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Civilization Traits and Customizing Your Civilization

Civilization traits are bonuses (or penalties) that you can pick at the beginning of a Advanced galaxy, and further develop by researching doctrines. Among them are traits that influence the productivity of your citizens (food, production, mining, research, etc) as well as developments that improve your stealth ability, increase your planetary space, increase the strength of your ships, or even trigger a Golden Age era for your entire Civilization.

When a galaxy starts a window will pop up (periodically) asking you to customize your civilization. There are 10 civilization traits that can be customized:

You will usually have 5 changes available to customize your civilization (the exact number depends on the settings of this galaxy). You can use them to change the listed civilization traits. It is also possible to drive some traits into negative territory. For instance, you could set food production to a penalty (causing your Farmers to be less productive), gaining an extra trait point that you use to boost another area of your civilization instead.

You have to use your available changes wisely, and customize your civilization in a way that yields the greatest benefit, as related to your playing style and plans for the galaxy.

There are actually more civilization traits than the ones you can customize at the start of the game. They are available through so-called “doctrines” that you need to research (have a look at the Technology Tree). These doctrines allow you to boost your civilization traits even further in the areas where you think it is required most.

However, some of these doctrines do not only provide a boost to a certain civilization trait, but also a penalty to others - so there is a trade-off and you need to make a wise decision if it’s worth it. These doctrines are also mutually exclusive, so you can not research all of them.

The Overview Screen lists all civilization traits, and what bonus they currently give you. Also, all the values that could possibly be impacted by civilization traits provide that information in tooltips. For instance, hover over the Planetary Defense box in the Planet-View Screen, to see the bonus stemming from civilization traits.

Please Note: Both civilization customization (picking traits) and Doctrines are Advanced features, and only available in Advanced Galaxies.

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