→ it actually is, but after you pressed ok for that admiral, the changes are lost again
6BUG: main window deactivates briefly when clicking on either sort or filter icon
→ entire frame is redrawn twice before menu opens...
7BUG: arbitrary point in space: make sure the specified point is not to close to an existing planet/sunDONE
8BUG: mouse-wheel not working in planet-view screen after a tick happens
→ needs to switch back to the planets screen to get the sorting right
9BUG: assign-to-admiral needs to check if the ship was really produced on specific planet
→ in fact it only needs to check if the ship was produced this very turn
10assign admiral to multiple ships → rename admiral → admiral does not get updated in ships-screenDONE
11PickCtrl: can’t pick a ship that is part of a clusterDONE
12BUG: battle-calc: fight ships against PD (eg 20 LT), then subtract some LT → average condition turns negative
13BUG: battle-calc: can’t select no technology for heavy weapon technology, which is required to depict the in-game situationDONE
14BUG: admiral retreat-rule: only takes currently alive ships into account, not the ones that were just destroyed in the previous battle
15BUG: combat: some firepower seems to slip through to shoot at unarmed ships
16BUG: application is stuck in task-manager when pressing cancel during receiving galaxy-dataDONE
17BUG: when splitting fleets follow the new largest junk, instead of the same fleet with possibly only one ship left in it
→ (at the beginning of a tick) remember to which fleet a ship belonged at the moment it is removed from a fleet. just before the tick happens determine the new largest chunk of all ships that once belonged to the original fleet
18vista patch problem: seems to go wrong all (?) of the timeDONE
19in speed galaxies have the tooltips for production cost reflect the proper value
20BUG: can’t change last part of transport-admiral rule “transport from x, to y, send to planet with lowest population count firstDONE
21when deleting a battle-report, colors seem to get mixed up, which can even lead to crash
22when ship moves to a sun (or planet?), that is then renamed by the owner, the new name is not reflected in ship-screen
23copy/paste governor rules loses hierarchy information in case of groups
24BUG: a ship on the queue that is running out of resources is not built → queue switches to wealth
→ if resources are bought, the planets’ production is not updated immediately, but starts building 1 turn later
25BUG: you can read ship names of an ally in battle report → ship-names are shown for the first player included in the report
26BUG: can’t assign admiral to ship in radar control window (radar marks)
27battle-report bug: received a “unknown” report, even though my allies were present that were strong enough to see the enemies ship-info
→ check for that case, and ignore the “unknown” and send a full copy to me too
→ river reaper, gal 83, turn 556 and 557
28governor “create-group” does not correctly treat child-rules
29dealing negative reputation when killing an neutral bystander (see BUG_savegame_turn_0455_before_inerz.dat) →
30Admiral change with radar tool not working →
31not able to declare war during havoc in a team galaxy →
32in-game message sent twice under certain circumstances (see PM) →
33more accurate PD destruction: put destroyed facilities back in, so that we don’t end up with more destroyed hitpoints than were actually inflicted
34Tick while synchronising →
35Gov/Testbed/Assign Governor →
36Pop up error message when trying to save a governor while being disconnected
37double bio-bombing news message sent →

Governor Suggestions

# Item Priority
1gov condition: If Planet Name Contains specific textDONE
2governor: Conditions based on a planet’s current defense would also be nice.
→ “If Planet Defense (as seen on the Planets screen icons) is lower than|higher than Poor|Good|Etc
→ “If Light Firepower|Heavy firepower|Shield Strength is lower than|higher than“)
→ “If Shield Strength|Total Hitpoints|Total Units is lower than|higher than
3governor: Stop|Break processing rules
4gov-condition: If Empire Wide Treasury|Empire Wide Income Per Turn is lower|higher than specific number|Percentage of TreasuryDONE
5governor rules/condition menu: separators per type (resource related, production related, etc)DONE
6gov-condition: if total science is higher|lower than 0
7governor: sell facility rule
8new governor conditions:
→ if number of turns till you gain population at current rate (food surplus / remaining capacity = 1 / number of turns to gain population)
→ if total number of turns that it currently takes to increase population (food surplus / total food box capacity right now = 1 / number of turns it takes to gain population at current development stage)
→ similar thing for production?
9NOT condition for the governors
→ or even better, support an “else branch”
10governor: copy rule to clipboard, so that it can be pasted text/html style in the forumDONE
11change the condition selection interface. use “add condition” use a small “delete” icon to remove certain conditions again
12allow setting of tooltips/comments for a rule
13make sure governor and admiral lists are sorted by alphabet where ever applicable
14governor: remaining turns on population growth
15rename “population growth progress” condition to “food storage”, or clearer still to say “progress to next population growth”
16Admiral / Governor suggestions by TerraNova →
17gov-condition: allow to set food-surplus to make it dependent on food-storage-box (percentage of food-storage-size), to maintain a steady growth (new type for ConditionValue)
also see item #8 and #14
18if number of manned|unmanned ships in orbit of ship-design is greater than|equal to|lower than number
19find a better solution for right clicking link-style paramaters in govs and admirals → no one ever finds them
→ possible popup a secondary menu (office style) with additional options
→ or display a “additional options” icon (just like the filter and sort icons)
20governor: “if conditions” know if they should be “if” or “while” (as well as “all” or “a”)
→ While currently no production
→→Convert a Worker to a Farmer
21better solution for governor endless loop check →
22when loading a governor with the same name as one that’s existing, offer the option to replace the existing one

