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The Ships Screen

The Ships Screen lists all the ships and fleets you own.

By right clicking on a list entry, its context-menu will pop up. Apart from the usual Ship-Commands (further details at Selection And Orders), there are also a few commands that allow you managing of fleets. Read more about that at Fleet Handling.

At the end of the context-menu you will find a sub-menu that allows you to center the camera on the ship or fleet inside the Galaxy-Map. There are two different options: You can either choose to center the camera on the ship itself (shortcut: middle mouse-button double-click or ALT-double-click), or you can choose to center the camera on the route-destination. The shortcut for the latter one is a ALT-double-click in the command-column of the desired ship or fleet.

Finally there is one last menu-item, that allows you to select all ships at the same location with the selected ship. Alternatively you can double-click on a ship to select all other ships that are at the same location in space.

Name column

Displays the name of the ship or fleet. Ships are always displayed with the name of the ship-design. Individual ships can not be renamed. Fleets however can be renamed.

Hovering the mouse over a ship icon will bring up a tool-tip that shows the ships’ crew. A ship with insufficient crew has its ship-icon colored red. Hovering the mouse over a fleet icon will bring up a tool-tip that informs you about the number of ships in this fleet. A fleet that has one or more ships with insufficient ship-crew in it, has its fleet-icon colored red.

In case of fleets, a [+] symbol is located to the left of the fleet icon. You can click it to expand the fleet, and have a look at the ships inside.

To the right of the ship/fleet icon the rank is displayed. The rank of a ship is determined by the average experience of the ship-crew aboard the ship. In case of fleets, the average rank of all ships in the fleet is displayed next to the fleet icon.

Condition column

Displays the current health of the ship or fleet.

Speed column

Displays the speed at which the ship or fleet can travel (in the case of a fleet, this is the speed of the slowest ship).

Firepower column

Displays the total firepower of the ship or fleet against light ships, heavy ships and planets.

Shields column

Displays the shield value of a ship, or the average shield value of a fleet.

Hitpoints/Units column

Displays the total hitpoints (determined by base units and shields) and total base units of the ship or fleet.

Upkeep column

Displays the upkeep cost, in credits per turn, of the ship or fleet.

Crew column

Displays the number of crewmen currently aboard the ship or fleet, and its maximal crew capacity. If it is not sufficiently manned, the number of current crewmen will be displayed in red. This will also display the number of troopers seated inside the troop-bays, and ready to be deployed for invasion.

Command column

Displays the command currently executed by the ship or fleet.

ETA column

Displays the time it will take the ship or fleet to reach its current destination.

Admiral column

This column displays the name of the Admiral assigned to this ship or fleet, if any.

You can create/modify/assign an admiral by right-clicking into this column, which pops up the usual context-menu. A double-click into this column will allow you to quickly access the admiral dialog of this ship or planet.

Please read the chapter The Admiral for more information.

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