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Stationed Military

When stationing military on a planet, they will be trained for ship and ground combat. Military do have rank, which initially begins with “none”, but it will go higher the longer the military is stationed on a planet. Stationed military can be trained quicker, and to a higher rank, by building a Military Camp and/or a Military Academy on the planet.

The base training rate of stationed military is 0.1 experience points per turn, and they can go as high as rank 2. Upon researching and building, a Military Camp can train stationed military up to rank 4. It will also double the rate of gaining experience. A Military Academy can train stationed military up to rank 6. It, too, will double the training rate. Thus, having both a Military Camp and Military Academy on a planet will increase the rate at which experience is gained by a factor of 4, and so decrease the time to gain a rank to 25%.

To determine how long it will take for a soldier to rank up, simply hover over the soldier. The amount of time to rank up doubles from the previous rank.

Please note that Stationed Military do cost upkeep every turn. Because of that it is sometimes necessary to retire parts of your military in order to cut down on cost. To do so, select the number of military you would like to retire, and right-click the stationed military box. You need to confirm your action in the following requester.

Apart from training, stationed military serves two other very important purposes:

Stationed Military defending your planets

When another player declares war against your empire and sends his war-ships to your planets, his goal is of course to conquer your planets and use their resources. To do so, he needs to completely destroy your planetary defense facilities (Light and Heavy-Turrets, as well as Shield Generators). But that is not all: as a last line of defense your Stationed Military will defend your planet.

Please read the chapter Ground Battle for more details.

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