Admiral Suggestions

# Item Priority
1assault admiral: sends ships even if no attack order given
→ tries to form a cluster (maybe it should only try to form a cluster if there is a considerable cluster already?)
→ make “forming a cluster” a conditional rule for assault/defense admirals
→ in addition modify the intercept rule in such a way to specify to attack single ships only
2admiral: set “attack fleet” → fleet gets disbanded → shouldn’t we try to attack a random ship (the biggest) of that (former) fleet?DONE
3admiral-rule: Man ships of specific type ..... if rank at least|most specific numberDONE
4admiral: intercept, if ships park at hostile planet (with “dont follow to hostile planet” rule) execute next target which should be, defend one of my planets
→ the goal is, don’t stand 1 tick away from a hostile planet and wait till we are being attacked, instead pull back to a safe haven
5admiral-rules: check code of all rules if they correctly check for the owner in Admiral::validateSpaceObjects()DONE
6admiral-rule: transport stationed military ... when rank is at least 0
→ or, “Transport Stationed Military of at least rank 4 from Specific Planet to Specific Planet, only if stationed military is below 10.”
7colonization admiral: tests for
→ No other player in the system.
commodity output at least x
commodity quality at least x%
8admiral-rule: stay at current (captured) planet, and wait for a ship-yard to be built, get repaired there, and then move on to next target
→ maybe it is (more) useful to change the current “retreat rule” to give it the option to retreat to the nearest planet with a shipyard (allied or your own).
9admiral: assign crew to ships, allow maximum crew optionDONE
10admiral test case: intercept a ship as soon as it leaves the planet
→see also turn 220, would be cool if all those single ships could be intercepted one by one
11allow editing of admirals, even if no ships in the ships-screenDONE
12extend the “number of ship-designs” condition by the following variants
In the galaxy
In the same solar system as the planet the governor is running on

In orbit around the planet the governor is running on__
→ see
13transport admiral →
14transport admiral “lowest population percentage”
15intercept rule: if it is present it allows you to engage into a battle with ships that are at same location in space, even without explicitly having to set the attack order before-hand. the ship is in “constant attack” mode so to speak.DONE
16some more retreat options →
17intercept within certain radius from rally-point →
18transport to planet with the highest amount of unmanned ships first

Production and Queues

# Item Priority
1For items that have a global count (#) check every turn if the condition is fulfilled, and switch to the next item if so. Avoid producing more items than the user requested
2allow adding future facilities to the production queue
3production queue: instead of the 4 control icons left of the icon, show 4 tabs right above the item (in a separate window) when moving the mouse over


# Item Priority
1scans: one can split his fleets into several smaller ones to make the enemy use more than one scan
→ probably a scan into a ship-cluster produces a report for every single ship in there, but only still costs one scan
2test: tech-scan planet whose owner has changed: what happens?
→ same with planetary scan...
3system-scan: ignore effect of cloaked shipsDONE
4route-scan: when scanning a ship that is following another ship, that is already located at the same location in space as the followed ship, extend the route (of the scan) by the part of the dotted line to the target of the followed ship
5new scan suggestions (eg “surge scan”)
→ probably get rid of fleet scan altogether, instead always reveal the number of ships in a fleet
→ replace fleet scan with surge scan
6improving scan discussion
7do not automatically apply scan results to other types of scans
8dont vanish expired scans, they can still be useful

