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Selection And Orders

You can select one or more objects (ships, planets or suns) by clicking on them with the left mouse button. A selected object has a white box drawn around it. By holding down the CTRL key you can select and deselect additional objects. Often it is convenient to give the same order, like “attack planet X“, to a large number of ships. You can do so by using the CTRL key.

This also works for planets. If you want several planets to produce the same type of ship for instance, you can do so by selecting the desired planets by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the left mouse button.

If you want to select all ships at the same location in space, for instance all the ships in orbit of a certain planet, double-click on one of them with the left mouse-button.

A double-click on a planet on the other hand, will open the Planet View in the Main-Window.

In addition it is possible to select all ships that are heading for a specific planet or sun. In the context-menu of a specific planet (or sun) find “Select all ships heading for this planet”, which can be found in the “Selection” sub-menu. This allows you to determine if you have other ships sent to this planet already.

Giving orders

In the galaxy map you can right-click on any object to bring up its context menu. This will list the things you can do with this object. A planet has a different list from a sun, so do your own ships and foreign ships.

Most of the orders that you give do not require additional interaction. For instance if you set the type of production for a specific planet, all you need to do is pick it in the context menu. However giving orders to a ship will require you to enter additional information.

Please read the chapter Ship-Commands for more information how to give orders to ships.

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