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Player Guides

If you’re still feeling lost, or too lazy to read the rest: Here is a collection of guides other experienced players have created. These should give you a nice understanding of how everything works.

If you feel like you can contribute, and add your own guide, please contact the Game Admins via the Support Contact Form.

Governor Guides

To read the official guide on governors, visit here.

For guides and discussions written by players, visit the links below

Tutorials and Examples


General Guides

    • Covers what to consider when:
      • customizing your homeworld and civilization;
      • colonizing and growing your planets;
      • choosing doctrines and research paths;
      • timing your attacks and surprising your opponents;
      • maximising your empire’s output;
      • defending your empire and choosing a target to war against; and
      • making late game decisions.
    • Guides on:
      • customizing your homeworld and civilization;
      • expansion and research;
      • defense and diplomacy; and
      • designing governors (with examples).
    • Discusses how to:
      • choose your first colonies;
      • decide on your first technologies;
      • defend your empire;
      • interact with other civilizations; and
      • how to declare war on others.
    • Also discusses the mechanisms of reputation and how it affects your empire, as well as tips on expanding your empire beyond the initial stages.
    • Note: The guide was written when the game used only a one-digit number for planet commodities. Planet commodities has since been upgraded to a two-digit figure. The rest of the guide is still a good read for all new players.
    • General rules on:
      • initial expansion and growth tips;
      • increasing building costs; (Note that building costs are now calculated differently)
      • optimizing research paths;
      • laying out your empire and specializing planet roles;
      • managing your empire with governors;
      • using building queues; and
      • designing your ships.
    • Quick overview of different research paths:
      • Empire defenses;
      • Ship weapons;
      • Civilian buildings; and
      • Economy techs.
    • Managing your empire by use of governors and admirals to:
      • avoid starvation and bankruptcy;
      • construct buildings once they become available;
      • maintain supply of troops to the fleet;
      • maintain a ready stock of scans;
      • use your breeder planets as emergency backup bankers; and
      • manage shipbuilding when empire is low on resources.
    • Guide with particular reference to team galaxies, on:
      • preparing your homeworld, civilization traits, and empire name;
      • improving efficiency by specializing planet roles;
      • improving efficiency by lining up factories at the front of building queues;
      • choosing research paths based on your role in the team;
      • communicating with the team on live chat; and
      • managing your empire for late game supremacy.

Other Videos

Game Interface

- Note: This video was created by a player new to the game. Some facts may not be accurate or clear, but is nonetheless a decent effort by the player to explain the client interface.

- Note: This video does not yet have audio or captions, but is another good attempt to show the game’s interface.

- Note: This video has only captions, and was recorded over a speed galaxy. Some things were rushed through by the player who recorded it. View in 720p quality or higher.

Screen Capture

Stop Motion Videos


Just for laughs

Additional Links

The Multi-Team Galaxy

  • Rules - The rules of the MTG (v1.3)
  • Guide - How to play as a team (under construction)
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