Game-Play and User-Interface

# Item Priority
1treaties: column for when treaty was proposedDONE
2planet-view screen: display current gov in useDONE
3ListBox & ListCtrl: scroll while draggingDONE
4recon icon should flash when discovered new planets/ships (possibly bold them)
5Flash the research icon when a new research is available. also send a news-message.
6check behaviour of flashing icons. also implement a timer to stop the flashing.
7display the galaxy name in the main window titleDONE
8InPlace PickCtrl: deactivated the vertical-scrollbar for skinned list-box since it causes graphical glitches
9fleet tooltip: display light/heavy hitpoints instead of total units/hitpoints
also take ship-rank into account when displaying firepower
also see bugs #17
Effective hit points of ships in fleets (”Ships” screen) is not displayed.
10known players: (in a tooltip) show the positions of the first ship(s) where they were first seen
11make all windows non-modal (ship-design, etc)DONE
12mark the destination of the route in a route-scan (use a red selection-box)
→ that is so that the user can see which object is actually targeted
→ currently this is not possible, because the route knows only the target position, not which object is targeted
→ i think we can do it, since either we follow a ship, or we are heading for a planet (or arbitrary position!)
13don’t allow fleets with a single ship (watch out for tutorial gal)
14remember window frame and column settings
→ store galaxy view options on the server
→ save filter sorting options as well
15route-heading should not get updated in real time. instead remember the ships heading at the start of the turn on the serverDONE
16display Governors & Admirals on Mouse-overs in the respective tooltipsDONE
17Ship command “Move near to” that would pop up the waypoint disk as it does with an admiral. This way waypoints could be set without needing an admiral just to contain the rule... and we might even get to know how far it is and how long it will take without having to “hold position” and wait for the tick.DONE
18display the current reputation gain/loss by hovering the mouse over a known player in the diplomacy screen
→ take significant battle into account
19planet context menu “selection”: select all ships with route destination to this planetDONE
20“kamikaze scans”: no battle reports if your ships did not survive at least 5% of the battle durationDONE
21corruption formula:
22network commands that require optimization →
23governor and admiral: replace in-place combo-box with menu-style lists, since they are more convenientDONE
24Put the fleet percent damage level (as text) in the fleet tooltipDONE
25planets screen: extend context menu with “ship-crew” (same as ships-in-orbit-menu) that allows to (un)crew all ships in orbit at once
→ possibly allow the same in the ships-screen?
26add approx 6 degrees inaccuracy to the ship heading/trail so to not give away the precise direction, but only the general headingDONE
27list a planet as part of the ship-cluster selection menu, for when lots of ships are in orbit of a planet while being really far zoomed out
28assign labels to ships and planets. Like “Scout”, “Bomber” & “Colonizer” for ships and “Breeder”, “Shipyard” & “Intel” for planets
→ you can filter out planets (and ships) with the help of those labels.
29display corruption formula in tooltipDONE
30compute reputation penalty different from breaking a treaty
→ ignore length of the treaty, but take treaty type into account (consider treaties with a length of 500 turns)
→ allow to break treaties with inactive players (take inactivity of a player into account and grant a discount)
31more sophisticated way to compute experience gained in ground combat
32should all military get trained by military camp/academy at the same time? →
33planet-view-screen: automatically set mouse-wheel focus to the control the mouse is over
→ or, set focus to list-ctrl as soon as slider gets focus
34accept (prolong) a treaty when treaty with the same player (but proposed by me) was still active
35resource treaty: loosen up check if we got enough resources (for treaties with a duration)
36combo-box with scrollable drop-down list
→ actually custom combo-box with (drop-down) menu
37text messages: turn coordinates (3/4/1-6) into links so that they can be clicked and the camera centers on them
38Unbalanced Unmanned Orbital Ships
→ are too powerful for their cost
→ either need to be manned to be destroyed, or shields are less effective (depending on crew aboard), or rebalance shield strengths
39planets screen: show which queue is currently assigned to a planet (in a separate column)
40scan multiple ships/planets from recon screen
41feature that allows to include planet’s and sun’s names with coordinates into message just by dragging them from galaxy map
42ability to add command-centers to the battle-calc, since they do influence a battle outcome.

