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Fleet handling

A Fleet is a group of ships that behaves like a single unit. You can give your orders to the entire fleet, instead of every single ship. Please note that a Fleet can only be created if you have at least 2 ships that are located at the same position in space (for instance in orbit of a planet).

When right clicking on a ship or fleet in either the Ships Screen, the Galaxy Map, or the Ships in Orbit list box in the Planet-View Screen, a menu will pop-up that lists the ship-commands that you can issue. Those are explained in more detail in Ship-Commands.

The context menu offers the following commands that help you to create and manipulate fleets:

  • Create Fleet: this will create a fleet from the currently selected ships. Only ships that are currently positioned at the same location in space can be grouped together to form a fleet.
  • Rename Fleet: only fleets can have their name changed. Your enemies do not see the name of your fleets.
  • Disband Fleet: this will remove all the ships inside the fleet. The ships can be controlled individually again, and the fleet is erased.
  • Dismantle Ship: this will literally destroy the selected ship. This command is only available for unmanned ships that are orbiting one of your own planets.

Remove ships from a fleet

You can remove one or more ships from a fleet by expanding the fleet using the [+] icon, and selecting the ships you want to remove from the fleet. In the context menu click on Remove from Fleet.

In addition you have the option to create a new fleet from the selected ships within the current fleet.

Adding ships to an existing fleet

While you are in the Ships Screen (or in the Ships in Orbit box in the Planet-View Screen) you can add more ships to an already existing fleet. You do that by selecting one or more ships from the list, drag it over the desired fleet icon, and drop it. It is also possible to drag ships that are inside a fleet into another fleet.

Please note that only ships that are located at the same position in space can be added to a fleet.

A handy method to determine all the ships at the same location with a certain ship is to double-click on the ship. This will select all other ships that are located at the same location in space.

You can also merge fleets by dragging a fleet icon on top of another fleet.

Adding ships to existing fleets and merging fleets also works right from the Galaxy Map.

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