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Planetary Defense

Similar to ships, a planet can be fortified with weapons. These weapons will shoot at hostile ships in orbit of that planet. Planetary defense is made up of 3 special types of facilities that you can build on a planet. These are “Light Turret”, “Heavy Turret” and “Shield Generator”. Each of these facilities automatically grows stronger with the current Planetary Defense Tech-Level researched.

  • Light Turret:
    Units = 1000
    Light-Firepower = 400
    Heavy-Firepower = 100
  • Heavy Turret:
    Units = 2000
    Light-Firepower = 200
    Heavy-Firepower = 1000
  • Shield Generator:
    Units = 3000
    Shield-Strength = +40%

You decide the strength of the Planetary Defense for each planet by building the desired amount planetary defense facilities. The only limit for planetary defense is the amount of available space on a planet.

You can find the planetary defense overview of each planet in the upper right corner of the Planet-View Screen.

In this example the planet has got some basic planetary defense already. The total of 5000 units is further strengthened by the presence of a Shield-Generator, which amplifies the effective hitpoints during a battle by 58%, resulting in 7900 effective hitpoints.

The presence of light and heavy turrets make sure the planet shoots back at hostile ships. In this case there is a total light firepower of 1152, and a total heavy firepower of 288 ready to be shot at your enemies (light and heavy) ships.

A planet does not need to be given the attack order. It will always automatically fire at ships that have arrived in orbit, if you are at war with that player.

Defense Facilities, and PD Tech Levels

As mentioned above, the strength of your existing Planetary Defense facilities grows by researching technologies down the Planetary Defense branch. There are 8 tech-levels, each of them increases the strength-bonus of your facilities.

Light Turret

Primarily fires against light ship-classes. Units: 1000, firepower set by technology level:

PD Technology Bonus Light Firepower Heavy Firepower
Level 1 400 100
Level 2 +30% 520 130
Level 3 +60% 640 160
Level 4 +120% 880 220
Level 5 +240% 1,360 340
Level 6 +450% 2,200 550
Level 7 +750% 3,400 850
Level 8 +1,200% 5,200 1,300

Heavy Turret

Primarily fires against heavy ship-classes. Units: 2000, firepower set by technology level:

PD Technology Bonus Light Firepower Heavy Firepower
Level 1 200 1,000
Level 2 +30% 260 1,300
Level 3 +60% 320 1,600
Level 4 +120% 440 2,200
Level 5 +240% 680 3,400
Level 6 +450% 1,100 5,500
Level 7 +750% 1,700 8,500
Level 8 +1,200% 2,600 13,000

Shield Generator

Strengthens the units of the planetary-defense. Units: 3000, Percentage of increase is set by technology level:

PD Technology Bonus Shield Strength
Level 1 40%
Level 2 +30% 52%
Level 3 +30% 64%
Level 4 +30% 88%
Level 5 +30% 136%
Level 6 +30% 220%
Level 7 +30% 340%
Level 8 +1,200% 520%

Ship vs planet combat

This basically works the same way as ship vs ship battle. Except this time only the bombing weapons of the ship are relevant. The bombing firepower of a ship aims to destroy the planet-defense units/hitpoints. At the same time the planets light and heavy turrets will fire back at the ship. As always, if the attacking ship is of type light-class, then the light turrets of the planet will be more effective. On the other hand if the attacking ship is a heavy-class type ship, then the heavy turrets will be more effective.

Please refer to Ship vs Ship Combat for more details.

Depending on the damage inflicted by the ship-bombs, collateral damage may occur on the planet. This means that citizens and stationed military might get killed, but also facilities can get destroyed during a bombing run.

If an attacking fleet fails to destroy all a planet’s hitpoints, and then moves away, the planet’s hitpoints are completely and instantly repaired.

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