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Player Ranks and Galaxy Fame Points

What is the Player-Rank, and how does it work? Player-Rank is determined by “Galaxy Fame Points” that you earn when you finish a galaxy. The more galaxies you play, and the better you perform in them, the more Galaxy Fame you end up gathering.

You need at least 15 Galaxy Fame Points to earn your first Player-Rank. If you gathered more than 200 Fame Points your Player-Rank climbs up to 2! Check out the Hall Of Fame to see a complete list of all ranked players, and their positions!

How is fame calculated once a galaxy is over? It’s based on your relative amount of score compared to the overall score of all players of the galaxy combined. Simply speaking, the higher your score compared to the other players, the more fame you earn!

The fame formula looks as follows:

Galaxy-Total-Fame = (Galaxy-Player-Count * 20) * (1 + (Galaxy-Rank * 0.25))

Galaxy-Fame-Points = Galaxy-Total-Fame * Your-Score / Galaxy-Overall-Combined-Score

So there is a fixed amount of fame-points per galaxy that are up for grabs. That number depends on the amount of players in that Galaxy and by the Galaxy-Rank. Your own score determines how large your share of those Galaxy Fame Points is.

In addition ranked galaxies will reward you even more Galaxy Fame Points. It is considered that ranked galaxies are harder to win in general, since you play against more experienced players.

Galaxy Fame Points are rewarded at the moment the Galaxy is over. This will then have an influence on your position in the Hall of Fame!

There are Galaxies that require you to have a certain Player-Rank in order to sign-up. You will notice that some of the galaxies listed in the active galaxies list, have got the typical rank icon displayed right next to their name, indicating the minimum Player Rank required to play that galaxy. This should make sure that similarly experienced players end up in the same galaxy. At the same time there are galaxies available that are reserved for unranked players only!

It is also possible for certain (not yet so experienced) ranked players, to join a galaxy 1 below their current player rank. This is permitted if their average fame gathered in galaxies so far is low enough.

Here is a summary of this feature:

  • Players can earn fame in a Galaxy, which translates into a Player-Rank
  • The Player-Rank is displayed next to the name of the player in the Forums
  • The Forum Player Profile shows the overall Fame earned in galaxies, as well as a detailed list of how many points where earned in what galaxy.
  • The Hall Of Fame shows a complete list of all ranked players.
  • The Galaxy Overview lists all galaxies ever played, and allows you to see the scores and fame earned by each player.
  • Galaxies are opened for specific ranks only. A player can only sign up if he/she has got the required Player-Rank.
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