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The Main Window

The Main-Window lists all available information in the game, grouped by pages, which are accessible via tabs at the top of the window. Most of the information is presented in list form with various columns. You can click on a column header to sort the entire list by the elements in that column.

Most of the column headers allow sorting and filtering by different criteria. Try hovering over a column header (or right click it), which pops up a list of criteria by which this column can be sorted.

All the items in each page of the Main-Window are mainly controlled via context menus. Try right-clicking on items, this will pop up its context menu, if one is available.

For some items, for instance the ships in the Ships Screen, the planets in the Planets Screen, or even the Battle Reports in the News Screen, you would like to jump to the corresponding position in the Galaxy-Map. You can do so by double-clicking with the middle mouse-button or (ALT-double-click) on the list-item, which will center the camera on that object in the Galaxy-Map. Just the same way as you can center the camera on specific objects inside the Galaxy-Map itself.

Another useful feature is the ability to select an object in any list in the Main-Window, which selects the corresponding object in the Galaxy-Map. This also works the other way around: when selecting an object in the Galaxy-Map, the corresponding item in the Main-Window will be selected as well.

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