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The Map Window

The Map-Window (or also referred to as The Galaxy-Map) offers a 3D representation of the galaxy you are playing in. The view can be rotated, zoomed and panned to give you a broad overview, as well as a close up view of specific systems and planets. Assigning ship orders, including setting destinations, mainly happens in this window.

You can see your own territory as well as the (known) territory of selected opponents. Also you see the ships of other players within your vicinity, that is within your scanner range. They are color-coded according to the current diplomatic stance you have with each player. You can manually pick a color for yourself and your opponents if you want to concentrate your interest on certain players (how?).


Settled planets do have a planet-tag shown right under them, that displays a summary for that planet.

First and foremost it shows the name of the planet, given by its owner. Underneath that it shows the planet’s current production, with a number right next to it, that shows how many turns it will take until the production is complete. In this case, a Military Camp will be finished in 7 turns.

The number inside the colored circle on the left of the planet-tag represents the population count on that planet. This planets population is 18.

In case you own this planet small symbols are displayed right next to the planet-name. These symbols have the following meaning, from left to right:

  • This planet has got a Shipyard, and therefore can build ships.
  • This planet has got a Central Defense Agency, and therefore can build scans.
  • This planet has built a Planetary Defense. The red ring symbolizes that its strength however is still very weak.



Cosmic Supremacy uses three different symbols to display ships in the galaxy map:

  • A single ship is displayed as a single triangle.
  • A fleet is displayed as three triangles.
  • A ship-cluster is displayed as 7 small triangles. A ship-cluster icon is shown if several ships and fleets are positioned at the same location in space. It can even be multicolored if ships of several players (with different colors) are present. You can click the cluster to view the individual ships and fleets that make up the cluster.
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