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The Scanning Screen

The Scanning Screen lists reports of all performed scans on the left, and on the right lists all types of available scans, plus the number of scans that you have in stock and are ready to be used.

What are scans?

Scans provide you with instant information about another player. One of the advantages of scans is that you don’t necessarily have to be at war with the other player that you scan in order to get the information. The type of information a scan can provide can be about ships, planets, technology, etc. To date, there are 7 different types of scans you can research, produce, and use.

Note: Don’t get scans confused with ship-scanners. Ship-scanners are a type of ship-component that define how far a ship can “see”. Scans on the other hand need to be performed manually by the player, and allow you to gather information or spy on other players. With the exception of system scans, scans only provide a snapshot of information. Scan reports do NOT get updated as the other player makes changes.

Detecting Scans

Scans have a random chance of being detected. When a scan is used, there is a 50% chance that the target will detect the scan. Detection will include information of which type of scan was used and the object that was scanned. There is also another 50% chance that the target will know who scanned them. So all together, there is a 25% chance of detection AND knowing that it was you. The target will get notified with a message in the News screen.

The target does not need a central defense agency in order to detect scans.

Central Defense Agency

The Central Defense Agency is a facility you can build on a planet. Once researched and built on a planet, the Central Defense Agency (CDA) will be able to produce scans for your empire. Only planets with a CDA are able to build scans. Once a CDA is built, the planet will get an new iconCDA icon.

Just like ships and facilities, you build scans with production and can also add them to a production queue.

You can add scans to the production queue.

When a scan is built, it will increment your scan count by one in the Scanning Screen.

Scan Cost

Type of Scan Cost
Route Scan 3500
Fleet Scan 5000
Planetary Scan 9000
Technology Scan 12000
Military Scan 16000
System Scan 20000

The Scans

The following list provides details of the scans that can be built and used.

Route Scan

The Route Scan provides information of the destination of the ship and its Estimated Time to Arrival (ETA) in turns. The scan also shows the starting point of the route. To use a route scan, simply right click on any player’s ship or fleet and click “Route Scan”.

A sample Route Scan.

In this example we see here that fridge’s ship is heading towards a specific sun. The scan also shows that the ship left one of fridge’s solar-system (not shown in picture). It will arrive at its destination in 3 turns.

Fleet Scan

The Fleet Scan will provide information about the number and class of ships within a fleet. To use a fleet scan, simply right click on any player’s ship and click “Fleet Scan”.

A sample Fleet Scan.

We see here that Nongolf’s fleet contains of 67 Corvette-Class ships. Note: Don’t mix cloaked and uncloaked ships in the same fleet, as the cloaked fleets will be detected.

Planetary Scan

The Planetary Scan will provide information about facilities, production, citizen assignment, and probably most importantly, planetary defense (PD). To use a planetary scan, simply right click on any player’s planet and click “Planetary Scan”.

To view the information, double click the scan report. This will bring up the Planet View screen and show the details of the player’s planet.

 A sample planetary scan report.

This is a scan of planet “Starium” belonging to “Nekoj”. We see his planet has quite a lot of facilities and will have a Hyperspace Transmitter in 3 turn. He has only a low number of Stationed Military defending this planet. In addition, this planet does have PD. If at war, this information would be extremely helpful when planning an attack. Note: Planetary scans will NOT show any ships in orbit.

Additional concerns:

  • If you scan a planet in a system you have not scouted for awhile, and the planet has changed owners, the planetary scan will update the planet’s ownership on the galaxy map.
  • You won’t be deducted a scan for trying to scan an uncolonized planet.

Technology Scan

The Technology Scan will provide information about what the player has researched, currently researching, and the percentage complete of the current research. It also provides information on the number of turns to complete the current research.

To perform a technology scan, simply right click on any player’s planet, and select “Technology Scan”. A scan report will be generated. Expand the scan report to show a listing of completed research (i.e. Advanced Networking, Advanced Magnetism, Quantum Fields, etc.) in the order that it was researched.

This is a scan of Nekoj’s technology. As you can see Nekoj’s researched technologies are listed in the order in which he researched them. He is currently researching “Subspace Controller”, but currently does not seem to have any scientists assigned to it. Seems like he is putting all his resources elsewhere...

Military Scan

The Military Scan will provide information about a ship or fleet such as speed, firepower, units, hitpoints, rank, and condition. To perform a military scan, simply right click a player’s ship or fleet and select “Military Scan”. Both the scan report and galaxy map will contain the information.

A sample military scan.

System Scan

System Scans will provide you with visibility in a system for a period of 8 turns. It reveals the current population and ownership of all planets in the system. Additionally, the system scan will detect all ships within a range from the sun that is twice of that of your best scanning technology, including cloaked ships.

However, cloaked ships are only detected with a reduced range of 40% of that of your scan-range. On top of that this range might be further reduced, if the scanned player’s ships has researched any technologies that give a cloaking-bonus advantage. For instance, a cloaking-bonus advantage of 10% will reduce the scan range of the system scan to 30% of it’s full range.

Energy-Grid Scan

The Energy-Grid Scan provides information about the Hyperspace Energy network that the scanned player has established. It lists hyperspace energy producing/transmitting planets, how much energy they produce, and which planet(s) this energy is transmitted to. Since Hyperspace facilities are advanced features, you’ll need this scan only in Advanced Galaxies (read more on Hyperspace).

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