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At the beginning you own one planet with a population determined by galaxy settings. Some of them are assigned as Farmers, some as Workers, and one of them is a scientist. You can change these assignments by right clicking on one or several citizens, and selecting a new “job” for them.

In addition to that you own 2 or more colony ships, with 2 crew-men aboard each. We recommend to find some “juicy” planets in your home solar-system, and colonize those planets.

You will notice that apart from your own planet there are up to 5 more, yet un-settled, planets in your system (that’s the ones that do not have a planet-tag). In the Galaxy-Map you can hover the mouse over one of these planets. A tooltip should popup that gives you some more information about this planet.

Differences between Planets

Some planets are more fertile or productive than others. This is represented by their base properties. There are three types of basic resources in the game: Food, Production and Research. Now, depending on the base properties of a planet a Farmer would produce a certain amount of Food per turn, a Worker would produce a certain amount of Production, and a Scientist would produce a certain amount of Science.

Besides those base resources every planet has one out of five so called “Ship-Resource”. Those are Metal, Deuterium, Radioactives, Crystal and Exotics. These resources are required to build ships, depending on the ship design and number and composition of ship-components.

In this example, a Farmer would produce 39 Food per turn, or a Miner would produce 7 Radioactives per turn.

Additionally planets do come in different sizes. The larger they are, the more people can live on a planet, and the more facilities can be built on them. This planet provides 220 planetary-space (some types of facilities require more space than others), and it offers space for up to 22 citizens.

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