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Controlling the camera

The camera can be controlled using the middle mouse button. If your mouse does not have 3 buttons, you can hold the ALT key and use the left, middle or right mouse-button to rotate, pan or zoom the camera.

Rotate Camera Middle Mouse-Button ALT + Left Mouse-Button
Pan Camera ALT + Middle Mouse-Button ALT + Left+Right Mouse Button
Zoom Camera Mouse-Wheel ALT + Right Mouse-Button
Center Camera Middle Mouse-Button Double-Click ALT + Left Mouse-Button Double-Click

The camera is always centered on an object, and you will rotate around that point. You can quickly choose the object you want the camera to be centered on by double-clicking an object with the middle mouse-button.

While you can freely move the camera-center point by panning the camera, we recommend to always center on a specific object, ship or planet, for better orientation.

Center the camera using the keyboard

Every solar-system in the galaxy does have a unique coordinate, for instance (3/6/2). These represent the x-, y-, z-coordinate within the cube-shaped galaxy.

If you want to jump to a specific galaxy and center the camera on it, you can enter these three numbers in quick succession. Enter “3, 6, 2” on either the numeric keypad or with the standard keys to center the camera on the solar-system with the coordinates (3/6/2).

Assign keys to Ships, Planets, Suns

It is also possible to tag every object in the galaxy (sun, planet, ship - your own or foreign ones) with a shortcut-key, similar to popular real-time strategy games. To do so select the desired object, and press “CTRL-1” to assign key “1” to that object. You can now press “1” at any time to jump to that object and center the camera on it.

You can use the keys 0 to 9 to tag objects with. These settings will be saved on the server, and will not get lost when you quit the game.

Please note: should you have tagged a foreign ship with a key, and that ship has moved out of vicinity, the shortcut-key will be erased.

Camera center history

The game remembers the last 10 objects that the camera was centered on. You can press Backspace once or several times to jump to the previous object the camera was centered on.

Alternatively you can use the Cursor Left/Right keys to move back and forward inside the history of objects the camera was centered on.

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