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Command Center

The Command Center is a planetary facility, whose purpose it is to give a boost to ships in orbit helping to defend that planet. With a command center built on a planet, all your ships in orbit (and those of your allies) will receive a +30% firepower bonus during battle. You can build as many command centers as you like on a planet, so with 3 of them you’d end up with a +90% firepower boost for your ships. This boost is applied after increases for ship rank. For example if you have a ship with 1000 heavy firepower and a rank 5 crew around a planet with 3 command centers its total firepower would be as follows:

1000 Original Firepower
+50% Rank 5 Military
1500 Firepower After Military Bonus
+90% Command Center Bonus
2850 Final Firepower

The idea is that you don’t build that facility on all of your planets, but strategically only at those places where you plan to face hostile fleets with your own defensive fleets.

Please Note: The Command Center is only available in Advanced Galaxies.

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