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The Statusbar

Along the bottom of the screen there are several pieces of information.

Going from left to right you first have your connection status. If you are disconnected from the server for any reason it will blink Disconnected in red. Otherwise it will say Connected as shown here. Next will be your user name in case you forgot who you are. Then there will be a planet icon and a number. This number is the amount of planets you have. After that will be a ship icon and another number, this is your ship-count.

Following that will be a coin icon and 2 numbers. The first number is your credit count, second is a number in parentheses, this is your income per turn. Negative numbers will be shown in red. Bankruptcy will result in facilities being sold on your planets, and unmanned ships being disbanded. In the worst case even manned ships will be disbanded, if this happens in mid-space the crew will be lost. If you will be bankrupt in the next 10 turns with your current per turn income both numbers will flash red.

Finally is the tick counter. This will count off when ticks will begin, when the next tick will occur, or will indicate if ticks are halted.

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