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Changing Empire Colors

It is possible to change the color how territory (and the ships) is displayed in the Galaxy Map for a every player, including your own. From the Diplomacy Screen right click any player and pick the option “Change Color” from the context menu. Alternatively in the Galaxy Map click the “Territory Options” button (the 3rd from the left) to bring up the territory options window. From there you can click any player to change his color, including your own. This window will pop up:

This window allows you to change the color of any player the Galaxy Map, as well as anywhere in the Main Window. If you do not use this option the default colors will be used. The default colors are:

  • Neutral: Gray
  • War: Red
  • Peace: Green
  • Military Alliance: Bright Green
  • Your Empire: Light Blue

If you do change the color of an empire it can be returned to its default color by checking the “Use Default” check-box.

Changing the default color can be very useful for distinguishing different empires in the galaxy map.

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