Minor Gameplay Suggestions

# Item Priority
1Add delete hotkey in news screen for marked messagesDONE
2battle-calculator: set default tech levels for planetary defense
3ability to set waypoints 5(UN)
4battlecalc: menu use same sorting and filtering as ship-design screenDONE
5battlecalc: form groups of ships with average and total summary displayed
6suggestion: corruption can be influenced by stationed military on a planetDONE
7merge with fleet fleets/ships on the galaxy map (drag and drop?)
8Click on the planet in “command” column center camera on it only, without changing active planet in “Planet View” screen.DONE
9allied fleet →
10ability to send message to multiple recipientsDONE
11manually delay eta of ships/fleets
12make arbitrary point in space clickable, so that one can find out the distance/ETA to a given ship
13galaxy map options: separate system names and coordinates, so that they can be switched separately
14allow to change the player name inside a galaxy
15tech-tree set multiple goals (1. 2. 3. etc) 3(UN)
16stealth technology: allow to fit (light) ships with more than one cloaking device. increases cloaking factor up to 75% (every subsequent cloaking device offers a higher cloaking protection)
17trade map of known galaxy (planets and systems only)DONE
18allow players with a low average rank to still join lower ranked galaxiesDONE
19allow to design ship-designs with future ship-components. these ship-designs can than be selected into production queues, and would be automatically built as soon as the technology becomes available
20rismagis’ improved shipyard and CDA idea, to strengthen ships in orbit, and add a little more stratgy
21PD piercer turret, kills 1% of the hostile ships in orbit per turn
22inactives: implement “empire influence factor”
23challenges and rewards: manually edited challenges that are sent out via the news
→ hold planet x/y/z for min 100 turns for +100 fame points
→ ally up against (eg) phantom, and make sure he is not in the top 3 at the end of the galaxy, for +200 fame points
→ ally up with phantom, and win the galaxy together with him (only up to 3 allies are allowed), for +100 fame points
→ also you get a “challenge icon” added to the players profile
24different science-wastage formula, one that affects larger empires more (more planets) than smaller empires (fewer planets)
25military classes
26reputation should be a delta value in corruption, not a multiplier
→ maybe not... reputation should affect a larger empire more than a smaller one
27galaxy-map: extend ship-cluster context menu to allow drag and drop on fleets, and other functions that are only possible from within the ships-screen
28don’t tick governor before the tick (auto-run them for all planets if rules changed)
29team galaxy: members vote for #1 and #2, and then they set up their wish list
30gain small reputation for completing trade agreements →
31blockades and piracy →
32overall statistics, like how many ships destroyed, planets conquered, planets lost, etc, in the galaxy achievement sections
33PD scanner module, that allows you to see PD strength once you are close to a planet
34when sharing line-of-sight share fleet and planet strengths/details as well
→ either send the full info, or attach a info chunk
→ something similar could be done for scans, instead of checking the scan-database, store the ship details with the ship itself
35drive inhibitor, slows down foreign ships by 5% when in system range. can build one per planet, effect would add up to 25%
36attack with your ally against neutrals →
37significant battle only for large fleets (ignore single shuttle kills)
38arcady’s wishlist →
39Earendel ideas →
40progressive colony-module cost →
41weapon research tree and new ship-components →
42test-bed custom galaxy settings, and switchable player →
43Eliminating hyperspace defense receiver energy split →
44earendel’s ground combat →
45new doctrine tree →

