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Howto pages for the wiki

On this page I will try to explain the basics of this wiki and how to use it. Feel free to test stuff on the playground.

Image folders

You can create image folders by selecting a file to upload, then inserting for example “folder:” into the upload field, then clicking upload. This will now create a folder for following images to go into. IE:



file1.jpg is now in folder

Advanced Basics

4x = is the smallest main heading

3x = is a sub heading which only shows up within a 4x =

Creating new pages-- Ask Erwin before creating new pages

Creating new pages is fairly simple, but be careful you don’t override an existing page. First open a present existing page, add a link to a phantom new page, save, click link to phantom page. You will then have a “create page” button in the bottom-left task bar, click, type some text, save.... bingo.

Colored Text - please do not use in the manual pages, but only in player guides and the likes (if necessary)


Cancelling incorrect phantom links (pinkish)

Accidents happen, to cancel a link, encapsulate the problem text with double percentage characters like quotations.

Known examples:

Table Nav Example

Customization Initial concerns Planet defence Foreign Relations
Civilization Traits Homeworld Customization Expansion Researching Defence Turret Defence Ground Defence Live and let live.

something else

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