Major Gameplay Suggestions

# Item Priority
1player rank/grading system, with galaxies for ranked players only
→ top 25% receive 1 rank
→ victory medal for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
→ Probably the ranking system should be based on the percentage of total score you achieved. (In G19 75% of all points scored were in the top 3)
→ Try galaxies with a fixed end-turn
2weighted voting system to end the galaxy
→ voting power could be related to score and/or planet count
→ shared win, individual wins?
→ if more than say 75% of the *active* players vote to end the game (plus certain other conditions are met, like minimum turns etc)
→the game ends (within the next say 24 turns)
→ can change the vote
→ once a final end-turn is computed, do not change that (no flip/flopping)
3diplomacy treaties that give allied players advantages
→ send battle-report of planet that is under attack to my allies (if treaty says so)
→ treaty option: share line of sight (for allies only)
4bounty for attacking inactive players
→ “Basically, someone that registers and doesn’t play at all, after 12 days, he’d have a 100% bounty, meaning no reputation penalty hit for attacking him. Someone with 30% bounty would give 30% less reputation hit to those attacking him.” (Xog)
→ implemented “inactivity reputation modifier”
5suggestion: implement a real 2d style map galaxy
6ship-design attributes (agility, precision, aggressive/defensive, etc), can be assigned RPG-style from say 10 available points
→ discuss with players
→ one could be, instead of 1% per iteration some ships are allowed to shoot a higher percentage earlier (giving them an advantage against overwhelming enemy)
7suggestion: ship-class firepower bonuses per ship-class
→ see
8suggestion: exchange planets, see
9inactive: a player did not log in for a certain amount of time (marked as such) and can be attacked without losing reputation
→ maybe that account is locked (for that galaxy), and it turns into somthing like a “lost ancient civilization”, with extra bonus etc.
10suggestion: newbie gal, before you can play in the regular galaxies → sandbox galaxy
11suggestion: local resistance, happiness and loyalty
12suggestion: forming real alliances that show in the highscore list, so that factions and counter factions can form early in the game
13Allow forming of Federations (extended alliances), allow resource pooling, sharing among members
14being able to set a marker (a beacon) in the 3d-galaxy and attach a note that your allies can see (prem only?)
15firepower distribution / rpg style attributes
→ “well, a rock-paper-scissor system would be awesome... I tried to find a good solution to it, saw a design idea couple years ago from freeorion, but can’t find anymore.”
→ “Ship-classes have primary and secondary class-targets, which they pick first. They receive bonuses when attacking their primary/secondary target classes and, depending on size, penalties when attacking other classes (battleship → shuttle/corvette)”
→ missile-ships defeats heavy-ships, heavy-ships defeats light-ships, light-ships defs missiles from missile-ships (nullifying their damage (ie use FP to reduce opponents FP)) →
16empire-wide planetary defense system with added strategy, through transmitters and receivers (by ThePhantom)
17different sizes and shapes of galaxies, customizable by users
→ allow editing number, type and size of solar-systems, as well as sector size
→ prem only:
18allow upgrading of ships: “upgrade ship” option to ships context menu, switches the planet into a ship-upgrade mode
19get rid of (or diminish) “breeding” in the game.
20races, with individual traits (eg bonuses on production, firepower, ship-speed, defenses, etc)
→ possibly also have technologies (that are mutually exclusive) that allow you to influence those traits during the game
→ possibly allow the player to create custom races?
21more sophisticated PD damage model
22improved territory calculation
→ order player to leave territory (tell admiral to avoid territory), after warning period player can be attacked freely \\→ pirate ships can attack without rep loss or declaration of war
23trade planets and technologies: stronger player can give to weaker, but not the other way around
→ or actually it is possible to give away 10% of your planets your own planets, so that it is still possible to trade individual planets
→ also a strong player should still be allowed (if he wants) to give several of his planets to a weaker planet, in order to support him
24planets with different hostile environment levels, that require you to develop more advanced colony modules to even colonize that planet
→ reduce number of planets (and ships)
25custom galaxies with flexible tick settings
26Earendel’s tech tree →
27Earendel’s Loyalty & Rebellion suggestion →
28improved combat (more variations, rpg style, initiative, scrips, etc?)
→ change combat code so that every single ship has its target, shoots its firepower
→ visualize battles (shields block shots, visualize that too, possible slow flying rockets?)
→ speed, scanner range and stealth should have an effect within combat
→ G104, Battle at Planet ‘Come and Get some’ (4/1/4-4) with Skinnyloser, jackjack, Ruger - rugers ships only making very little damage...
29Earendel’s Event-Driven Output Bonus & Reputation →
30earendel’s different bombing mechanics →
31Earendel’s real combat →
32Earendel’s always outnumbered →
33Ideas for team galaxies →
34Persistent galaxies →
35Earendel’s Corruption Reputation Morale Loyalty →

Webpage, Game Startup, and Tutorial Galaxy

# Item Priority
1when game starts for the first time, bring up a welcome screen, as well as a quick explanation how the game works (tick wise)
2webpage: add radar, governor and admiral to the feature set in overviewDONE
3webpage: getting started: you can configure your browser to automatically open a Galaxy-Pass with the SpaceCiv exe every time. That way a click on “Enter Galaxy” link/button puts you directly into the SpaceCiv galaxy!DONE
4manual: governor rules more detailed info (food-surplus, base food, food output, etc)
5webpage: show highscore for current galsDONE
6when galaxy is full, mark it as closed on the webserver DONE
7tutorial: send ship to nearest sun, allow alternative methods (like unticked “unexplored suns only”)
→ allow sending directly without the radar
8manual: more experienced steps: try (shared) prod-queues for production, use govs to manage your population (examples)
9when client fails to connect to server (”server down”) suggest to change the firewall settings
→ ideally retry with changed firewall settings
10players guides:
11tutorial: fleet handling part 1, allow creating fleet in galaxy map as wellDONE
12webpage: display galaxy score histogramDONE
13tutorial galaxy needs to use proxy settings when marking the galaxy as finished
→ ideally it attempts to do so at the start of the tutorial galaxy, and if it fails ask the user for the correct proxy settings (via the connection settings dialog)
14tutorial galaxy: adapt to work with new design (2 food bars, etc)
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